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Poem: O Society, My Society!

Posted: February 26, 2021

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Let us later be the wise 60 year olds, let us gather and create a society so wise, so that the whole world may awake and arise.

Society is embroiled with culture,

And will trap you in its talons like a vulture,

People trust it with their core

But inside we think “I can endure no more”,

They will judge you in every possible way

And their taunts will simply ruin your day,

If you answer back they consider you sly

And complain to your parents, and you go “why God why”,

They will take each of your nerves and poke

And would want every word of it to be considered as a joke,

They would simply not obey any border

And would even judge you for your online order,

Why my parents still love them I wonder

The people who make my little mistakes sound like a blunder,

They even judge my parents for their personality

While they lack both quality and quantity,

What we might think of the future that beholds

Let us later be the wise 60 year olds,

Let us gather and create a society so wise

So that the whole world may awake and arise.

Image Credits : Unsplash 

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