5 Myths About Breasts & Nipples We Need To Bust Right NOW!

Whether it is their size or their shape, women's breasts have way too many myths and 'mysteries' around them. Let me bust 5 of these for you!

Whether it is their size or their shape, women’s breasts have way too many myths and ‘mysteries’ around them. Let me bust 5 of these for you!

The woman’s body has constantly either been sexualised or looked at as a ‘mysterious thing.’ Whether it is talking about vaginas or periods or even a woman’s breasts, there is some sort of a ‘mystery’ around it.

Women’s breasts are often sexualised and talked about yet remain a hidden and mysterious part of a woman’s body. Let me bust some myths about this secondary sexual organ!

The breast size increases with fondling or sex

Truthfully, there is no such thing as that. One way to look at it is, by thinking of your cheeks. With the amount of blood supply, the smiling and the cheek-pulling, they still don’t grow, do they?

What may happen is that you may be unable to look after yourself as you did earlier thus leading to what seems like an increase. Secondly, the hormonal changes that a body undergoes during pregnancy and breast-feeding may also lead to a change in your breast size.

Yet another factor to this is age. As you grow older, your skin starts to lose its elasticity and you may notice changes all across your body!

All the lumps in your breast are harmful

Every breast has some sort of lump or the other. Thus, checking your breasts periodically is a good idea in order to differentiate between the normal lumps and the unusual ones.

It is a mammary tissue and it is supposed to have some lumps. However, if you feel like there is something different or unusual, please consult a doctor. 

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Both your breasts are the same size and shape

If you actually notice this closely, that is not the case! Try looking at your face as well, it is not a 100 percent symmetrical, either. In medical terms, when one is asked for symmetry, one looks for unusual growths or swellings.

No two parts of your body will ever actually look the same or be symmetrical!

Big breasts mean more milk for the baby in the future

Well, absolutely not! Even women with big breasts might have issues while feeding their kids. Whether you have issues breastfeeding your baby or not, completely depends on your hormones and your nutrition, not the size of your breasts!

Hairy nipples or body hair is not normal

Honestly, it’s time we got over the myth of hairless women. PCOD/PCOS or not, women do have hair on their bodies – their legs, their breasts and nipples. It is perfectly normal to have hairy nipples or hair around your nipples. Please don’t try to wax it off, for it will hurt terribly!

These are some myths about breasts that I have commonly heard. Do let me know some myths you have heard about in the comments!

Picture credits: Still from PopXo’s video on YouTube

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