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women's bodies
How Can A New Bride Talk In Front Of Men About Needing To Use The Toilet? Shameless!

I flew into a rage. ‘Tell me…where should I empty my bladder after I have had my quota of water? Are we encouraged to empty our bladders at regular intervals? Do we have decent toilets around?’

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She Went Through 3 C-Sections, But Did She Have A Choice?

If the first child is a girl, the daughter in law is forced to go in for a second one saying it's definitely going to be a boy this time. What happens if it's a girl? She's asked to go in for a third one!

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I’ve Lost My Honor Many Times Before; So What If I Lose My Honor Again Today?

The bodies and lives of girls and women are 'supposed' to uphold the 'honor' of family, of society, through their sacrifice of their dreams, even their lives sometimes. 

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How Can A Male Conductor Of An Overnight Bus Refuse To Stop At A Suitable Place For Women To Go And Pee?

The driver obliged and immediately stopped the bus for them. Many men got down. They shamelessly lined up just by the side of the bus and peed on the other side of the road.

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The Vital Importance Of Having Easy Access To Safe Contraception: Some Real Women’s Stories

Access to easy and safe contraception has opened up enormous possibilities, and has literally been the one thing that truly made way for women's careers and dreams to come true. Maybe why men want to control them.

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Film Sara’s Shows Indian Men How To Be True Partners To Women Or Get Out Of The Way

While the new Malayalam film Sara's is primarily about a woman’s right to abortion, the film centralises a woman’s ambition and even attempts to normalise it.

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