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Being A Married Asexual Indian Woman Is Akin To Living In Your Own Personal Hell!

In a country where asexuality is still looked at as a 'joke,' being a married asexual woman in incredibly tough as these women tell us.

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5 Myths About Breasts & Nipples We Need To Bust Right NOW!

Whether it is their size or their shape, women's breasts have way too many myths and 'mysteries' around them. Let me bust 5 of these for you!

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As A Woman, My Identity Is More Than Just My Body!

As women, why is our identity related only to our looks and our body? Why not our achievements and degrees?

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Vanita Kharat Promotes Body Positivity Like A Boss In Latest Photoshoot!
vanita kharat

With her latest photoshoot, actor Vanita Kharat proudly says she is proud of her body giving the much-needed message of body positivity.

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If Cis Men Could Menstruate, We Wouldn’t Be Having This Misogynist Debate Over Paid Period Leaves!
paid period leave debate

The noise over the new paid period leave policy by Zomato, even from women, is nothing but internalised misogyny, and ensuring equity should be the aim.

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Slut Shaming To Body Shaming, Why Do Women Still Suffer The Burden Of Shame?

Shame is an emotion we are never able to fully understand or come to terms with since we have constantly been told to accept or even submit to it. 

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