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9 Things You Can Expect When You Have A Cesarean Delivery

A cesarean delivery is not as 'simple' as it sounds, so it will help those who opt for it or have one in an emergency to know what to expect.

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WHY Shouldn’t I Talk To My Father About ‘Womanly’ Stuff?!

I was always taught not to talk to my father about "womanly" issues. But I don't see what gender has anything to do with being a capable parent.

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The Protest In Iran Is Not Just About Hijab And Hair; It Is About Hope!

It is a protest against objective misogyny, something that we should have left behind when we entered the 21st century. It is against a mindset that treats women and anyone else as second-class citizens in their own place of birth.

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The Hijab Is Not The Issue Here, Women’s Lack Of Choice Is

‘What if we lived in a world where women weren’t told what they can and can’t wear? Or weren’t killed because of it?’ My friend asks in a post.

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Maja Ma Mentions The Clitoris — Have You Ever Said It? Or Guided Someone Towards It?

Patriarchy teaches us that sex for women is a giveaway and for men it is a takeaway. Women since ages were conditioned to believe that sexual intercourse is an activity which provides pleasure to men. 

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Dr G: A ‘Funny’ Attempt, But Shouldn’t Empathy For Women’s Pain Be A Given In Doctors?

A film about gynaecology set in a country like ours needs sensitive build up. But we have an abundance of swelling bellies, loud labour moans, chaos, and crying babies on screen balanced with timely set jokes.

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