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It’s Radiant To Be A Girl, That Girl Who Was Put Down And Still Thrived

You are not just your body, no matter what the world of men tells you, says Noor in this powerful poem, that urges girls to go out there and get hold of their own destinies.

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Why Have All Religions Been Universally Disastrous For Women?

Take any religion, no matter what the tenets, women have always suffered. If religions are often at loggerheads about so many things, why do they all agree on controlling women?

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I Gave Up The Baby I Had Carried For 9 Months, As I Had No Alternative!

The author writes about the emotions a surrogate mother goes through, carrying a baby not her own, yet tied to it by the umbilical cord, and having to give it up, even if she gains financially.

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Should Anyone Put Their Daughters Through This Horror In The Name Of ‘Tradition’?
female circumcision

What happens when a girl is taken in for female circumcision (FGM - Female Genital Mutilation)? It is horrifying what some communities put their girls through in the name of tradition!

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“Oh, God, Take This Monthly Drama Away From Us. Let Men Live With Periods Instead!”

Beleaguered by period cramps, one night I dreamt that I met the Creator, and was granted my wish that women no longer had to live with periods, and men would have them instead. Alas, just a dream!

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Check Out This Great New Resource On Girls’ Health That Is Easy For Kids To Grasp
spreading your wings

Want accessible information on health of girls? Spreading Your Wings, A health Infomic for Girls of All Ages  is a great resource, in comic form that kids will find interesting.

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