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The Vital Importance Of Having Easy Access To Safe Contraception: Some Real Women’s Stories

Access to easy and safe contraception has opened up enormous possibilities, and has literally been the one thing that truly made way for women's careers and dreams to come true. Maybe why men want to control them.

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Film Sara’s Shows Indian Men How To Be True Partners To Women Or Get Out Of The Way

While the new Malayalam film Sara's is primarily about a woman’s right to abortion, the film centralises a woman’s ambition and even attempts to normalise it.

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I Long To Feel Desirable As Menopause Hits, But Feel Only Hot Flashes, Rage, And Loss
hot flashes

As hot flashes occupy all my waking thoughts I curse our cultures that consider desirable and fertile younger women's bodies as more valuable.

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If This Body Is Mine, Then I Will Take All Decisions Related To It!

The recent UN Population Fund Report 2021 has measured the autonomy women have over their own bodies, to make decisions about their own bodies, in different societies globally.

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Our Business Is Our Business None Of Your Business; Stop Telling Women What To Do
men telling women what to do

Men telling women what to do, how to dress and smile and look and talk and walk - that is the only thing most people seem to be keen on. Keep your nose out of our lives!

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Is A Wife Only A Body, And A Marriage In India Only About Procreation?

A recent case in which the Madras HC ruled that PCOS cannot be termed as impotency makes me wonder - was this another case of male entitlement and the compulsion for procreation in a marriage?

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