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Hayley Anthony
Trans Woman Hayley Anthony Helped Invent A Surgery That Gave Her A Functioning Vagina

Hayley Anthony sparked the idea that allowed her doctor, Jess Ting, to come up with a new surgery that would give trans women a more “vagina-like” vagina.

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Like An Apa (Big Sister), Bangladesh’s “By Women, For Women” App Is A Safe Space To Get Answers
Ivy Huq Russell

Maya Apa, a personal digital assistant app, is giving Bangladeshi women and men, access to information about health, psycho-social services and legal help

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It’s Won The Oscar; Now Let’s Make Sure Our Girls Are Never Shamed For Periods
period shame

I remember the shame I felt on my first period, says Nidhi Pathak, and I hope that no girl is made to feel this shame now that the conversation is out in the open with the Oscar win. My Netflix app had been teasing me with the documentary ‘Period. End of Sentence’ for a while, […]

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Girl, Should You Be Feeling All Excited When Someone Says, “You Look Beautiful”?
how to be beautiful

Do you get excited when someone compliments on your looks, or dejected when you feel something is wrong with your body? Worry not. Read this.

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4 Interesting Things That Can Help You Understand How Your Woman’s Body Works

Your body is an amazing thing, woman. Keep in touch with what happens normally in it, and you'll be fascinated by how much you can understand it, even on a day to day basis.

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Today On World Cancer Day, Pledge To Catch 10 Symptoms Of Cancer In Women Early
symptoms of cancer in women

What are the symptoms of cancer in women that we need to be vigilant about, and why is that important? Because early detection can really make a difference.

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