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women's bodies
Why Do We Glorify A Woman ‘Tolerating’ Pain, When We Never Expect Men To?

What is there to glorify in pain? Do we need to prepare young girls for the pain of childbirth by making them get used to it in the years leading up to it, whether or not they decide to become pregnant later?

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Unmarried Women Also Covered By MTP (Amendment) Act 2021, Yet Is It Inclusive Enough?
MTP (Amendment) Act 2021

On 17th March 2021, The Medical Termination of Pregnancy - MTP (Amendment) Act 2021 came into being, after being introduced as a Bill in 2020. But is it really as progressive as it is made out to be?

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8 Hush Hush Realities Of Women’s Lives Bombay Begums Examines With Splendid Flair
Bombay Begums

Bombay Begums on Netflix has a lot of flaws, but it deals with issues central to women's lives that we are routinely silenced for in Indian society.

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15% Of Women Suffer From Infertility, But Are Stigmatised Or Left To Suffer In Silence…

Women have began to talk about things they were expected to be silent about; let's do our part by listening to them.

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Will This Recent Gujarat HC Proposal Lead To Ending Social Exclusion Of Women On Periods?

Women can't be excluded at private and public places based on their 'menstrual cycle', proposes Gujarat High Court. May we hope for a change in mindsets?

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Why Yoga Trainer Elodie’s Petition To Make Rape Laws Gender Neutral Is The Need Of The Hour

Yoga trainer Elodie has started a petition to make rape laws in India gender neutral. Here's why we need the amendment in the IPC.

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