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Long Showers And Privacy During Motherhood Are Not For The Faint Hearted!

We’re moms, this means we are the marvellous creatures and we have learned to adapt to, and even master the art of the less than a five minute long shower.

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Another Sita, Another Agnipareeksha, To Be A Loyal Wife

"Calm down. I'll handle it." She took Sita to the other room and closed the door. She thought her mom got her. To her surprise, her mom slapped her. Hard.

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Wearing A Saree Makes You Sanskaari But Wearing Shorts Makes You Slutty

Her boyfriend was holding her hand while walking. What is the use of wearing such short shorts. Her dress was even worse. I don't even want to talk about it.

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Karma Is A Bitch, You Know; Sometimes No One At Office Is A Friend

Now it was Akash's turn. As he unwrapped his gift, there was pin-drop silence. He saw people nudging each other. Many could even guess why he was gifted that. There was suppressed laughter.

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As A Former HR Professional, This Is The Most Ridiculous Question I’ve Ever Answered!

The question I had been asking my interviewees, seemed so irrelevant, practically idiotic! You see, what Karma does. Life comes a full circle, I thought.

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Why Should I Follow Curfews Set By My Parents And Then My Husband?

"The curfew talk again! Earlier it was my parents, then the hostel incharge and now you!" She was frustrated of constantly hearing the same over and over again.

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This Valentine’s Day, Now That We Are Parents…

Does Valentine's Day change in fundamental ways, whether in the first flush of love, through the days and years of courtship, as newlyweds, or after becoming parents?

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Dear Wife, I Managed The Kids For A Day And Now I Need A Vacation!

'Hey Better half! You forgot to praise me for one thing. I am more watchful than you think.' What happens when a dad decides to look after his kids just for a day?

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I Am The Too Thin Girl Who Had The Last Laugh

All through her life, being 'too thin' placed her on other peoples' radar. Finally, she had the last laugh!

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I’ll Walk, Talk, And Laugh Like ME; Not As You Wish I Should Be!

The Indian girl child. Brought up to 'fit in' with society's expectations of how she should behave, what she should do, and what she shouldn't. But if she rebels?

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When Babysitting My Baby Also Meant Babysitting The Nanny

I was babysitting my baby all this while and today I was also 'babysitting' the nanny.

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Candle In The Wind

Relentless, determined and resolute.. I am like a candle in the wind!

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A Father’s Escapism And A Mother’s Frosty Silence

Little did he realise that the older his children were getting without a bond having been established, the more distant he and his kids were getting.

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‘Sticks And Stones Can Break My Bones But Words Cannot Harm Me’

Use words of encouragement for your child. You will be surprised to see their world change.

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Move Over Kabir Singh! These Hit Bollywood Songs Are Full Of Misogyny/Misandry

If Kabir Singh worries you. Worry about what these songs are doing too.

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