With Everything Happening In The World, This Is Why, I Do NOT Watch News Channels

While talking about COVID deaths, on the same screen, we also have paan masala ads going on. Is that the way to show that class never goes out of style?

While talking about COVID deaths, on the same screen, we also have paan masala ads going on. Is that the way to show that class never goes out of style?

During this time of the pandemic and lockdown, I prefer not to watch the news channels. This isn’t because of the kind of news, but the way the news is delivered to us. It makes me nauseous and sick from within. Journalism is no more about bringing the truth to light.

Here’s why I say this.

The debates are either a circus or a fish market. There’s a continuous ranting and screaming of each of the members. All together at the same time it is like fish sellers calling out to the buyers – ‘Fresh hai bhaiya. Le lo.  Fish le lo.’

It’s like a circus on the news channels

The blaming and name-calling just goes over the top without any point being made. Along with that you get those flashes of news on the bottom of the news channels – ‘Sabse keemthi chakka’ and you have Mr. Dhoni’s picture beside it.

What would you make sense of that? Might sound hilarious but is that the level of news we’re looking for? They even invite guests from other countries and abuse them live on the debate.

The anchors do not deliver the news but repeatedly shove their judgement on us. Talk about being biased? They’re only concentrating about increasing TRPs. Are they getting paid for selling their opinions and manipulating us?

We seem to have lost out on basic humanity

When a famous personality dies, journalism goes for a toss, all the more. The background music is deadly. If the person dies due to suicide, they will continuously flash a picture of a rope hanging with a loop on your TV. This will go on until it gets into your head and you begin to feel you’re choking imagining the noose tightening around your throat.

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The words ‘phaansi‘ and suicide are dramatised to the extent that at least one viewer is encouraged to end his or her own life the same way.

“Sushant zindagi ki pitch par hit-wicket kaise ho gaye” (how did Sushant get ‘hit-wicket’ on life’s pitch) – This is how the late actor’s death was covered by a news channel.

Where are the etiquettes and the humanity buried? Has journalism died out and needs to be re-named? Because this certainly is irresponsible reporting and inhumane behavior. Another news channel flashed the headline- “Patna ka Sushant Mumbai mein fail kyun?”

Do I need to say more?

When actress Sridevi passed away, there was a reporter who jumped into the bathtub along with his mic to recreate the scene! Where is the mind and the heart? Is journalism dislocating it?

There was a reporter who also asked Jhanvi Kapoor a few months after her mother’s death – ‘Kaisa lag raha hai apko?’ (How are you feeling now?) Oh and the cameras are zoomed into the teary eyes of the victims to create more drama.

The Hindi news channels take the cake with a special coverage of the Saas bahu melodrama! Is Indian Journalism getting lunatic or is it the Indian public who watch them? (Just wondering)

On one side they’re talking about COVID deaths and on the same screen we have pan masala ads going on. Is that the way to show that class never goes out of style?

As if we were running short of news on our own planet, they also report news about aliens. And guess what – they play ‘Koi MIL gaya’ and a green alien running around with Hrithik. We are quickly transferred to a fantasy world, brainwashed just as they want us to be!

I bet you, the best of gossip mongers will get cheesed off with every ordinary news which is termed ‘breaking news’ or ‘sabse badi khabar.’

Rest in peace journalism!

Picture credits: Still from Sab TV’s Apna News Aayega

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