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What Women (Truly) Want…Will Surprise No Woman

Posted: August 3, 2020

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“Relax honey, you too have a weekend!” Do you know the power of these magical words?

When I am asleep, I wish to be woken up with a steaming hot cup of tea,

Or maybe when my sleep breaks, someone says, ‘Relax, Why did you wake up, it’s just three’

When I am bathing I wish the hot water from the shower flows down on me leisurely,

And when I rub the soap all over hurriedly, someone says, ‘Relax, It’s two minutes…barely!’

When I am hungry, I wish I am served my favourite fried rice or noodles,

And when I gulp it down in a jiffy, someone says, ‘Relax and relish every morsel!’

When I am exhausted, I wish to just sit back, put my legs up and look at the clear blue sky,

And when I spring up realizing it’s been too long on that chair, someone says, ‘Relax, bask in the moment and just close your eyes.’

When I am sick, I wish to get pampered day and night,

And when I feel guilty about being in bed all day, someone says, ‘Relax, you need rest, you are not a knight!’

When I am out on a vacation, I wish to enjoy every bit of it,

And when I worry if everything is packed for everyone or not, someone says, ‘Relax, just pack your stuff and don’t forget your skirt with a slit!’

When I am at a party, I wish to sing, dance, clink glasses and be carefree,

And when I am anxious about the unhealthy junk food my munchkin eats, someone says, ‘Relax, it is a party, you needn’t think about broccoli and green peas!’

Whenever I feel like, I wish I could go and hang out with my friends,

And when I am terrified as the clock strikes twelve, I receive a phone call, and someone says,’Relax, honey,  you too have a weekend!’

Photo by Drew Coffman on Unsplash

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