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Wearing A Saree Makes You Sanskaari But Wearing Shorts Makes You Slutty

Her boyfriend was holding her hand while walking. What is the use of wearing such short shorts. Her dress was even worse. I don't even want to talk about it.

Her boyfriend was holding her hand while walking. What is the use of wearing such short shorts. Her dress was even worse. I don’t even want to talk about it.

Ting tong!! The bell rang at 7:00 am.

Oh! how I hate the doorbell in the early parts of the morning. That’s exactly the time when I get the best sleep.

But when the bell doesn’t ring at 7:00 am, I wake up and get anxious with the phone in my hand.

That bitter-sweet feeling

Why? Well,  of course, it’s my maid, Rani, who comes in at that hour and frees me from the burden of a ton of things. But her endless and baseless conversations with that loud voice, I detest. What a bitter-sweet feeling it is.

So, I opened the door and in walked Rani. I had barely dragged myself out of the bed, I rubbed my eyes and gave a cavernous yawn. No sooner did she see me, she began yapping- right at the door!

Rani: “That didi who stays on the third floor, she was wearing shorts. Her whole leg right from the thighs was visible.

I ignored her. “The bhindi is in the fridge. Make some bhujiya, dal and rice,” I told her.

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‘You should’ve seen what she wore!’

Rani: “Okay. And you know, her boyfriend was holding her hand while walking. What is the use of wearing such short shorts. The other day, her dress was even worse. I don’t even want to talk about it.”

Me (wondering how the hell does she know that’s her boyfriend. Could be her brother too): “Then don’t talk about it Rani”

Rani: “You know those short dresses which comes in two pieces?”

Me: “Those are called co-ordinates.”

Rani: “Whatever, I don’t know. She was wearing that. Her entire waist was visible. These young girls behave so ignorant. Won’t the boys think she is welcoming them.”

Now that sparked irritation in me.

The saree is better, isn’t it?

Rani: “I wouldn’t wear such things or even allow my daughter to wear such dresses and look vulgar.”

Me (sarcastically): “Yeah your saree is much much better.”

Rani: “Saree is so sanskari.”

Me: “Yes, it definitely is. And the way you have draped it is too good too. You look no less stylish!”

Rani felt proud.

Me: “You don’t need to wear a coordinate. Look how well you’ve worn the pallu. Don’t you feel cold in this cold rainy season?”

Rani was now wondering but she knew what was coming up.

And then, I said it!

Me: “I was just thinking, your whole stomach is uncovered in the front. Half your back too must be getting cold when the wind hits it due to your low-cut blouse. Actually wait, your entire waist is open.”

Rani was now trying to cover herself with her saree pallu. There was so much guilt on her face. She felt like a goof.

Me (laughing): “Oh look at your belly button!”

Rani: “I am getting late. Let me cook fast and go.”

I went off to the next room and enjoyed my cup of tea.

The next day when Rani came in, I asked her if she again saw that woman.

Rani: “Now what should I do if she comes or goes. I just need to finish my work and go home.”

I was glad. That was an end to those meaningless talks.

I am sure she learnt a few things

Moreover, I am very sure Rani learnt three lessons:

To mind her own business. And practice what she preached. That vulgarity lies only in the eyes and the perception of the person. Regardless of it being a saree or shorts.

As for me, I am not affected if either of them wears a saree or a pair of shorts.

A version of this was first published here.

Picture credits: Still from Bollywood movie Cocktail

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