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Amulya leona incident
The Amulya Leona Incident Shows How As A Society We Have Failed India’s Youth

The Amulya Leona saga shows how a large section of our society is apathetic and hostile towards, and is failing our youth - the teenagers and the young adults.

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Wearing A Saree Makes You Sanskaari But Wearing Shorts Makes You Slutty

Her boyfriend was holding her hand while walking. What is the use of wearing such short shorts. Her dress was even worse. I don't even want to talk about it.

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5 Reasons Why Women Refrain From Talking Money And What You Can Do About It

Women talking about finances is quite often still considered a taboo. If you are wondering why, here are five reasons and five ways to talking about it.

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With Her Cut Hair Also Went Her Insecurities And There She Stood – Her Head A Flaming Red

Arya surrendered herself to the stylist with just one instruction. Once done, she felt liberated, as if her confidence was trapped inside her long tresses.

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7 Easy Pasta Recipes For All Those Of You Who Live Alone And Love Pasta

Pasta is one of the easiest things to cook- making it a favourite with people who live alone. For everyone who loves it, here are seven easy pasta recipes for your inner MasterChef!

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6 Things Happening At Work That Are Harassment, And Not Your Fault…!

Women who are repeatedly harassed by men start thinking that maybe something is wrong with them. To those women, I say: it is not your fault!

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