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Young Women
Average Ambili
Average Ambili, A Free To Watch Malayalam Web Series On YouTube I Completely Recommend!

I love to see stories like Average Ambili, written and directed by men which show sensitivity, and awareness of a woman's psyche and lived experience in our culture. Remember The Great Indian Kitchen?

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Being A Girl In India Is Hard!

Being a girl in India is hard, says this teenager, growing up in a patriarchal society. But, she says, her family, where she can be herself, more than makes up for this.

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Let’s Choose Comfort And Wear The Bra Only If WE Want!

The bra carries the perfect irony- there are tons of rules about it, so many fights about it and yet we’ve got to hide it. 

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Can We Please Cancel The Term ‘Prostitute’?

I was a 16 year old in love and trying to reach my boyfriend, with whom I had just broken up. He shouted the word 'prostitute' at me for my pains.

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4 Heartbreaking Ways We’ve Lost Forever Our Years Of Youthful Dreams To COVID

The 20s and 30s were supposed to be that period of one's life where one could be carefree, live life and make mistakes. But COVID has destroyed all that for us.

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Why 15y.o. Jasoda From Ashapura, Rajasthan Is Now A Role Model For Girls Of Her Village

15 year old Jasoda from Ashapura village of Jodhpur in Rajasthan is an inspiration as a teen leader for a better life for girls.

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