9 Female Gen Z Musicians From India

Are you a music lover interested in discovering female Gen Z musicians from India? Here are 9 you should listen to!

Are you a music lover interested in discovering female Gen Z musicians from India? Here are 9 you should listen to!

Music has been an integral part of my life, serving as a constant companion throughout my journey. Even now, approximately 70% of my day is spent immersed in the melodies and rhythms of the music playlists I’ve carefully curated over the years.

What’s remarkable is the universal appeal of music across various genres within the Gen Z community today. Being a proud member of the Gen Z tribe myself, I’ve observed that our contemporary musicians possess a unique ability to craft lyrics that resonate deeply with our generation. These lyrics are often accompanied by catchy and infectious beats that tend to stick with us, creating what we commonly refer to as “earworms.”

Why do Indian Gen Z musicians touch our souls?

What’s truly special about these Gen Z musicians is their capacity to offer a sense of comfort and empowerment through their lyrics. When I’m facing a challenging day or dealing with life’s ups and downs, I can always turn to their music to find solace and motivation.

It’s as if they understand our experiences and emotions, and they channel those sentiments into their songs, making them relatable and therapeutic.

This connection with their music not only makes it enjoyable, but also an essential part of our daily lives, contributing to our sense of identity and belonging within the Gen Z culture.

9 Female Gen Z Musicians from India

Here’s a list of 9 of my favourite female Gen Z musicians from India!

Diya Vadiraj

Diya Vadiraj, singer. Are you a music lover interested in discovering female Gen Z musicians from India? Here are 9 you should know!

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Diya Vadiraj is a talented singer based in Bangalore. She started singing at the young age of 6 and is mostly known for her angelic covers of Hindi, Indie, Bollywood, and other genres of music. Diya is currently studying in the 12th grade and wishes to pursue music in the future as well.

Ranita Banerjee

Ranita Banerjee Singer:Gen Z musicians from India

Ranita Banerjee, is a singer-performer from Kolkata. She was a contestant on Indian Idol Junior. Her career took off when she was just 5 years old after participating in the show Singing Star. She recently participated in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l champs and secured the first runner-up position.

Ranita has a voice as sweet as honey, and her cover of the song Zara Si Aahat has over 6.2 million views.

Ankita Kundu

Ankita Kundu, singer

Ankita Kundu is a playback singer and is known for her multitalented and powerful vocals. She rose to fame after participating in and showing commendable performances in singing reality shows in India. She is passionate and super talented, and it shows, the impression she leaves after her performances.

Maithili Thakur

Maithili Thakur, signer

Maithili Thakur is a talented singer from Bihar and mostly sings Bhojpuri, classical, and folk songs. She rose to fame after participating in the show Rising Star in 2017. She also uploads covers on her YouTube channel, where her videos have millions of views. Her lovely voice doesn’t fail to mesmerize her audience.

Lisha Mishra

Lisha Mishra, singer

Lisha Mishra is an Indian-American singer/songwriter. She rose to fame after singing the song Tareefan from the film Veere Di Wedding and for her other bops like Coka 2.0, Sajna Ve, and Wakhra Swag Ni.

Starting in 2013, Lisha began recording covers and uploading them to her YouTube channel. She continues to pursue her passion for music and has a promising future in the industry.

Ananya Nanda

Ananya Nanda, singer

Ananya Nanda is a 21-year-old playback singer based in Bhubaneshwar. Her career in singing took off after she won Indian Idol Junior in 2015. She has showcased her talents across genres like classical and Bollywood.

With her melodious voice, this young and talented singer is sure to leave you spellbound. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience her impressive performances.

Avanti Nagral

Avanti Nagral, youtuber and singer

Avanti Nagral is a gifted singer-songwriter and musician who was born in Boston. After moving to Mumbai, she pursued her passion for music, and now has fans all around the world, including countries like the Philippines and the USA. Avanti’s music has captivated audiences with its unique blend of genres, and her talent has earned her a reputation as one of the most promising young artists in the music industry.

Avanti also has a YouTube channel where she uploads videos of live performances, music videos, and vlogs of her days. With the blend of her soulful voice and enjoyable performances, she has a dedicated fandom and continues to grow it around the world.

Ilina Hats

Gen Z musicians from India: Hats. singer

Ilina Hats is a brilliant singer who’s versatile in R&B, hip-hop, soul, and pop music. She’s pursuing a major in pop music performance at LASELLE College of Arts in Singapore.  Ilina has performed in various locations in India and abroad, and she continues to showcase her talents worldwide.

Saachi Rajadhyaksha

Gen Z musicians from India: Rajadhyaksha, singer

Saachi Rajadhyaksha is an artist based in Mumbai and is mainly into alt-pop music. Her powerful and soulful voice is what her fans find attractive. Saachi’s soulful lyrics are a true reflection of her emotions, and her enchanting voice adds a magical touch to her music that resonates deeply with fans.


All these young musicians are dedicated and great role models for those pursuing music. These musicians are definitely worth a listen.

Some of their lyrics are a reflection of the challenges the generation goes through, which in return provides comfort to listeners. They also use their social media and other platforms to connect with their diverse fanbase.

The beats and melodies are unique as well, which doesn’t fail to lift one’s mood. They are one more step away from conquering the stage of the world and deserve all the success that comes their way!

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