Dear GenZ, Heartbreak And Healing Are Part Of Adulthood

Who said it's easy being young? There is responsibility of a still hazy future, meeting parental expectation and desire to act like a wild and free bird! Most importantly, the responsibility of taking care of your young and fragile heart, now falls on you!

Who said it’s easy to be young because you don’t have any apparent responsibilities.

The responsibility of a still hazy future, of meeting every expectation of your parents and still satisfy your desire to act like a wild and free bird and most importantly the responsibility of taking care of your young and fragile heart still learning the ways of the world.

You are young out of school just entering into college, your heart filled with hope and joy. You have watched enough movies to believe that in this process of building your career you’re going to find the love of your life.

World is really full of thorns and a handful of roses

Likewise, you meet some guy and think he is the one and one month into it! BOOM! You realize that it’s not what it seems. The movies and all the books you read have been lying, that you had your rose-tinted glasses on while you looked at the world and the world is not rosy it’s probably grey.

Now life has become a complicated maze and you are the maze runner. There are so many ways some seem nice and good and some look not so promising but yet again the nice and good ones don’t guarantee that they would guide you out of the maze, now everything depends on your choice.

You make one wrong choice and then another and start wondering if you are capable of it. You start doubting yourself.

Sometimes people hurt you unintentionally, and it’s okay

Furthermore, you think maybe I am in the wrong, but the truth is no one’s in the wrong, it’s just when you are young you might hurt each other not because you mean harm but probably because you just don’t fit together. And point to remember two misfits however good they are won’t make a good pair together.

There is a streak of realizations. You notice the person you seem to be attracted to doesn’t feel the same about you, and you don’t feel the same for someone who is attracted to you.

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You spend many sleepless nights only your pillow knowing your sadness, you question the almighty that why does this have to happen to you. Furthermore, you ponder where it all went wrong.

It all seemed so good, you had so many scenarios in your mind on how it will all be, and now it seems like you were a fool all this time. You try to beat yourself with logic, but truth be told, this feeling only goes with time.

Nothing changes, but you realize that a young heart is meant to go through all this to emerge as a strong one. Yeah, this one is a bit hard, but you learn to accept it.

There is this dialogue in a movie, “If you’re moved by something it doesn’t need explaining and  if you are not, no explanation will move you.”

Accept your feelings, even if they make you sad

So never try to reason with your heart with the logics of your mind otherwise you will find yourself in the spiral of never ending confusion and sadness. You will have to learn to accept your feelings and move on with it, even if they remain unreciprocated.

In college years not only your mind develops but your heart does too.

This age you are in is to explore your desires, your interests, where do you want to see yourself in the next 10 years and in this journey you will meet a lot of people some will pass by you like a cold breeze, some will pass by but leave a nostalgic fragrance behind and some will join you in your journey.

You will gain friends, idols you will remember for long, guardian angels and even a partner if you are lucky.

Just remind yourself time and again that you deserve to be happy, that no one has the power to hold the key to your happiness, that you have every right to look for what brings peace to your heart, that no matter how revered sacrifice is in this society you don’t need to kill your desires and any chance there is for you to be a happy soul.

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