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As An Indian Mom Getting Into My 40s, I’m Just Discovering What Makes Me Happy

As an Indian woman with children out of their early childhood, this mom is just finding out the pleasures of getting into her 40s, discovering herself again.

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Moms, You’re Women First. 10 Ways You Can Ensure Taking Care Of Yourself Too

While they say parenting is a demanding and a challenging job, a mother’s role is undoubtedly much tougher. Most of the times, she becomes the sole provider for her kids – emotionally and physically.

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The Very Unpredictability Of Daily Life As A Young Mom Makes Me Cherish My Me-Time

Life changes irrevocably for a young mom, and so much of daily time gets assigned to taking care of the baby. But should we lose out on our 'self' in this?

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When Breath Becomes A Friend

“I have been with you for lifetimes. I am your friend, always waiting for you. Will you pause a while and smell the wild flowers with me?"

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5 Sure-Fire Strategies That Have Always Worked For Me When I Need Motivation

We all feel low at times, and need some handy self motivation strategies at such times. Here are 5 that have always worked for me.

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6 Things You Can Do To Get You A Best Friend Who Always Stands With You

You may feel lonely at times because you don't have someone you can fall back upon at any time. But what about making this person who is always with you, your best friend?

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