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Still from Bhadaai Do
I Met Her In Poetry

I loved a woman of my age. Young, beautiful and sensitive. Who attracted me in and out, lurking through my page.

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Why Do We Try So Hard To Conceal The Beautiful Imperfections That Make Us Unique? Let’s Own Them!

If every one of us had the same perfect hair, perfect bodies, perfect marriages, perfect jobs, well, then we might as well be robots right?

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11 Things I Learnt When I Was Cruelly Betrayed By Those Who Were ‘Family’ And ‘Friends’!

No one else is really going to be there in your sadness. People may help, but NEVER hope that someone will do something for you.

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In Her Darkest Times Only I Can Save Her… She Knows That, And Yet…!

Society's standards of the 'perfect girl' don't define her. That was all a charade. An act to impress. An act to fit in. Always seeking validation.

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What Is Self Love, I Wondered When My Daughter Asked, ‘Ma What Do You Like About Yourself?’
what is self love

What is self love? It hasn’t been an easy journey, sometimes it is very, very difficult to understand and find out what makes you happy.

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Don’t Take Life Too Seriously & 9 Other Life Lessons For My Younger Self

Have you ever wondered if you could give advice to your younger self? What would you say? Here are 10 things I'd tell my younger self!

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