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Rashmi Bora Das

Born in India, Rashmi Bora Das moved to the United States in the early nineties. She has a master’s degree in English from India. She did her second master’s in Public Administration from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Based in Atlanta, GA, Rashmi is a teacher with a passion for writing. Her other interests include traveling, listening to music and watching films.

Voice of Rashmi Bora Das

It’s Vile To Call NE Indians ‘Corona’, Just Because They Have Chinese Looking Features!

What gives us the right to throw filth at other nations and talk about their racial discrimination when we are doing it amongst ourselves? COVID-19 has brought out all these racial tendencies.

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Are We Completely Losing Our Humanity In The Time Of The Coronavirus?

With the coronavirus shaking the world to its core, people too seem to be losing their basic humanity. In such trying times, shouldn't we be kinder?

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Follow WHO Norms & Keep Your Humanity! Here’s To Staying Safe During Coronavirus

As good citizens, what is our role in a time of coronavirus? Besides following the health guidelines, keeping calm and being humane is essential.

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The Man Who Loves The “Good Earth”: A Tribute To Forest Man Jadav Payeng

Jadav Payeng's bonding with the forest has sincerity, commitment, patience, and passion as its weaving threads.

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Taapsee’s Thappad Is Much More Than A Slap

Thappad is a movie not just about a slap, it's about act that transcends its definition of a prohibited, disrespectful action and sows the seeds of self-discovery in a woman who all along had put the needs of her husband before hers.

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complaint free
How To Pick Your Battles, And Work Towards A Complaint Free, More Positive Life

We should raise our voice if that is what is essential, but we also need to pick our battles without being a toxic, complaining person.

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panga review
Entertaining Movie Panga Says That A Woman Can Live Her Dreams Even Through Marriage & Motherhood

Must a woman give up her dreams and her identity if she is married and has kids? No, says the new Hindi movie Panga, directed by Ashwini Iyer Tiwari of Nil Battey Sannata fame.

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Be Lazy, And Hence Be Productive. Intrigued? Read On…

An interesting look at laziness from the other end, and why it is good, even recommended that we be lazy sometimes. And see the productivity increase.

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What If I Told You That Pink For Girls And Blue For Boys Is Simply A Smart Marketing Strategy?

Why are baby girls dressed in pink and boys in blue? There is no particular scientific explanation to this, except that it is just a marketing strategy for new parents.

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Women In Their 50s Today Aren’t OLD; They’re Getting Hipper, Cooler, Smarter!

When you're in your 50s these days, you're not 'old', because an attitudinal shift means you are young at hear, and cooler than 50 year olds a generation ago.

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Be A Cheerleader, Folks – Go Ahead And Applaud Yourself!

Applause, praise and appreciation are the three things humans like to thrive on. Why not applaud ourselves too? Here is to applauding ourselves and others!

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Is No Actually Negative And Should You Always Say a “Yes”?

Though “no” usually brings to our minds a negative meaning, that’s not always the case. It’s the usage of the word that gives it either a dark or a positive shade. With emphatic finality, the word “no” echoed in all directions. The statement that followed it, however, melted my heart because it was soaked in […]

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Amol Palekar
The Quintessential ‘Aam Aadmi’ Simplicity That Defined Amol Palekar – A 75th Birthday Tribute

Amol Palekar celebrates his 75th birthday on Sunday, 24th November. Here is a tribute to the actor who excelled in the 'simple, ordinary man' roles.

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Forgive Yourself And People, For It’ll Help You Fly… And Sleep!

It's late in the night, everyone else is asleep. But you JUST cannot sleep! Isn't it a good time to introspect whether or not you've forgiven yourself? Read on to know why

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“I’m The Best!” Err… No, You’re Not. And It’s Okay!

Parents yelling at their children for not being the best at absolutely everything is extremely toxic for both of them. Here's why it is totally okay to NOT be the best!

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Where ‘Sacrifice’ Is The Approved Default Of Parenting, This Idea Would Be Blasphemy!

Is there a perfect 'formula' for parenting? What if I say that the parents, or rather, the couple, were of paramount importance, not the kids?

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The Autumn Bliss Of Diwali, And All That Comes After… Brings On Nostalgia

Autumn. Fall. The pleasant time before winter sets in, when the festive season blooms in all its glory. Not just in India, but in most countries.

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A Homage To The Snail As I Miss My Mail

Each letter was unique in its own way; there was a personal touch with the individuality of the person emerging through the writings.

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old wives' tales
Black Cats And Spilled Salt -Do You Believe In Old Wives’ Tales?

We have all grown up listening to a number of superstitions and old wives' tales. Believe in them or don't they still exist. Logical or not, you decide!

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Trolls On The Internet, Everything You Need To Know!

From a troll in the dungeon to trolls on our screens, trolls sure have evolved. Here's everything you need to know about online trolls and how to deal with them

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When Technology Hurts

How lazy and mechanical have we become with technology at our finger tips? The answer is: to an infinite degree.

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When Silence Tells

Silence that speaks louder than words

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Maternal Or Paternal – The Battle Of The Grandparents

Grandparents and grandchildren always have that special bond. But what happens when there's a tug-of-war between both sides of the grandparents?

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Fairest Of Them All – Does It Matter How You Look?

"To look good is everything." This is something we have all heard at some point of time. Is being outwardly attractive the only factor that matters?

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