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Rashmi Bora Das

Rashmi Bora Das is a freelance writer settled in the suburbs of Atlanta. She has a master’s degree in English from India, and a second master’s in Public Administration from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Rashmi is the author of "From Life's Cove: Laughs, Musings & More". She combines her love for words with her interest in listening to music, watching films, and traveling.

Voice of Rashmi Bora Das

How Can You Have A Wardrobe Full Of Clothes, Yet Have Nothing To Wear?

Also, we buy at the spur of the moment without taking into consideration whether the piece matches with any other clothing or accessories we have.

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Ms. Marvel
Watch An SRK Fan Desi Teen Protagonist, And The Partition In High Stakes Show Ms. Marvel

The 1947 Partition and the formation of the nations India and Pakistan are woven into the plot seamlessly, used as the backdrop for the development of the story in Ms. Marvel.

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5 Heartwarming Movies That Celebrate The Messiness And Beauty Of Fatherhood

Celebrate Father's Day with five heartwarming movies that beautifully portray the complexity of relationships between fathers and children.

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Pooja Elangbam, Multifaceted IAS Officer Shines Her Light And We Love It!

Who is Pooja Elangbam? This intelligent young woman stood 81st in the 2018 Civil Services exam and is inspiring for the youth of her state and all India.

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5 Reasons I Feel My Mom Is The Best One Of Them All!

From the moment she first held you in your arms to the time you grew up to be an adult and even after you flew out of her nest, there is one constant. Moms have the superpower to care for you eternally.

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Priya's Shakti
Priya’s Shakti Comes Up With A New Animated Film Teaching Kids To Protect The Earth, On World Earth Day

Priya’s Shakti is geared towards spreading awareness on contemporary issues, and also seeks to highlight the themes of gender equality and women empowerment.

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Swasti Mehta
Meet Swasti Mehta, With A Refreshing Entrepreneurial Journey Despite Down Syndrome

A brilliant example of female empowerment, Swasti Mehta is an inspiration for all those who may feel like giving up when life appears to be rocky and bumpy.

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My Happy Family: A Feminist Journey Or A Quest to Find Happiness?

My Happy Family is a feminist masterpiece that ponders back and forth between relationships, family and patriarchal hourseholds.

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Let Us Be Allies And March Together Beyond The Month Of March!

Are we done for the year till the event comes again in 2023? Or can we keep the ball rolling to solidify women's rightful place in society?

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Minnie Mouse pantsuit
Should Minnie Mouse’s Wardrobe Change For Women’s Day 2022 Cause Such a Stir?

Minnie Mouse will be changing her outfit from the girly red polka dot skirt to a blue polka dot pantsuit, and there are people saying she's "destroying the fabric of society." Really? In 2022?!

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Welcoming The New Year With Hope!

As we welcome 2022, let us focus on everything wonderful that we see around us, be grateful for every blessing we have been bestowed with, and strive to spread love and compassion among our fellow beings! 

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From Singing Carols To Endless Santa Stories & Finding Solace In Giving…The Christmas Spirit Has Always Stayed With Me!

Christmas became even more exciting since I became a mom 25 years ago. Decorating the Christmas tree, gifts & get-togethers are part of this joyous package. But nothing matches the ecstasy of generosity!

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India Sweets And Spices
Manisha Koirala Adil Hussain Film India Sweets And Spices Showcases NRI Lives

India Sweets And Spices is a film showcasing a classist NRI society and how the younger generation is trying to break the stereotypes.

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international mens day
This International Men’s Day, I’m Making A Grand Dinner For My Husband & Son!

Nov 19 is International Men’s Day & I'm planning to pamper the men in my life. This year's theme is “Better Relations Between Men & Women.'' This is indeed a step in the right direction!

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light a diya
This Diwali Let’s Light A Diya In Our Hearts!

As we celebrate Diwali, let us also light a diya in our hearts and dispel darkness by setting aside all differences. Let's embrace love and kindness to make this planet an abode of peace and happiness!

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Love in the Times of Corona
Stuck Indoors During The Lockdown, Here’s What 3 Women Find Out About Love In The Times Of Corona

The alchemy of love is so unfathomable that it can change lives in ways that are least expected. Directed by Indrani Ray and produced by Tanvi Gandhi, Love In the Times of Corona establishes that truth.

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There’s No Harm In Asking For Help: You Can Still Shine!

In the summer of 2020, Subarna Ghosh hit the headlines by sending a petition to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. With India under lockdown for COVID-19, the work-from-home culture had become the order of the day.

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Sudha Murthy Chats With Twinkle Khanna: Being A Good Human Being With Empathy Essential, Whether Or Not One Is An Achiever

On the 2nd anniversary of her digital platform Tweak India, Twinkle Khanna chats with Sudha Murthy on her life and choices.

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Viral Dairy Milk Ad Has It’s Heart In The Right Place With Celebrating A Woman’s Triumph

The viral Dairy Milk ad is the way to go to think big and promote women's cricket in India, with gender role reversal in the way the man who so freely celebrates his friend's success.

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Lovlina Borgohain Spreads Loveliness Creating History for Assam

Lovlina's success is embedded with many firsts for Assam. Her victory journey has just started, but is endearing and inspirational!

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‘Feminism Isn’t Men Bashing’ Sonora Jha & Raga Olga D’Silva Chat About Feminist Parenting

It is not enough to teach a child about feminism, says Sonora Jha, author of How to Raise a Feminist Son, in a chat with Raga Olga D’Silva, but to model behaviour we want to be internalised. Author, entrepreneur, and LGBT influencer Raga Olga D’ Silva has always invited the best of guests to her […]

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“Where Did You Lose 5 Marks?” Indian Parents And Unrealistic Expectations From Kids

There is a cut-throat competition in our educational system, and worrying that their children will be eliminated in the process, parents end up putting undue pressure on them.

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They See My Disability, I See My Ability: Muniba Mazari, 1st Goodwill Ambassador For UN Women Pakistan

Despite her disability as a result of an accident, Muniba Mazari, first Goodwill ambassador for UN Women Pakistan, continues to spread positivity and is an inspiration for others.

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Yes, You’re An Awesome Mom, But You’re Also Someone More Than That!

It is very natural for mothers with grown-up children to sometimes feel ignored or unwanted. This is especially true if it’s your heart that rules your head most of the time.

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Book Review of Lifescape: A Story of Emancipation and Female Empowerment

A strong lead character, trying circumstances, harsh landscape; if a gritty read is your cup of tea, then Lifescape definitely fits the bill.

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4 Ways To Find Mental Well-Being As Loved Ones In India Face The COVID Crisis

It's hard to be positive as every day brings news of family and friends in the 2nd wave of COVID in India, but we need to take care of our mental health to ride this out.

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Sharon Stone
#MeToo Not Just A Workplace Issue Says Sharon Stone; Regular Checks Essential In Schools

In two recent interviews, with CNN and with Oprah, actor Sharon Stone speaks of difficult topics that range from child sexual abuse, #MeToo, to her rising up from health issues.

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Buttons On The Right Or Left, It’s All About Wearing Clothes In Style!

There’s a reason that men’s shirts have buttons on the right and women have it on the left. But, it’s all about making a personal fashion statement when one wants to!

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Dipannita Sharma
Actor Supermodel Dipannita Sharma Recently Tweeted About What Feminism Isn’t, And We Agree!

Feminism is not about putting women against men, but a fight against prejudice where the goal is to reach a point at which women are at par with men on all levels.

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Ruth Bader Ginsberg: Women Belong In All Places Decisions Are Made, Without Exception

Recognizing the achievements of one woman does not undermine what other women have achieved before her; rather, inclusivity lies in celebrating every woman.

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Becoming for younger readers
‘You Never Stop Becoming’ Says Michelle Obama Now To Her Young Readers

Michelle Obama's memoir Becoming was one of the best books of 2020. Now, there is a young readers' edition for 12+ readers.

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Japan women at work
Japan’s Ruling Party Reveals New Plan: More Women In Meetings; But They Shouldn’t Speak

If this wasn't in legit newspapers, it would be unbelievable - that 1st world country Japan shows such regressive views about women in governance. Women at meetings for show?

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hype around Valentine's Day
Does Valentine’s Day Really Mean Anything Beyond The Gift Giving Today?

The hype around Valentine's Day makes it just a capitalist wet dream, for the gift sellers, gift givers, and gift receivers. But what about love?

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The Spices and Flavors that Make the Thriller Pepper Chicken

A film Pepper Chicken succeeds in qualifying as an engrossing psychological thriller when the audience embarks on an earnest mission, trying to put together the pieces of the puzzle in the experiment.

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Let’s All Toast To The New Year & Hope Good Things From 2021!

Though 2020 almost literally shook the ground beneath us, we're very close to a new year. So here's to a year of hope, joy and more love!

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Indian superhero Priya
Animation Indian Superhero Priya On A Mission To Fight COVID-19; Screened At London Film Festival

Priya's Shakti was created for sensitising kids to gender equality, and can now watch Indian superhero Priya in animation, voiced by the likes of Vidya Balan and Mrunal Thakur.

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Sacrificing Jobs And Dealing With Twice The Work, The Pandemic Has Affected Women The Most

The pandemic has definitely hit all of us, but women have been facing the worst of it. Can we do anything to fix this?

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A Moment Of Joy With Kamala Harris, As Another Glass Ceiling Is Broken

Kamala Harris making it as the new American Vice-President takes us closer to a vision of women taking up their rightful place in running countries.

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Nirvana Inn
In The Horror Thriller Nirvana Inn Phantoms From A Guilty Past Invade The Present

Nirvana Inn is skillfully scripted psychological thriller having horror elements, with subplots that contribute immensely to the central theme.

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How To Become Friends With The Near Stranger You’re Hitched To In An Arranged Marriage?

How do you reach out to the comparative stranger you're married to in an arranged marriage? How do you become friends? Watch Assamese short film Arranged.

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What Happens When FOMO Strikes?

Over time, different age groups have been affected by FOMO. It's just that we now have a formal nomenclature to describe this anxiety.

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Debating ‘Who Does The Baby Look Like?’ And Other Shenanigans That Extended Family Can Get Up To

When extended family gets together (maybe now post COVID), there are some curious quirks that get amplified. A sweet and sour compilation.

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Tell Me It's Grey
Be Ready For A Punch In The Gut With Award Winning Assamese Short Film Tell Me It’s Grey

Life needs to go on, even when all things are not seemingly perfect and when obstacles block the way. Watch Tell Me It's Grey.

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With Their Humane Qualities, Have Women Leaders Really Excelled During The Pandemic?

A while ago, news was awash with headlines of women-led countries doing a great job during the COVID-crisis. Have women really excelled?

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It Was One Incident But It Took Me Down The Memory Lane Of How Times Change And Fashions Come Back!

When my husband lost his glasses and my son his own keys, I started thinking of the 'masculine disorder' and other things from a different time!

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Teachers' Day
Thank You, Teachers! 4 Of My Personal Favourites Among Films That Celebrate A Teacher

The bond that one develops with their teacher is based on the edifices of admiration, trust, and respect. A tribute on Teacher's Day.

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Spread Love And Not The ‘Acid Within’, Says Acid Attack Survivor Laxmi Agarwal In This Recent Chat

Acid attack survivor and influencer Laxmi Agarwal spoke with Raga Olga D'Silva in a moving discussion of her journey, with an appeal to people.

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Fourteen-Year-Old Suchetha Satish Musically Spreads Awareness About COVID-19

fourteen-year-old Suchetha Satish has once again spread the message, this time during COVID-19, that music knows no boundaries.

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Short Film Saving Chintu Beautifully Explores Societal Issues Around Homosexuality, Child Adoption And HIV

Short film Saving Chintu doesn't moralise, but the themes of love and acceptance subtly embedded in its core flow organically throughout the narrative.

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Raga Olga D’Silva
Raga Olga D’Silva: A Story Of Coming Out As Lesbian After Being In A Traditional Indian Marriage

Her life is a whole rollercoaster of ups and downs, but LGBTQIA+ icon and inspiring speaker Raga Olga D'Silva is a true winner.

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Silencing of Women Expertise Is Yet Another Issue We Face During The COVID-19 Crisis!

“Not only are women being passed over and ignored, but also we’re getting people that don’t know what they’re doing supporting decision makers.”

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Penalty film review
Fast Paced Film Penalty Is True Story Of Ugly Prejudice Faced By NE Indians In Competitive Sports

Penalty is a sports-film that mirrors a social issue. It throws light on the ugly insider-outsider belief system that unfortunately exists in India.

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Lisa Ray Close to the Bone memoir
What Helped Me Heal: A Look At Lisa Ray The Woman, Beyond The Model & Actor She Is

Lisa Ray. A model, actor, TV personality, and now also a bestselling writer of her memoir of a fight against cancer, speaks of what helped her heal.

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From Wondering If He Ever Cried To Seeing Him Never Give Up, My Dad Has Always Been My Superhero!

As a child, I remember thinking why I never saw my dad cry and with my innocent logic, I reasoned, God made him stronger to care of us all.

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New Netflix Release Axone Sheds Light On The Discrimination Faced By North-East Indians

Axone is a much needed a film focusing on the discrimination faced by Indians from the North-East living in other parts of India, through comedy and satire.

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Abhiroop Basu’s ‘Meal’ Mirrors Reality In A Visual Treat Sans Words

Abhiroop Basu's 'Meal' is a wonderful movie that mirrors the reality of the society and it does so, without a single dialogue! Here's what I felt about it.

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Basu Chatterjee
A Tribute: The Importance Of Basu Chatterjee’s Female Protagonists & Relatable Middle Class Stories

Basu Chatterjee, the maker of some of our iconic Hindi films, passed away yesterday, leaving behind a rich legacy of eminently relatable films that are classics. A tribute.

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The Story Of The Dabbawalas During COVID-19 Crisis

If dabbawalas symbolize the food line, the local trains stand for the life line. However, with the ensuing COVID-19 pandemic, both of these lines have stopped functioning.

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stay at home
How Are 20+ Yr Olds Used To A Happening Life Handling Social Distancing During COVID-19?

What do those in their 20s with life starting out in earnest really feel about enforced social distancing? An optimistic streak was an interesting find.

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Zindagi Jeetegi
Javed Akhtar & Shankar Mahadevan’s ‘Zindagi Jeetegi’ Is A Song For Hope During COVID-19

Hopelessness reigns during this pandemic. Javed Akhtar and Shankar Mahadevan have come up with a song Zindagi Jeetegi that calls for hope.

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As I Had Seen You: A Mother’s Day Tribute

A poem expressing love and admiration towards her mother and realisation what her mother means to her.

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Sonam Kalra’s Sufi Gospel Project Is An Example Of How Music Unites People

Listening to Sonam Kalra talk about music, sufism & her love for it was a wonderful experience. Here's why I loved her live session with Raga Olga D'Silva.

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Telling Our Kids A “Happily Ever After” Story

As parents, a lot of what we teach our kids come from the simple act of storytelling and passing on important lessons by word of mouth. 

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domestic workers
Why Did It Take A Pandemic For Us To Realise The Value Of Our Domestic Workers?

The lack of domestic workers during lockdown has made us realise their true value to us. But shouldn't this enlightenment have come earlier?

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Indulging In The Little Joys Of Life

Taken together, the “seemingly ordinary threads of joy, sadness, conflict, and laughter make something extraordinary”.

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This FB Live Session Gives Crucial Tips On How LGBTQIA+ Persons Can Cope During Lockdown

The lockdown can be worse for those who identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ community - hostile families, lack of access to medical and counselling help, violence.

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Rongali Bihu
Assam’s Rongali Bihu Will Not Be The Same This Year, But Let’s Not Lose Heart

Adversity does not last forever, and we will certainly be seeing the light of day away from this darkness. What will keep us going during these hard times is hope, patience, and composure.

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It’s Vile To Call NE Indians ‘Corona’, Just Because They Have Chinese Looking Features!

What gives us the right to throw filth at other nations and talk about their racial discrimination when we are doing it amongst ourselves? COVID-19 has brought out all these racial tendencies.

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Are We Completely Losing Our Humanity In The Time Of The Coronavirus?

With the coronavirus shaking the world to its core, people too seem to be losing their basic humanity. In such trying times, shouldn't we be kinder?

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Follow WHO Norms & Keep Your Humanity! Here’s To Staying Safe During Coronavirus

As good citizens, what is our role in a time of coronavirus? Besides following the health guidelines, keeping calm and being humane is essential.

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The Man Who Loves The “Good Earth”: A Tribute To Forest Man Jadav Payeng

Jadav Payeng's bonding with the forest has sincerity, commitment, patience, and passion as its weaving threads.

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Taapsee’s Thappad Is Much More Than A Slap

Thappad is a movie not just about a slap, it's about act that transcends its definition of a prohibited, disrespectful action and sows the seeds of self-discovery in a woman who all along had put the needs of her husband before hers.

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complaint free
How To Pick Your Battles, And Work Towards A Complaint Free, More Positive Life

We should raise our voice if that is what is essential, but we also need to pick our battles without being a toxic, complaining person.

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panga review
Entertaining Movie Panga Says That A Woman Can Live Her Dreams Even Through Marriage & Motherhood

Must a woman give up her dreams and her identity if she is married and has kids? No, says the new Hindi movie Panga, directed by Ashwini Iyer Tiwari of Nil Battey Sannata fame.

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Be Lazy, And Hence Be Productive. Intrigued? Read On…

An interesting look at laziness from the other end, and why it is good, even recommended that we be lazy sometimes. And see the productivity increase.

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What If I Told You That Pink For Girls And Blue For Boys Is Simply A Smart Marketing Strategy?

Why are baby girls dressed in pink and boys in blue? There is no particular scientific explanation to this, except that it is just a marketing strategy for new parents.

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Women In Their 50s Today Aren’t OLD; They’re Getting Hipper, Cooler, Smarter!

When you're in your 50s these days, you're not 'old', because an attitudinal shift means you are young at hear, and cooler than 50 year olds a generation ago.

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Be A Cheerleader, Folks – Go Ahead And Applaud Yourself!

Applause, praise and appreciation are the three things humans like to thrive on. Why not applaud ourselves too? Here is to applauding ourselves and others!

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Is No Actually Negative And Should You Always Say a “Yes”?

Though “no” usually brings to our minds a negative meaning, that’s not always the case. It’s the usage of the word that gives it either a dark or a positive shade. With emphatic finality, the word “no” echoed in all directions. The statement that followed it, however, melted my heart because it was soaked in […]

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Amol Palekar
The Quintessential ‘Aam Aadmi’ Simplicity That Defined Amol Palekar – A 75th Birthday Tribute

Amol Palekar celebrates his 75th birthday on Sunday, 24th November. Here is a tribute to the actor who excelled in the 'simple, ordinary man' roles.

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Forgive Yourself And People, For It’ll Help You Fly… And Sleep!

It's late in the night, everyone else is asleep. But you JUST cannot sleep! Isn't it a good time to introspect whether or not you've forgiven yourself? Read on to know why

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“I’m The Best!” Err… No, You’re Not. And It’s Okay!

Parents yelling at their children for not being the best at absolutely everything is extremely toxic for both of them. Here's why it is totally okay to NOT be the best!

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Where ‘Sacrifice’ Is The Approved Default Of Parenting, This Idea Would Be Blasphemy!

Is there a perfect 'formula' for parenting? What if I say that the parents, or rather, the couple, were of paramount importance, not the kids?

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The Autumn Bliss Of Diwali, And All That Comes After… Brings On Nostalgia

Autumn. Fall. The pleasant time before winter sets in, when the festive season blooms in all its glory. Not just in India, but in most countries.

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A Homage To The Snail As I Miss My Mail

Each letter was unique in its own way; there was a personal touch with the individuality of the person emerging through the writings.

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old wives' tales
Black Cats And Spilled Salt -Do You Believe In Old Wives’ Tales?

We have all grown up listening to a number of superstitions and old wives' tales. Believe in them or don't they still exist. Logical or not, you decide!

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Trolls On The Internet, Everything You Need To Know!

From a troll in the dungeon to trolls on our screens, trolls sure have evolved. Here's everything you need to know about online trolls and how to deal with them

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When Technology Hurts

How lazy and mechanical have we become with technology at our finger tips? The answer is: to an infinite degree.

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When Silence Tells

Silence that speaks louder than words

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Maternal Or Paternal – The Battle Of The Grandparents

Grandparents and grandchildren always have that special bond. But what happens when there's a tug-of-war between both sides of the grandparents?

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Fairest Of Them All – Does It Matter How You Look?

"To look good is everything." This is something we have all heard at some point of time. Is being outwardly attractive the only factor that matters?

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