How Gratitude Can Be A Game Changer For Your Overall Well Being And Relationships

Keeping a gratitude journal may well be the best thing you do for yourself. Even if you do not write it all down, do ponder everyday on it.

Does it feel a little dramatic to sit down every night and write down all that you have been grateful for that day? Although it is not at all ridiculous, it may sound rather old-fashioned and remind you of your moral science teacher in school who gave you those life lessons. 

Well you may not be journaling to list the things you are grateful for, but at least acknowledge what you have been blessed with rather than fretting and complaining about what you do not have. A few words of caution: you certainly need to rewrite the rules of your life if you have downplayed the importance of gratitude in your day-to-day existence.

Amazing results from a research study

There has been a growing body of evidence in the field of social science in regard to gratitude. In addition to the pleasant feeling it generates, being grateful immensely contributes towards physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing.

One such research study on gratitude by Dr. Robert A. Emmons of the University of California, Davis, and Dr. Michael E. McCullough of the University of Miami came up with interesting revelations. Randomly divided into 3 groups, the participants were asked to write a few sentences each week on a topic that was assigned to them.

One group focused on what they were grateful for in the entire week. The second group wrote about things that upset and aggravated them. The third group concentrated on all events, positive or negative, that they were affected by.

Ten weeks later, the results of the study revealed that the group who wrote about gratitude felt better both physically and emotionally. The respondents shared that they were happy and content with their lives. It was enlightening to learn that they were exercising more and were visiting physicians less frequently than those who highlighted their irritations and causes of displeasure.

Showers of abundant happiness!

For one who is grateful, happiness comes from even the minutest of blessings that life throws at them. Optimism is what rules them, and they always see a rainbow beneath the clouds.

A person who is thankful for the goodness in their past and present tends to look forward to the future with a positive mindset. He or she musters the strength to face adversity and has the conviction to make the best of what might come in the way.

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Gratitude can be a game changer

It may not be the only cure for your stress and anxiety, but practicing gratitude regularly can break the chain of negative thoughts causing turmoil in the human mind.

The role of medical science cannot be sidelined in treating ailments, but in its own little way, a grateful temperament is linked with reducing blood pressure and supporting heart health. Once you make a conscious effort to be happy and to be thankful for the good things that you have, the body naturally goes into the relaxation mode.

And finally, it is about building a strong fortress of lasting relationships through gratitude

If you summarize your life and define your successes, it should not only cover your impressive career graph or the amount of assets that you have accumulated. The complete picture encompasses the humane values that you have inculcated and the true, unconditional relationships that you have built over time. A lot revolves around how empathetic and respectful you have been towards those who have cared about you.

Have you ever forgotten the people who have reached out to you when you needed them the most? Have you taken things for granted and chosen to deliberately ignore all the kindness they have showered upon you?

Pondering upon these questions with a clear mind will pave the path for an answer. The more grateful you are, the more you will feel connected with your near and dear ones. This mutual love and reciprocity will cement the foundations for relationships that will survive the test of time and space.

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