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mental wellness
Mallika Dua mental health
Mallika Dua’s New Ad On Insta Reminds Us To Normalise Seeking Therapy

Actor, comedian, and influencer Mallika Dua recently uploaded an ad on mental health on her Insta handle, stressing the importance of normalising seeking therapy.

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Simone Biles Is Now A Global Icon For An Entirely Different, Applause Worthy Reason
Simone Biles

Simone Biles and Naomi Osaka are the role models our girls need, to put their mental health ahead of people's expectations of them.

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I Needed To Feel Less Empathy For The Suffering Around, For My Own Sanity

Suddenly being cheerful began to feel like a crime. Happiness became an unfair advantage. I began to despise my position of small privileges.

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If You Have To Give Someone News Of A Death, Be Mindful Not To Spring It On Them…

Death has become a reality for so many of our loved ones in current times - but let us be mindful of how we convey this news to someone, be careful not to spring it on them.

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‘Don’t You Have Friends?’ Stop The New Triggering Ads, Spotify; They Make Me Sad
spotify ad

Spotify India, your new ads are borderline insulting to the listener, and triggering for those like me who use music as an escape from day to day loneliness...

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Why Are Women Worse Hit As Suicide Loss Survivors?
suicide loss survivor

As a survivor myself, let me say as I launch Dr Nandini's book Left Behind that no suicide loss survivor is responsible for what their loved ones decided to do (or not do) with their lives!

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