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10 Things To Do Before You Ask, ‘Are You Okay?’

Offering support to someone is important. However, here are some things you must be mindful of before asking someone if they are okay.

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Mental Health Conversations Can Help Prevent Suicide In Women
Mental Health Conversations Can Help Prevent Suicide In Women

One of the best preventive actions families can take against suicide is to bring mental health conversations to the dining table.

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38% Women Face Mental Harassment At Work Every Day, So What Can Employers Do About It?
mental harassment at work

Subtle acts of mental harassment at work often lead women to quit their jobs. What can India Inc do to ensure women’s workplace safety?

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The Lonely 40s In A Woman’s Life…

This is the time when a woman needs a lot of emotional support, but mostly it's believed that she is fine.

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It’s Better To Let People Walk Away From You Than Walk All Over You

The most important lesson I learned is the significance of inner strength. I've learned to reassess and reconsider things without causing harm to myself.

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Women Need Their Female Friends To Be Really Happy, Something Marriage Seems To Take Away!

Our mothers' and grandmothers' generation spent their lives in utter loneliness because to spend time with friends would have been considered a selfish act as their sole 'job' was to look after their families.

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