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Being Lazy: A Poem About Those Numbing Day
Being Lazy: A Poem About Those Numbing Day

Poem: Being Lazy — On weekdays, I wake up to questioning eyes, melancholic eyes and eyes full of despair, with the desire to do nothing but sleep and wander in dreams.

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Don’t Ignore The Red Flags: Ending My Abusive Relationship Was Tiring
Don't Ignore The Red Flags: Ending My Abusive Relationship Was Tiring

His eye caught me, and he somehow managed to get my phone number from one of my colleagues, whom I despise the most now. Anyway, he drunk-dialled me one night.

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6 Best Tips To Avoid Caregiver Burnout Especially For 1st Time Caregivers
caregiver burnout

39% of Indians became first time caregivers during COVID, putting the spotlight on caregiver stress that can lead to caregiver burnout.

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My Parents Never Loved Me For Myself And Now They Want To Marry Me Off?!

Neglected and bullied in childhood, and now being pressurised to get married as a grown woman, the pain of it all can become too much to take.

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Are you addicted To Social Media? Here Are 7 Steps Of Recovery
Social Media Addiction

Social Media is in itself not a bad thing — it is we who use it either wisely or inconsiderately. It not only allows us to reconnect with people, share our interests and helps bond over it, but it also removes the obstacles of time and distance,

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Soul Chicken Soup — A Poem About Mindfulness
Soul Chicken Soup

Poem: Soul Chicken Soup— Slicing up the onions/ Her unwholesome stream of words/ Beating and frothing up the eggs/How could he!/How could he!

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