During this difficult time of Corona virus outbreak, how can we as women cope better and support each other? Check our special feed and learn more!
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20 Online Counselling Resources For Women Feeling Stuck At Home And Needing Help

A handy list of online counselling help, therapy, legal/ medical / OBGYN advice, student counselling, mostly free, for those who need it during lockdown.

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It’s Ok To Have A Good Cry & 9 Other Tips For Moms To Stay Sane During Social Isolation

There’s nothing normal about isolation, so let’s stop pretending and start embracing that this is a hard phase and it’s ok to be upset. Read through for some sanity

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Be Lazy, And Hence Be Productive. Intrigued? Read On…

An interesting look at laziness from the other end, and why it is good, even recommended that we be lazy sometimes. And see the productivity increase.

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Breathe Negativity In And Exhale Positivity – A Guide To Dealing With Toxicity

Dealing with negativity and toxicity is one of the most difficult things that could happen to you. However, if you follow this technique, it might just be easier!

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I Was An Outgoing And Happy Child Till I Was 11, But Then, Things Changed Drastically

The author was a happy-go-lucky child till she hit puberty which was when she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. This is her story.

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Watch What You Say, For The Damage You Could Do To Someone Already Battling Mental Health Issues!

Words can be terribly destructive. They can leave you crushed under their power. Use them carefully when you are talking about or to someone with mental health issues. 

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