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Bharat Dialogues Women & Mental Health Summit
Why It’s Essential To Break The Deep & Damaging Silence On Mental Health Around Us

The plight of Indian women's mental health often goes unnoticed. Co-founders Vivek Satya Mitram and Pooja Priyamvada conceived the idea of the Bharat Dialogues Women & Mental Health Summit to address this.

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How Gratitude Can Be A Game Changer For Your Overall Well Being And Relationships
Being Grateful Strengthens Relationships  And Promotes Emotional and Physical Well-being

Keeping a gratitude journal may well be the best thing you do for yourself. Even if you do not write it all down, do ponder everyday on it.

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When I Finally Accepted My Anxiety I Could Live Again, Fearless And Free

She didn't have to feel guilty about her feelings of defeat and lack of motivation. There was help available. She only had to seek it out.

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Board Exams Here? Let’s Help Our Kids Redefine Success To Look Beyond The Grades

17 year olds are technically still children. As parents, shouldn't we try to help them find a balance between academic success and mental wellness?

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This New Year, Would You Try Switching From FOMO To JOMO?
This New Year, Would You Try Switching From FOMO TO JOMO?

The brain needs rest. Stress is a problem so often heard of these days. It is because people push themselves more than their bodies can take.

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Be The Kindness You Wish To See In The World

When I am at work, I hope to be treated with care and respect. So it is only natural that I pass it on to anyone providing me with a service.

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