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My Motto is you can learn anything from books! I am an engineer turned SAHM turned book blogger. I love to read, talk and write about books. I am passionate about instilling a love for books amongst children.

Voice of Harshita

We Are Not Dolls To Be Dressed The Way Society Dictates To Us!

But if you look closely, the underlying reason for anger and frustration in both groups of women is the same. It is the anger amongst women in being told what (or not) to wear.

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Watching Videos Of Welcome Given To The Rapists Of Bilkis Bano Made My Skin Crawl…!

The release of these monsters proves that women are yet to be free and equal in India. That “Nari Samman” is a mirage that will never be a reality in our country.

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women's pavilion
If You’re Going To DubaiExpo 2020, Visiting The Women’s Pavilion Is A Must!

The Women’s Pavilion showcases women through history and how they have changed the world for the better, either known or unsung, as most are.

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No Matter Who You Are, Don’t Touch Me Without My Consent!

This is not harmless. Even if the touch is non-sexual, it underlines the fact that random people can touch our bodies without our permission.

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Will International Women’s Day 2022 Also Be Only About The Hashtags Without Any Real Change?

Society has become fond of telling women what they should do/not do, wear/not wear, putting chains in the feet of women who would otherwise soar to great heights.

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Until He Was Seduced By Temptation And Broke His Marriage Vows

Neelu might have outwardly forgiven Ramesh, but in her mind, which once was filled with unconditional love for Ramesh, there was now a seed of resentment.

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And Then She Understood All That Her Mother Had Left Unsaid!

Alone in the apartment the whole day, Riya used to feel claustrophobic. She could not imagine anyone living in with just one bunk to call one’s own. She thought about the clean air and the verdant hills of Siliguri.

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anti abortion laws
To Whom Does A Woman’s Body Belong?

Anti abortion laws, especially the extreme versions like the recent ones in Texas and Poland consider women just a womb with no right over her body and life.

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simple weddings
“Why Can’t The Bride Wear Shorts?”

The true meaning and value of weddings has been lost under all the glitz and glam. Maybe it is time to reclaim it back.

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spouse salary
Let’s Empower Our Homemakers, One Spouse Salary At A Time

A percentage of the employee's salary given as spouse salary can be an important initiative that acknowledges and honours homemakers, and empowers them.

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