A Letter To The Girl Who Deserves All The Happiness

It’s time to begin a new chapter: Live your dreams, focus on what really matters, and let time heal the scars beneath!

Now, wait, beautiful girl. Look at yourself; you’re a gorgeous mess. Sure, the ending wasn’t the one you ever thought; however, we can blame the films, the fairy tales and the make-believes for giving us hopes and tangling us in a mesh of “happy ever after.”

Don’t bend your head princess, hold it higher. 

Let the tears flow, however, don’t let your crown fall. Your fabled story hasn’t come to an end. It has just begun. 

Brush off your past and wipe your tears

In a world where the truth will shatter your biggest dreams, take this as a wake-up call. A wake-up call that you’re much better than what you are now, that you deserve someone much better and now is a perfect time, my dear. You need to believe that you are worthy of much better. 

Forget the guy who never appreciated your efforts and undermined your presence. Trust me, it’s his loss, and someday he’ll realize what he lost, but it will be too late then, and all he will have been his tears to quench his regrets. 

Listen carefully now, my dear. To believe you should have better, you must ensure that the next man who’ll step into your life is worthy of you. It is about understanding yourself – Who you are, what you can do, and just how much you can invest. 

Do what make your heart flutter with joy

Reflect on your previous mistakes calmly, and don’t be harsh on yourself. Gain wisdom from the process and fix the scattered pieces.  

Live your dreams, do not forget what you really desire, focus on what really matters, and let time heal the scars beneath. All I can say is that time never fails to heal. Don’t rush it, girl, you have got this.

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It is you and only you who innately understands what you should have. And I am certain that once you have understood your self-worth, you won’t even try to settle for less like you did before.

You deserve all the happiness!

Believe me, he’s unworthy of your tears, your heart and the 2 a.m. thoughts. 

So, brush off the past, pick yourself up and believe me, the right person will come along and prove to you why he not only deserves a place in your palace but also deserves to be the title of your new chapter.

With love,

From-  A Wiser and Healed You 

Image source: Still from Kapoor And Sons


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