Stop Worrying And Start Living

Learning to live a simple but satisfying life is much harder than it appears.However, with the following steps you can start your journey towards a peaceful life.

Learning to live a simple yet satisfying life is much harder than it appears.However, with the following steps you can start your journey towards a peaceful life.

As you read the title, your mind may have reminded you of the famous book by Dale Carnegie – “ How to stop worrying and start living”. For those who do not know, it’s a book that teaches us to put a lid on our bottle of worries and not let the bubbles of excess worrying and financial stress escape in the atmosphere. Interestingly, I am not going to do it this way. I would suggest you to release the bubbles, poke them with your finger and Voila, they vanish into the invisible air.

I won’t be providing you with tools to handle your financial problems or how to conquer criticism because no matter how many books one may write, one may never be able to completely resolve it. Every person is gifted with a unique set of worries and so a generalised solution may necessarily not work to settle different kinds of worries. What one can surely do is grab worry by the horns and wrestle it to the ground.

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Package your past in worry-tight boxes

You are well aware of that feeling: Turning, tossing and fretting over    something that has happened brings no gain other than the burden of         regret, self-doubt and lost time that has sailed by. 

The past is an important lesson to learn from but you shouldn’t let it intrude with your day to day activities. Instead deal with them straight in the face and brush them off your shoulders.We all have experienced obstacles at some point in our past. There’s no need to run away from them or be ashamed of the person you are or where you come from, but don’t let it distract you from your personal goals.

         Learn from your hardships, and fight harder next time. 

The rule is simple: The only way you can continue being harmed by something that has occurred in the past is by giving it a space in the present. So, toss your worries in boxes that are specifically worry-tight and they won’t bother you over again.

Fake it till you Ace it- the Art of Happiness

If people possessed the power to influence the way they think, then why would they end up living wrecked lives and find themselves drowning in a pool of worries?  But, we can convince ourselves to change the way we think and act. If you are feeling disheartened over what your colleague may have said today, slap a big grin on your face and hum a calm tune. You will start feeling better and more cheerful. It’s not necessary to express happiness outwardly, you can think happier thoughts instead. It’s a well-known saying : You become what you think. By repeating the same thing over and over and fooling our brain to be happy even when we are gloomy can trigger our brain cells to be happy. Over time, you will start dispatching worries with a smile.

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Never give a second thought

Have you ever made a solid rock decision and decided to go back after some days and give it a second thought? Of course, yes

There’s no wrong in doing that because we consistently keep wondering if we have harboured our ship in the right direction and whether there’s still time to steer on a different route. 

Stick this in your mind: No matter what path you may have chosen, disperse all the anxieties surrounding it and work decisively. Stop hesitating, reconsidering your path and retracing your steps. Once you have chosen a course of action, cling to it and never wobble.

 Haters keep Hating

It doesn’t matter where you are currently staying or what company you may be working for – you will always be surrounded by people who won’t spare a minute in pulling your leg down or throw bricks of  criticism at you if given the opportunity to do so.Their chests may swell with pride knowing how they are able to turn your days and nights in  hellish turmoil.  It’s important to remember that if  people criticize or find faults, it often  means you are one your way to accomplish something noteworthy. Offer your haters a back seat while you steer your car from the main. So the next time somebody  decides to talk you down, don’t let it get to you or budge you an inch lower. Take it as a compliment you never asked for!

Chill and relax!

Roll your sleeves up, grab a bottle of soda and start relishing every great moment you had experienced throughout the day. It may be as basic as going out for a stroll with your friend or  an hour spent at a cafe with your newspaper and coffee mug. Enjoying the little things in life keep your mind away from things that destroy your happiness or cost your time and attention. Rather than fretting over what you could have done and crying over spilled milk, celebrate the minutes you are blessed with and invest them in doing productive stuff.

Embrace your uniqueness

Every human born is blessed with a perfectly designed unique set of genes. The likelihood of someone  similar to you being born is as rare as 1 in a billion. Despite this amazing fact, many of us drain our lives longing to be someone else or drawing comparison between the two lives. No matter how hard you try, it’s never going to happen. But isn’t it pointless trying to step forcefully into someone else’s shoes because after all you only live once. Embrace your oneness and get comfortable in your own shoes.

After all, Life’s too short to dwell on anything for too long unless it profits you with personal gains.

Sure, you’ll make mistakes along the way, but that’s all part of your learning experience.

Stop wasting your time trying to be faultless. Don’t limit your own boundaries, and you’ll begin to enjoy life so much more.

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