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Female Gen Z Musicians From India
9 Female Gen Z Musicians From India

Are you a music lover interested in discovering female Gen Z musicians from India? Here are 9 you should listen to!

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As A Punjaban, Yash Raj Films Shaped My Childhood… Before Losing Their Charm Altogether!

Perhaps, as Partition inheritors, both my parents realise the importance of happy endings, which is what caused them to introduce me to YRF the moment I started breathing. 

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10 Theatre Actresses Who Rocking The Silver Screen
Theatre actresses

Want to find out which of your favourite movie actresses started out as theatre artists? Below is a list of such actresses.

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Why Did I Fall In Love With Pakistani Drama Series?
Why Did I Fall In Love With Pakistani Drama Series?

I was so tired of watching sass-bahu soaps, when I found these Pakistani dramas! I must say, watching them has been refreshing for me. They make me think positively!

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When Women Like Kareena Say “I’m Not A Feminist” With No Clue How Feminism Made Their Lives Better!

Women who think they don’t need feminism often benefit from the struggle of women who came before them. Yet, with their attitude, they actually make the workplace more difficult for the women who come after them.

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Can We Call Uorfi Javed A Feminist?
Uorfi Javed

Uorfi Javed has been making waves through social media, and is often the target of trolls. So who and what exactly is this intriguing young woman?

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