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Her Highness Kangana Ranaut And LockUpp! Thank God It’s Over!

The Queen gives her opinion about these secrets and compliments the contestant for staying strong. I'm sorry, I know that you host the show, but I'm pretty sure that your opinion is not welcome by all.

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The Elegant Dolly Thakore, On How To Have A Dream Career And Live A Full Life With No Regrets
Dolly Thakore

Dolly Thakore. The very name is nostalgic of Doordarshan and blockbuster theatre productions. The newsreader who didn't seem look at any text to 'read' us the news.

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“If I Played Preeti In Kabir Singh” Watch YouTuber Dolly Singh’s Viral Video

Influencer and celebrity YouTuber Dolly Singh recently posted a video of herself as Preeti from Kabir Singh, changing the meek Preeti into someone quote badass.

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Why The Britney Spears Saga Strikes A Chord With Indian Women!
Britney Spears Saga

American pop-star Britney Spears's fight against excessive control by her own family has much in common with the struggles of Indian women. 

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‘We’re In A Pandemic Crisis, Not Fashion Week’ Shobhaa De Lashes Out At Insensitive Celebrities

Calling out celebrities who are posting their vacation pics online, Shobhaa De right says, "You are blessed if you can get such a break in these bleak times. But do everyone a favour... keep it private."

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When Was I Told That Good Girls Don’t Whistle
Malvika Vazalwar good girls don't whistle

Whistling artist Malvika Vazalwar was told, 'Good girls don't whistle', by those who were shocked that a girl would do so. Here's a spoken word poem that was inspired from this.

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