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Upasana Dandona

A literature student who spends most of her time watching (and thinking about) Bollywood films.

Voice of Upasana Dandona

Newly Released Heropanti 2 & Upcoming Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 Will Possibly Rival Each Other For This Crazy Reason!

Bollywood still considers women to be nothing but metrosexual-men-chasers who can only dress up and dance with machismos when they take a break from fighting comical villains.

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Will Smith Is Penalised, But What About Men Like Chris Rock Who Must Stop Making ‘Jokes’ About Women’s Bodies?

When will the world realise that something they’re casually making fun of is someone else’s reality, and it's not Ok to do so?

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‘She Wasn’t Harassed, She’s Just An Attention Seeking Slut!’ & 24 More Things Men Say With Impunity!

Men around us say these things everyday, and get away with it. Most say it with actual intention to abuse and harass. That's just deliberately toxic behaviour.

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5 Bollywood Movies That Will Stop You From Dismissing Your Own Abuse

Whether it is raising one’s voice against injustice or starting therapy, nothing can be achieved if we allow the world to impact our decisions. 

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Problematic Party Anthems: 6 Times When Badshah Preached Harassment of Women

Such songs by men usually glorify toxic masculinity and are all about disregarding women's consent and agency, and Badshah is one of those - time to call out such songs.

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The Fame Game
The Fame Game: When Will The Indian Media Stop Messing Up Stories Of Ambitious Women?

It seemed as if the writers of The Fame Game deliberately condemned and punished protagonist Anamika just because she wanted to act in her self-interest

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I Know What I’m Doing, So Just Stop Your Mansplaining!

“I don’t know why you have to get so angry about the smallest of things,” he says. “Oh, so I am the one who’s wrong now?” I ask.

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Why I Found The Song ‘Meri Jaan’ From Gangubai Kathiawadi Visually Disturbing

In the video, it becomes clear that Gangubai pushes Afshan away multiple times, with the intensity of her push increasing each time. However, he takes her seriously only when she aggressively slaps him.

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Gehraiyaan – Why Is The Indian Audience Always Supposed To Forgive Spoilt And Condescending Men?

Why does the man always get to cherrypick the women in his life, why do the female characters have to compete with one another for a man’s attention, and why is the Indian audience supposed to forgive a condescending male hero?

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From Dolce & Gabbana to ‘Smart Like Shabana’: How I Embraced My True Self

She was seeking validation from men for the 'perfect' feminine appearance... until she realized that pandering to the male gaze was eclipsing her own identity.

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