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5 Reasons Why We Must Applaud Janhvi Kapoor’s Black Comedy ‘Good Luck Jerry’!

Honestly, I made the mistake of judging a book by its cover by considering Janhvi Kapoor to be a stereotypical star, but she's worked hard on this one!

I started watching Good Luck Jerry (2022) with extremely low expectations of what the film would offer. In all honesty, I made the mistake of judging a book by its cover by considering Janhvi Kapoor to be a stereotypical star kid, much like her cousin Sonam Kapoor.

However, I was proved wrong and can say without a doubt that I am in awe of the actor’s hard work and growth. Keeping all of that in mind, here are a few reasons why I believe the film works.

A dark comedy that successfully delivers its message with humour

A less explored genre in Indian cinema is that of dark comedies, maybe because of how difficult it is to write a comical script for a film when it promises to deal with serious and heavy themes.

Good Luck Jerry is one such film which focuses on the issue of drug mafia in Punjab.

As we are all aware, illegal drug distribution is a serious matter of concern in Punjab. Furthermore, it is next to impossible for someone to get out of the system that controls it once they become an internal part of it.

This film deals with one such young girl, Jerry, who gets dragged into the drug racket when she is in dire need of money. However, her journey unfolds in a hilarious manner with witty dialogues and great comic timings on the part of all the characters. 

Janhvi Kapoor’s convincing acting

As mentioned earlier, Kapoor’s efforts to embody Jerry’s character is genuinely impressive and praiseworthy. Be it her helpless reactions when she finds out that her mother has cancer or her standing up to her superiors in the drug mafia, there isn’t a single moment in the film when it appears as if she is trying to hard to play the role of a small town girl with a North-Indian accent.

Additionally, Kapoor and her co-actors such as Mita Vashisht share a natural chemistry in the film which makes their story believable. 

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A strong supporting cast

Anyone who might have watched Tanu Weds Manu (2011) and its sequel (2015) would know that the films were commercial successes because of Deepak Dobriyal’s comedy, no matter what Kangana Ranaut claims. While the actor has very few scenes in Good Luck Jerry, his dialogue delivery and expressions are so on point that even with a limited screen timing, he can leave the audiences in fits.

Alongside Dobriyal, Saurabh Sachdeva and Sushant Singh also play the roles of the sarcastic and yet scary antagonists with ease. 

A fast paced story with a proper ending

Even though the film is two and a half hours long, there isn’t a single dull moment in it. The plot is fast paced and even the climax scene wraps up in a quick manner without confusing the audiences in any way. Of course, the final scene might not be as smooth or clear as that of many other Bollywood thrillers such as Kahaani (2012), but it still manages to explain the ending. 

A complete absence of melodrama

Despite Jerry’s unfortunate circumstances in the film, she is neither victimised nor unnecessarily portrayed as a hero. Alongside that, there is no overacting on the part of those characters who are shown to suffer or struggle.

All of this makes the film watchable and entertaining. 

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