7 Highly Recommended Indian Educational Podcasts For All!

There is no age limit to learning, here are 7 Indian Educational Podcasts that are highly recommended for curious people of all age!

There is no age limit to learning, here are 7 Indian Educational Podcasts that are highly recommended for curious people of all age!

Attention span plays a huge part in all our lives. It determines the way we do things and what are the factors for efficiency. With the upcoming times and the emergence of podcasts of all kinds. People have started switching to saving time by listening to podcasts, as well as content creators have actively started making podcasts!

These podcasts come in a variety of ranges. Giving plenty of options from funny witty commentaries on movies or TV shows, talking about the influence of pop culture on modern times or psychological podcasts. It’s your choice to make which one is your genre. Check out these amazing podcasts by Indian women if you don’t believe me!

Podcasts make it easier for people to digest information, which could take a much longer time in the case of visual videos on YouTube. They don’t require you to focus on the screen. You can put on your ear pods and listen to them wherever you wish to.

7 Educational podcasts for the curious one!

Rather, it is on your way to jogging or morning walk to your college classes or going to the market. You gain information while following simple, mundane tasks.

Here are 7 educational podcasts that I’m reviewing that may provide you with information you did not think you required.

Masala Podcast

An award-winning podcast that is anchored by South Indian women where they discuss and talk on the topics that are considered to be ‘taboo’ as per Indian culture. It consists of interviews with women belonging to diverse parts of the living. It gives a platform for mental health conversations, drag queens, several acclaimed writers as well as queer and non-binary actors.

Furthermore, it also includes women talking about their uncomfortable experiences of being subjected to sexual abuse and about how these conversations should not be shut down for them being unconventional as per Indian culture.

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This podcast gives insight into the lives of the people and is beneficial for getting knowledge.

The Seen And The Unseen with Amit Verma

This podcast provides insight into the unintended consequences of the public policies being brought by the government of India in recent years like demonetization, the lives of the Indian leaders, the Bangladesh War etc.

It tries to shed light on the after-effects of these policies, which the people have not seen. It provides a two-way perspective for every situation. This podcast is essential if you want to be kept updated with the political scenario of the world and India in general.

Respectfully Disagree Swaddle

Every week, the Respectfully Disagree Podcast comes with a new episode where they discuss trending issues. Whether it be pop culture trends like music, people are inclined to discourses ranging from popular movies that have a bad impact on society.

It’s a podcast that sees things from a feminist’s point of view and tries to come up to a conclusion. They talk about everything, rather, it is a Hindi Indian TV serial concerning toxic relationships. It’s a good podcast if you wish to keep up with the trends and understand the online culture, the podcast is well-researched.

On The Contrary

The host of the podcast invites guests to have discussions about the growing world problems. These problems extend from talking regarding the shortcomings of the water around the world, the constant gender disparity, and the worsening effects of the climate, and it also includes mental health conversations and caste-based discrimination faced by people belonging to the marginalized sections.

One of the episodes gives a platform for a Dalit journalist to share her lifelong instances of having noticed caste-based violence. It tries to educate you by providing you with experiences of the people who had lived through discrimination.

And suggest ways to try to make it better for everyone.

Desi Outsiders

Two women, Meenal and Ankita, Meenal who raised outside of India but in a very traditional household and Ankita was raised inside India but in a liberal household.

They come together for this podcast to give their views as Indian women regarding relationships, following religion, their education journey, the laws in relation to women, the stereotypes relating to the ‘Big Fat Indian Wedding’ and their lives as time passed. This podcast gives us the ability to see hardships from the eyes of a woman.

The Big Fat Indian Ghotala

A Hindi podcast that explores the world of Indian scams. This is done by interviewing the victims, experts and journalists.

Throughout the period of a year, this series produced episodes dealing with rackets involving instant loans, illegal wildlife trade, gold smuggling and more. It gives a review by the victims themselves about how they got caught up in these rackets and suffered immense losses. It might help you prevent yourself from falling into one of those.

Mission ISRO with Harsha Bhogle

This podcast is a documentary about the events that took place after World War II. When India was left stricken by poverty as an effect of colonial exploitation. It conveys the history of the making of India’s first space organization and the factors that led up to it.

From recruiting India’s first space scientists and sending them to NASA to the ISRO scandal and CBI’s investigation. This podcast is the source of Indian Space beginnings and is very insightful if space is something that interests you.

Podcasts can be heavy or light according to your mood or whatever information you wish to gain. The beauty of podcasts is that it is diverse and accessible to all! If you are an entrepreneur looking for advice, there is a list for you, or if you are an educator there already is a playlist awaiting you!

No effort is needed, just click on Spotify and there it is. It’s like listening to music, but you’re gaining information this time. I’d call it a plus point. So what are you waiting for, click on one of these educational podcasts and learn something new!

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