Never Mind Rasode Mein Kaun Tha; These 8 Things Make Us Facepalm Over Daily Indian Soaps

From over dramatic camera shots, to always well-dressed women, here are few things that will never change in Indian daily soaps irrespective of rasode main kaun tha!


From over dramatic camera shots, to always well-dressed women, here are few things that will never change in Indian daily soaps irrespective of rasode main kaun tha!

Indian daily soaps have been ruling the Indian TV market since a very long time. From rebirths to old characters living for around 200 years to animals falling in love with humans, and humans turning into animals… we must have seen it all. 

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Yesterday I saw an ad of Sath Nibhana Sathiya Season 2.

Now if you don’t know what Sath Nibhana Sathiya is, then let me tell you it’s the show behind the famous ‘Rasode main kaun tha mai thi tum thi kaun tha’ meme. And now it’s coming back for Season 2?! What are the show makers even thinking?!

Here are a few things that are just blatantly illogical but still have been the same for years in Indian daily soaps.

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Grandly dressed women, TV Show hai ya fashion show?

This is one thing that is common in all shows. No matter the time or the weather the women in the show are always dressed to kill. 

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To top this absurdity, they are fully dressed up (AND with make-up on!) even when they go to sleep! Ok, so maybe not quite in nightclothes; going to sleep in casual clothes is fine. But going to sleep with full make-up, jhumkas and heavy necklaces… like, why?

Matlab bad hair day and night suit to inke dictionary mai exist hi nahi karta. (bad hair day and night suit don’t exist in their dictionary)

The evil with the evil-er look

If it’s a saas-bahu family story (which is almost always the background for any daily soap) then the evil person has to be the mother-in-law. 

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A good mother-in-law just doesn’t exist for Indian Daily Soaps. Also, the more evil a lady is, the ‘evil-er’ is her look. The lesson to be learned from Indian Daily soaps: jitni evil aurat utni badi bindi!

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Conspiracy…conspiracy…and more conspiracy

Most daily soaps are full of women (the antagonist) plotting against other women (the protagonist). A lot of this is done as conspiracies like ‘khali cooker gas pe chadha dena!’ (No, we’re not going to give that a rest!) 

Now my question is: how do these women have so much time in life to keep on plotting against each other? Don’t they have work deadlines? Matlab itni planning Karne ke liye itna khali dimag aata kahan se hai? (where do they get so much free time to think up these conspiracies?)

Slapping left, right and centre 

Ask anybody. A SLAP is absolutely necessary in any self-respecting Hindi TV serial. Anyone can slap. Like literally thappadon ki baarish hoti hai. (there’s a literal deluge of slaps). Unhappy with bahu, slap her. Unhappy with wife, slap her. Slapping is the ultimate solution to everything. These slaps are so severe that people often fall to the ground.

Sometimes, it is what follows the slap that’s extraordinary.. The most garden variety reaction is the character falling on the ground. In Sasural Simar Ka, on the other hand, after being slapped the woman somehow twisted and reached the curtain, and started strangulating herself with the curtain. No, I am not making that up.

sasural-simar-ka-curtain.gif (420×236)

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Overdramatic Camera shots

The ‘thish..thish..thish’  every time something significant happens in a show is so overdone. For example, this scene from a very famous show Bade Ache Lagte Hai is an introduction scene for an evil character. Sadly the video editor has poured in all his editing skills in just this one shot!

I mean yeah something bad or shocking has happened but I don’t want to see mother-in-law se lekar ghar ke dhobi tak ka reaction.

Hey! Logic where are you?

Indian TV serials have it all but one thing that most shows forget to add is logic. In the show ‘Kaleerein’  we have a scene where the main lead fell from the stairs and the hero comes in at just the right time to save her. The woman takes almost one whole minute to fall and the man, her ‘saviour’, slides in the most unnatural fashion from about a distance of 10 feet to catch her. I mean (channelling my inner Arnab Goswami) matlab, kuch bhi!  

Rebirths (mera Mihir wapis aaega)

Rebirths are something that is both illogical and very common in Indian Daily Soaps. Killing people and getting them back to life is like an easy-peasy task in the world of daily soaps. 

Vpy-9s.gif (320×240)

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I mean sorry GOT but Ekta Kapoor did it way before you guys. Remember Mihir from Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi? He was the pioneer in coming back from death and after him, this trend just didn’t stop. 

Daughters and Mothers that look alike, what is this rocket science genetics?

Another thing that they show is how the kids look exactly the same as their parents. This has been an ailment of many Hindi films too – remember those double role father-son or mother-daughter? Same. 

Source – GIPHY

In the show, Pavitra-Rishta Ankita looks exactly the same to her Grandmom Archana. Like mother-daughter twin is something that science can never achieve but after Bollywood, only Indian Daily soaps have done it *slow claps*.

Why do people even make such shows? Even more perplexing is, kyon dekhte hai hum sab ise? (why do people watch these shows?)

If you have any other brilliant insights like these, do let us know in the comment section – what are a few things that you feel are just stupid, but get repeated again and again in Indian Daily Shows.

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