Sexism in India: What is Sexism? Discrimination and lack of opportunities because of gender, whether at home or work as seen and narrated by women
We’re (Not) Banking On A Woman’s Business Plan

She wanted to yell, “I am not even engaged yet and I have zero interest in any kind of romance.” But this would have fallen on deaf ears.

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“Women Must Be Protected, Men Must Protect” This Is How Benevolent Sexism Works
benevolent sexism

Benevolent sexism. It's a cousin of Feminism Lite, where a feel good statement about women traps them further into patriarchy. How does this happen?

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If Mr Azam Khan Feels Entitled To Disrespect A Woman In A Powerful Position, What Of Others?
Azam Khan

Azam Khan SP MP making a sexist remark to a woman in the seat of the Deputy Speaker of the Lok Sabha is horrifying misogyny in an elected representative!

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This Trending Hashtag Makes Me Ask: Is A Woman Worth Saluting Only If She’s ‘Sacrificing’?

Post the release of the track Singapenney from the upcoming Tamil movie Bigil, a trending hashtag on Twitter, #SaluteMySingapenney is asking people to salute the women in their lives. But when so many of the tributes praise the women for being so self-sacrificing, is it really a cause for celebration?

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The Truth About ‘Toxic Masculinity’ –And Why It Is The Responsibility of Men To Fix It
toxic masculinity

Masculinity does not automatically equal toxicity. There are ways to “be a man” that are kinder and non-stereotypical –and male allies of feminism can help in getting the word out.

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Sexist Air India Ad For Female Cabin Crew Wants ‘Clear, Blemish Free Skin, Even And Regular Teeth’?!

Air India Express recently put out an ad for female cabin crew requiring 'clear complexion without any blemish, even and regular teeth". This is blatant, in your face objectification.

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