Sexism in India: What is Sexism? Discrimination and lack of opportunities because of gender, whether at home or work as seen and narrated by women
In The Age Of Gully Boy, Should We Tolerate Disgustingly Sexist Rap Like Yo Yo Honey Singh’s?

When we have such wonderful rap like that from Gully Boy that we can groove to, why are we still letting the likes of Yo Yo Honey Singh's Makhna get our eyeballs? Time we trash him.

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The Curious Question Of Smriti Irani’s ‘Mathe Ki Bindia’ – It Happens Only India
Smriti Irani's bindi

The recent jibe of a seasoned politician Jaideep Kawde on another seasoned politician Smriti Zubin Irani about how the size of her bindi has been changing with every change of her husband, is not to be tolerated!

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Dr Sabyn Javeri: The Price Of Being A Strong Woman In Our Society
Dr Sabyn Javeri

"To be a strong woman, you must know how to juggle multiple balls in the air," says Dr Sabyn Javeri in this hard-hitting satire on expectations from women who won't bow to an all-pervading patriarchy around them.

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NASA’s Cancelled All-Female Spacewalk Is 1 More Example Of Women Facing More Obstacles At Work
all female spacewalk

While the cancelled spacewalk is not a case of blatant sexism, it does put a spotlight on how organizations must change to become more female-friendly spaces.

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Indira Jaising Writes Open Letter To Chief Justice Of India – Sexist Language In Judiciary Not OK
Indira Jaisingh

Indira Jaising, lawyer and human right activist has written an open letter to the Chief Justice of India on the occasion of this Women's Day, which she has called out sexism in the judiciary.

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Rahul Gandhi, Your Sexism Is Showing. The “Be A Man” Insult Is So Yesterday

The sexist narratives just don’t change, do they? The faces keep changing but the thoughtless and irresponsible words continue to emanate from politicians across parties. 

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