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Sexism in India: What is Sexism? Discrimination and lack of opportunities because of gender, whether at home or work as seen and narrated by women
Never Mind Rasode Mein Kaun Tha; These 8 Things Make Us Facepalm Over Daily Indian Soaps

From over dramatic camera shots, to always well-dressed women, here are few things that will never change in Indian daily soaps irrespective of rasode main kaun tha!

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Why Is Sex Before Marriage A ‘Sin’ For Indian Women, When The Man Involved Gets Away Easy?
sex before marriage

Indian women are slut shamed for sex before marriage, but Indian men can easily get away with fewer repercussions. Why this inequity when both participate?

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UP Man Puts Wife’s ‘Honour’ On ‘Sale’ Because Women Are Mere Sexual Commodities, Aren’t They?

Man decided to put his wife's 'honour for sale' on social media, asked people to call her for 'sexual favours.' Just how entitled and vile can humans be?

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‘Now That My Wife’s Dreams Are Fulfilled, She Should Leave The Job And Look After The House’

Several times, I have tried explaining to her that a woman needs to take care of the house, that she is not the breadwinner. But my wife, she is headstrong.

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You Distract Me And It’s Your Fault

Never tolerate sexism and objectification from your professors or employers, your abilities and talents invalidated because you're a girl, says this author. 

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Sexist Jokes Are Not Funny, And Certainly Can’t Be Used To ‘Lighten Things Up During Lockdown’
sexist jokes are not funny

Sexist jokes are not funny, and cannot be any kind of sunshine during these dark, gloomy days of lockdown; don't just call them out, shut them down.

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