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Sexism in India: What is Sexism? Discrimination and lack of opportunities because of gender, whether at home or work as seen and narrated by women
sexist ads
A Women’s World Around Men’s Innerwear? You Wish!

What's with these sexist ads that show a man as a useless nincompoop who can't operate simple home machines, or must have a woman attracted to him courtesy his innerwear?

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Taapsee Has Her Own Amazing Identity, So Why Call Her A Female Ayushmann Khurrana?

Taapsee Pannu was compared to Ayushmann Khurrana by a producer after she women the Best Actress award, recently. It's 2020, let women have their own benchmarks!

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Grow Up Hindu College Boys, Enough With Toxic Male Traditions Like Virgin Tree Puja!
Virgin Tree Puja

Pinjra Tod's Instagram page recently had a couple of posts about Delhi University's Hindu College, highlighting the toxic masculine 'tradition' of Virgin Tree Puja on campus.

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Calling Out 5 Movies Which Present Sexism So Subtly That People Hardly Notice It
sexism in movies

Often, the subtle sexism that movies normalise, is difficult to catch, and this further affects mindsets. This needs to be called out.

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When ‘Feminist’, ‘Woke’ Kanhaiya Kumar & Tharoor Disappoint Us By Making Sexist Remarks!

Two feminist icons, Kanhaiya Kumar and Shashi Tharoor, revealed themselves to be 'woke' only in our imaginations, by making sexist, transphobic remarks. How do we hope for better men?

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When I Was Considered Just The ‘Lucky Missus’, And Nothing More
lucky missus

Even if a married Indian woman is an achiever, she is very annoyingly, often considered 'just a wife' when she goes out socialising among strangers as part of a couple.

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