Sexism in India: What is Sexism? Discrimination and lack of opportunities because of gender, whether at home or work as seen and narrated by women
Father of A Daughter Manages To Let Go After Marriage… But Mother Of The Son Cannot?

There are umpteen stories of mother in law - daughter in law problems. Why is this so when there aren't so many stories of father in law - son in law issues? The answer will surprise you.

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Big B, Farhan, SRK, Aamir; Bollywood Has Utterly Failed Us With Its Silence On #MeToo
Bollywood on #MeToo

Bollywood has an obligation, duty, and social responsibility in these times of #MeToo. But their silence proves that they too are enablers of this crime.

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Speaking Up About The Sexism I Encountered At Work As A Woman Government Officer
sexism in government offices

The author speaks of the all pervading sexism in Indian government offices, that is often taken for granted as 'normal office culture', and which needs to be addressed.

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Sunday Is My Day Off From The Kitchen And My Husband Cooks. What’s Wrong With That?

For dinner, she and Akash cooked or made something light together, or ordered food from outside. With having Maa around, she had to now cook up the full meal spread just like an ideal bahu.

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As A Woman I’m ‘Expected’ To Compromise, But I Will Only If I Want To!

Living your life by your own convictions is a real need of today's women, and we are usually unhappy when we are 'required' to compromise, unlike when the compromise is our own decision.

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Politicians Who Affect Popular Opinion Must Really Stop Making Misogynist Statements!

Arguments at our dinner table often have shades of patriarchy, which is so normalised because our leaders today are misogynists who openly make sexist statements!

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