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Sexism in India: What is Sexism? Discrimination and lack of opportunities because of gender, whether at home or work as seen and narrated by women
Sherni Raises Many Crucial Questions About The System We Need To Fight Every Day

Sherni, at its core, isn’t just about the sexism faced by women in any government job or about conservation of the forests. It's about so much more.

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Dear Leaders, It is NOT Okay For You To Comment On Women’s Bodies!

Comparing women's bodies to 'barrels,' and fat-shaming DMK candidate Dindigul Leoni shows us again how women disrespected in our country.

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CM Rawat, Thank You For Showing Us How We Can Influence ‘Culture’ Just By Our Clothes!

The Uttarakhand CM's focus on 'ripped jeans' being incompatible with our 'culture' shows us exactly what men in power think of it - is it so flimsy that our attire must affect it?

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When Our Engineering Profs Showed Their Sexism By Grading Girls Depending On Looks!

If you wonder why we didn’t complain, let me tell you it’s not that simple. Many of these offenders were powerful and influential.

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How Dare He Insult Me Like That At An Arranged Marriage Meeting?!

In every morsel you eat, only your father’s money is seen. Taking over his business does not make you in any way fit to be a groom. Try to stand on your legs, then you can proceed with searching for a bride! “Trisha! For the past twenty minutes, you have been aimlessly walking around the […]

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Japan’s Ruling Party Reveals New Plan: More Women In Meetings; But They Shouldn’t Speak
Japan women at work

If this wasn't in legit newspapers, it would be unbelievable - that 1st world country Japan shows such regressive views about women in governance. Women at meetings for show?

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