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Chandra Sundeep

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When Women Speak About Their Desire To Rewrite Their Own Stories

All these stories have been selected from the prestigious monthly Muse of the Month contest, and out of 100 stories, 25 made the final cut.

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Ira Khan's birthday
Trolls, It Is Ira Khan’s Choice What She Wears As A 25 Yr Old Woman. Buzz Off!

Why does an adult woman living in a democratic country need others’ permission to live life as per her wishes? Why can’t she exercise her choice to celebrate her birthday however she wishes to?

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When I Was Asked, ‘Do You Have Your Husband’s Permission For This?’

The not-so-pleasant conversation made me wonder about the world we are creating for our sons and daughters? Why should we tell our daughters they are lesser beings?

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Enough! Nobody Will Erase Her Bindi Or Force My Daughter In Law To Wear White!

A surly woman tutted, “tsk… her first Karva Chauth, and see how it ended.” “Do you think the Chowdhurys are a cursed family? First Lata, and now Kusum…” whispered another.

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‘Some Were Crying In Pain, Many Were Chanting Prayers. Then Came A Piercing Cry For Help!’

Today, countless people turned barbaric. Rivers flowed red. Agonizing wails rang in the air. And despite everything, I survived!

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When Did I Start Believing That I Am Nothing Without Him?

Her protests went unheard, like a child’s demands for candy. Her mother’s melodrama, her father’s pleas, and relatives’ constant interference won, and Sayoni found herself walking down a new path, albeit a bit reluctantly.

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the last girl
I Recommend Everyone To Read ‘The Last Girl: My Story Of Captivity, And My Fight Against The Islamic State’! 

What happens to a 21-year-old's dreams when militants attack her peaceful village? This Nobel Prize winning book by Nadia Murad is not an easy read, but should be read by all!

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She Can’t Hear Me, But I Try One Last Time ‘Ama, I Am Happy Now; I Am Free… I Just Wish You Knew…’

This would be my first time alone, “I hope you come soon.” Covering my face with a dupatta, I had run towards the woods, consoling myself, “It’s just 3 days. I’ll be fine.”

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International Safe Abortion Day
28th Sept Is International Safe Abortion Day. What Does That Mean In Practical Terms?

28th September is International Safe Abortion Day – the annual day of action to support the right to safe abortion. We owe it to anyone who can get pregnant.

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Mandira’s Choice Was Trolled, But Women Like Me Don’t Even Have A Voice When We Lose Someone…

While the world was applauding Mandira Bedi for smashing patriarchy, there are many like my friend Fareeda (not her real name) who're silenced.

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Her Life Turned Upside Down After Her Husband Tried To Rape Her…

Now that she is thinking about it, she is confused. Was she not loud and clear in conveying her reluctance, or was he too drunk to hear?

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Book Review: We Should All Be Feminists, by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Adichie presents her experiences on gender disparity from Nigeria, but it strikes a chord with every woman reader across the world.

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Book Review: Only You, by Andaleeb Wajid, A Beautiful Romance For All

For fans of the romantic fiction genre, here comes author Andaleeb Wajid's Only You, tale of love, of second chances, of true love finding its way.  

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Headscarves and Hymens
Every Sentence In Mona Eltahawy’s Headscarves And Hymens Feels So Familiar To Us…

A sisterhood can be built as we listen to various women's voices from across the globe, especially those oppressed. Mona Eltahawy’s book Headscarves and Hymens is one such. 

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I Am Not Trying To Be The Perfect Parent, Just A Patient One!

Being a patient person is a task on its own, but, being a patient parent is a different ball game altogether! Here's how I am trying to do it!

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Maybe Your Teen Isn’t Being ‘Moody’ But Is Actually Depressed!

Teenage depression is a scary and alarming reality for a lot of us. Let me tell you how to spot it and what you can do about it.

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And I Swore To Protect My Baby From The ‘Cut Of Innocence’

I don’t know what had been more painful, the razor-sharp knife cutting through me or the sight of my mother watching indifferently.

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He Is Not Just My Husband Anymore; He Is My RAPIST Too

“I am not concerned with your body, all I need right now is your vagina. Is your vagina sick too?” Armaan’s question felt like a slap on her face.

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Why Does My Father Need Your Permission To Meet Me If I Am Married Into Your Family?

The author asks a very pertinent question of society and her marital family. One that is possibly the last straw in the oppression she has adjusted to as a married Indian woman.

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