Is Cricket Really ‘Beyond The Understanding Of Women’, Harbhajan Singh?

Such behaviour displayed by someone of Harbhajan’s stature is indeed scary. Or is it that women actors are considered less intelligent and competent just because of their chosen profession?

Harbhajan Singh has been trending in the news once again. And definitely not for the right reasons. What he says or doesn’t say, or where exactly he puts his foot, least of all in his own mouth, is not my concern. However, his most recent example of inappropriate commenting has exposed the misogyny that many men harbor in their bosoms once again, and brought it out in the open.

It has become the trend in recent years for the wives of the cricketers to accompany their husbands to their matches and support them with their presence from the stands.

Is this what these celebrities think about women?!

However, according to some knowledgeable souls, the ladies are mistaken if they think they can achieve much by being present, apart from being a distraction to our esteemed players. Rather they should sit at home, praying before the lord for a successful day for their husbands. Or much better, keep a fast or two to ensure their smashing performance.

But no, these unsanskari naris have to follow each shot and every ball from the stands. Making gol gol eyes at the players, instead of preparing gol rotis at home to welcome the husbands after a hard day of play. Or work.

While there is no doubt that these people consider the presence of wives at the stadium nothing more than an attempt at promotion or photo opportunity (the huge buzz around who wore what and how much it cost should be an indication) they should be grateful for their presence in the stands. If their favorite cricketer fails to perform as per expectations, where will they lay the blame, if not at these wives feet?

Also on a good day, one of the rare sanskari cricket wives can show the modern girls of today how to actually support her pati parmeshwar. By touching his feet, no less!

“They would not be understanding cricket”

According to this report in the Times of India, Harbhajan Singh, who was doing the Hindi commentary, passed comments on Anushka and Athiya when the camera was on them. “Main wahi soch raha hoon ke baat films ki ho rahi hai ya cricket ki? Kyunki, cricket ki toh utni samajh hogi nahi (I’m wondering if they’re talking about movies or cricket because they would not be understanding cricket much).”

Harbhajan Singh wonders what these wives talk about when they are not focused on the game? There are no rewards for guessing. Of course, it would be Bollywood related gossip, because the intricacies of the game of cricket are too much to handle for the poor feeble minded females. What does it matter that women today have made their mark in every field like healthcare, education, engineering, communication etc. including being responsible for sending a spacecraft to the moon? That these women who were disparaged without a second thought, are actresses who have made their mark in the industry with their performances and hard work, hardly seems to have prevented them from being belittled.

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Such behavior is expected but not excused from even a troll. That it is displayed by someone of Harbhajan’s stature is indeed scary. Or is it that the women in Bollywood are considered less intelligent and competent than the rest of their sisters just because of their chosen profession?

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