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Social media had been abuzz with all the lurid details of the Peegate for a while then, but it has stayed in my mind, resting, fermenting, molding into thoughts, rising like a perfectly done idli batter. 

The Peegate did not prove to be the undoing of any airline, but it surely brought the hastily constructed edifice of my peace of mind to a crumbling demise with many salubrious details trickling in, the majority of which could make you pull out your hair even after you had just got your hair spa done.

Social media had been abuzz with all the lurid details of the Peegate like a cackle of hyenas until another flight crash landed to give them fodder for more. But the earlier incident stayed in my mind, resting, fermenting, molding into thoughts, rising like a perfectly done idli batter.

Kathak will never seem the same again

In spite of who the urinator… errr… the instigator is or isn’t, my heart goes out to Kathak for being made an unwitting and unwilling third party. These days when people rue the slow dying of all art forms vehemently on social media, it doesn’t bode well to be labeled as a peecursor errr… precursor to incontinence.

However happy I might be, that something that every 4 women out of 10 over the age of sixty suffer from, is finally getting the limelight it deserves, making Kathak the lone culprit raises a stink. Of course, as the wisdom goes, pregnancy and childbirth are just nature’s way of making women ‘sampoorna’. If they come with a caveat of a leaky faucet or two in advanced age, who cares!

The Maa glorification by expecting the elderly victim to ‘forgive’

This edition of high skies melodrama seems inspired from movies featuring Nirupa Roy or Rakhi, the epitome of motherhood, silent suffering and divine forgiveness. Nothing else explains why there were attempts to have the alleged victim forgive the alleged instigator. She was old and ‘Maa-si’ (like a mother) to the man. And of course she must have had ample experience of being peed upon being ‘Maa-si’. Hadn’t she forgiven her own kids?

This man, almost insensate due to the copious amounts of alcohol he had consumed, also didn’t know any better what he was doing just like those cute infants.

Can’t ‘forgive’? Well, ‘gold digger’, then!

Probably that is why when she went ahead and complained along with a request for refund, it rankled. After all, mothers are supposed to be stoic in the face of any smelly situation.

This one didn’t agree. She just didn’t realize that asking for a refund would paint her as almost a gold digger, her intention for reporting the incident taken out of context.

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But men can be men, of course!

Of course, when the man said that his intention, while flashing his pee-nis was not sexual, it was considered completely fine. He was slapped with a grand punishment of a flight ban for thirty days. Thirty days…even a period doesn’t wait that long before starting its recurrent monthly torment.

Be pee… err… prepared… is the lesson here!

This acts as a reminder to me to keep a change of clothes in my hand luggage always while traveling, in case someone is inclined for an unintentional tinkle in my vicinity.

I am also thinking of always booking the window seat to limit the access to potential pee-ers, however limiting it might become for my own visits to the loo. Falling asleep could result in unintended evacuations from my seat so it is a complete no no henceforth.

Or I can take a positive outlook on things and view this as an opportunity to live my ‘being a mother’ days all over again. My own version of ‘Wet dreams.’

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