Sheerin Shahab

Sheerin Shahab is an introvert who prefers a book over company any day. Hence, she is a reader, a nature lover, and a die-hard chai fan. She loves to read and write short stories and poems. Several of her stories have appeared in anthologies published by The Hive Publishers, Writefluence and the MeanPepperVine magazine. You can find her stories and poems at and on her Facebook page, Alfaaz-e-Sheerin.

Voice of Sheerin Shahab

Is Cricket Really ‘Beyond The Understanding Of Women’, Harbhajan Singh?

Such behaviour displayed by someone of Harbhajan’s stature is indeed scary. Or is it that women actors are considered less intelligent and competent just because of their chosen profession?

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organ donation
Big Differences In Who Gets And Gives Organs in India

Dive into the stark gender gap in Indian organ transplants, revealing societal norms and challenges faced by women as donors.

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Why This Baraat Needs to be The New Norm
Parents: A Divorced Daughter Is Better Than A Dead Daughter!

Recently, the news of a very different kind of baraat made its way to the newspapers. Social media was awash with pics of this very unique procession and accolades in handfuls were ladled out to this father who can easily be dubbed the Father of the Year. Who is he and what exactly did he […]

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the bandit queens
When Women Find Their Tribe And Decide To Take Back Their Power!

For women, it is important that they find their tribe. And the women in this book do find their tribe and they are the stronger for it.

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My Unlikely Mentor Who Completely Changed The Drudgery Of My Life

Not only has Roshni D'Souza helped me to grow as a writer, but under her guidance, I grew as a person too. I learnt to speak up and share what I thought.

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What\'s ahead of the Menstrual Leave? Topical
Don’t Just Speak Of Diversity At Workplace, Make Policies Like Period Leave A Reality!

All men are not created equal. It holds true for women too. For some the period days are a breeze while others find it nothing less than torture with cramps, bloating and lots of pain.

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Mishraji’s Peegate Is The Gift That Keeps Giving, Like My 5 Takeaways Here

Social media had been abuzz with all the lurid details of the Peegate for a while then, but it has stayed in my mind, resting, fermenting, molding into thoughts, rising like a perfectly done idli batter. 

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Thank You For The Memories, Dear Aamir… But Now Move Over!

If the Chitrahaar Gods were especially propitious, they would showcase the song 'Papa Kahte Hain' and she would croon along to the song and wonder with you... where did her future lie?

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Koel’s Song

Koel shuddered. Till now she had ignored all his lecherous looks, suffered his uninvited touches, and pretended not to understand the double entendres full of sexual undertones.

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