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Women In Our Family Don’t Do This, Have Some Shame!

Do not speak until you are spoken to. Do not wade like a duck. Walk slowly and silently. Do not laugh like a banshee. Sit like this. Eat like that. The list was endless, yet I had mastered it all.

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Open Letter To A Son Worshipping Society: Sincerely, Parents Of An Only Daughter
parents of a daughter

Why are parents of daughters always told they must "go for it again for at least a son"? No, thank you! Here's an open letter calling it out.

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Angry Activists Teach This Kerala Man A Lesson For Posting Disgusting Videos About Them

A Kerala man Vijay P Nair has been posting disgusting videos about women, and did not expect retaliation. Vigilante justice isn't Ok, but we certainly need better ways of dealing with such misogynists.

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Actor Anaswara Rajan’s Insta Pic Got Vile Abuse ‘Coz Good Girls Shouldn’t Show Their Knees
Anaswara Rajan

Malayalam actor Anaswara Rajan was showered with the vilest of misogynistic abuses in Malayalam for wearing what girls and women in most cities across the world wear every single day.

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She Was His, Wasn’t She? After All, Didn’t All The Films He Loved Show That?

In an eerily soft voice, he looked her straight in the eyes and said, “You are mine. You just want me to pursue you. I have seen enough Bollywood movies to know that is what a girl wants."

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How Mohini, The Talented DIL In Bandish Bandits Is A Victim Of Her Father In Law’s Ego & Misogyny
Mohini Bandish Bandits

Mohini in Bandish Bandits is the meek and silent housewife - a mother, wife, sister-in-law, and daughter-in-law, and also the perfect victim of misogyny in a patriarchal family.

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