Her Perfect, Hot, Round Rotis Were A Sign Of My Grandmother’s Bowing To Patriarchy

My paternal grandmother was an empowered, no-nonsense woman in every sense, but still still bowed to the patriarchal upper hand of my grandfather by quietly making perfect, hot, round rotis for him.

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Durex Starts Online Conversation On Female Orgasms; Indian Men Respond With Characteristic Misogyny
Durex campaign

The responses of Indian men to the Durex #OrgasmInequality campaign, which aims to start a conversation about female orgasms reek of fragile masculinity and misogyny.

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Why Can’t Salman Khan Get Over Priyanka’s Exit From ‘Bharat’? His Toxic Masculinity?

Salman Khan keeps dragging Priyanka Chopra’s name whenever Bharat comes up, indictaing that he hasn’t taken her rejection lightly. Not surprising, given that he is the poster boy for toxic masculinity.

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Vivek Oberoi’s Crass Tweet About Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Is Peak “Nice Guy” Syndrome
Vivek Oberoi tweet

In referring to Aishwarya’s romantic relationships, Vivek Oberoi slut shames her while trying to occupy the “nice guy” throne.

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Why The Focus On ‘Fake’ Rape Cases Is Completely Misleading

Men who never bothered about the crimes against women are now so worried about the 'unfairness of the law' that they refuse to see the inherent male bias even now.

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Bangalore Colleges Having Higher Cutoffs For Girls ‘Coz “Too Many Girls In Colleges!” Is Discrimination!
higher cutoffs for girls

Many Bangalore colleges have said they have a problem of "too many girls", so they're going to "fix it" by having higher cutoffs for girls, between 2-5% higher than boys. This is illegal!

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