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Anaswara Rajan
Actor Anaswara Rajan’s Insta Pic Got Vile Abuse ‘Coz Good Girls Shouldn’t Show Their Knees

Malayalam actor Anaswara Rajan was showered with the vilest of misogynistic abuses in Malayalam for wearing what girls and women in most cities across the world wear every single day.

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She Was His, Wasn’t She? After All, Didn’t All The Films He Loved Show That?

In an eerily soft voice, he looked her straight in the eyes and said, “You are mine. You just want me to pursue you. I have seen enough Bollywood movies to know that is what a girl wants."

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How Mohini, The Talented DIL In Bandish Bandits Is A Victim Of Her Father In Law’s Ego & Misogyny
Mohini Bandish Bandits

Mohini in Bandish Bandits is the meek and silent housewife - a mother, wife, sister-in-law, and daughter-in-law, and also the perfect victim of misogyny in a patriarchal family.

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Let The Courts Decide Rhea Chakraborty’s Guilt. How About We Look At Our Sexism?

While the media claim that they show what viewers like, can they disclaim their impact on mindsets with such sexist content?

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Prajakta Koli’s Short Film ‘Khayali Pulao’ Beautifully Depicts The Oft Ignored Dreams Of Small-Town Girls

YouTuber Prajakta Koli's short film 'Khayali Pulao' asks, why are girls' dreams ignored as khayali pulao even today. Just how long will this go on? 

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Indian Couple Call Off Wedding Over Political Divide, But Why Is It Reported As ‘Bizarre’?

Calling the wedding off over a political divide is thought of as bizarre is because we in India do not expect a woman to have a political position and stand by it.

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