Would A Woman Blithely Speaking Of Her ‘Affairs’ Be As Easily ‘Forgiven’ As A Man Is?

Men do not realise their privilege in Indian society - no one does, actually, and what is OK for a man can never be OK for a woman. Unless we question.

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The ‘Tip Tip Barsa Paani’ Remake Wakes Us Up Again To This Disturbing Reality Of Bollywood

A 1994 song is being re-made with the same hero, Akshay Kumar, now romancing a younger woman. It is time we take a hard look at Bollywood's ageism that keeps men 'evergreen' while pushing aside their contemporary women actors.

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What Does My ‘Being Pretty’ To Do With My Hard Work And Achievements?

Even supposedly 'innocuous' remarks about how "life is easier for a pretty woman" shows internalised misogyny, and negates the hard work of women.

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‘Sanskaari Girls Don’t Answer Back’ And 9 Other Stone Age Rules I Happily Challenge

Society's expectations of girls being 'Sanskaari' are pathetically Paleolithic, says this hilarious list by the author. Do you see yourself in there?

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Privileged Men Are Scared Of Greta Thunberg, Just Like Of All Strong Women. Their Own Insecurity?
men scared of strong women

17 year old climate activist Greta Thunberg has been trolled incessantly by men who want her to shut up. While she handles it like a boss, it is a sad reminder that when men have nothing else to criticize a woman about, they will infantilize her or talk about her looks, to hide their own insecurities.

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4 Mommy Influencers Call Out Schools Ignoring The Existence Of Mothers In Admission Forms
schools ignoring mothers

A Mumbai mother was appalled to find that her daughter’s school medical form only asked for the father’s details, ignoring her very existence. Why do some schools discriminate against mothers?

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