Chetan Bhagat You Should Apologise To Uorfi Javed If You Really Want To ‘Guide’ Young Men!

Chetan Bhagat had no business slut shaming Uorfi Javed or any other woman. If he wants to 'guide' young men in the 'right direction' then he should take accountability for his words. 

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5 Toxic Lessons All Luv Ranjan Movies Teach Impressionable Young Men

Luv Ranjan's movies demonise all women, and always have the male characters stand up and rant against women, influencing gullible youngsters.

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10 Years Of Student Of The Year: Why Were We Made To Hate Tanya And Love Shanaya?

If we go on to analyse the characters of Tanya and Shanaya together in the last few scenes of the film, something that becomes clear is that Shanaya’s identity remains linked to the men in her life while Tanya’s doesn’t.

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She Hulk Seems Like The Same Patriarchal Hogwash In A New Bottle… And Made Me Squirm
She Hulk

She Hulk series seems to say that even a woman with a flourishing career and super powers is happy only when she is validated by a man.

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And Then Janaki Decided, That She Would Accept The Proverbial Trial By Fire No More!

Janki lay on the cold dark floor protectively clutching her abdomen and staring at the blurring night lamp, as her tears refused to stay contained. What could she do to prove her innocence?

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My Personal Story Of How The Goddess Is Offered Bhog But Women Eat Leftovers

She would serve everyone fresh food and serve herself the stale rice and curries from the previous meal. Some days after finishing the leftovers she was so full she would not even be able to even taste the fresh food.

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