When ‘Feminist’, ‘Woke’ Kanhaiya Kumar & Tharoor Disappoint Us By Making Sexist Remarks!

Two feminist icons, Kanhaiya Kumar and Shashi Tharoor, revealed themselves to be 'woke' only in our imaginations, by making sexist, transphobic remarks. How do we hope for better men?

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Pati Patni Aur Woh Is Like A Patchwork Job Of Lame Wife-Bashing Jokes From WhatsApp
Pati Patni aur woh

It might become a hit, but Pati Patni Aur Woh is the same old movie, made only with an eye on the box office, constructed with lame wife bashing WhatsApp forwards.

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Nirbhaya To “Nirbala” – All Point To Our Country’s Increasing Nirlajja

The sexism, misogyny, and utter shamelessness of the men (and patriarchy supporting women) in our country can be seen in 3 apparently unconnected incidents.

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Dear Good Indian Men, Unmask The Wolves, Don’t Just Tell Us What We Can’t Do

Good men out there (we know you exist), don't give knee jerk reactions to our troubles and do worse by restricting or disbelieving us; be our allies by unmasking the wolves.

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“Rape Happens Because Women Let It Happen” Director Bhagyaraj Spews Misogynist Nonsense!

At the recent launch of his movie that has a plot resembling the Pollachi sexual assault case, Tamil Director Bhagyaraj made crass victim blaming comments.

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Bollywood Will Have Us Believe That Adultery Is OK And Even Funny, If You’re A Man

Why do Bollywood movies normalise and magnify misogyny and often glorify adultery? Is adultery acceptable if you are a male?

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