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When We Can Have Glorious Tamil Cinema Like Udanpirappe, Who Needs Logic And The Real World?!

Being Tamil is about traditions and culture with a Big C, yes, Tamil Culture. The unique version of being progressive and patriarchal at the same time, bundled together to serve equality only when necessary. So why blame Udanpirappe?!

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Dear Karnataka Health Minister K Sudhakar, Your Bizarre Remarks On ‘Modern’ Indian Women Are In Bad Taste
Karnataka health minister

Woman are not baby making machines, and they are not just here to be somebody’s wife. They have aspirations and goals. Time this was better understood by all.

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Princess Di’s Niece Marries: Older Bride Priyanka Was ‘Aunty’ But Patriarchy Ok With Groom As Old As Dad?

Lady Kitty Spencer, Princess Diana's niece got married to a man 30 years older - and that reminded us of how a much older man is given a pass, unlike an older woman in a relationship who is brutally trolled.

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I’m A Wife & Mom But YES I Want My Share In The Last Piece Of Cake!

Being a 'sacrificial lamb' will not increase your self-worth. Claim your rightful place in your family as an equal member, and don't let them take you for granted. 

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Mr Goenka, Please Don’t Preach About Divorce If You Haven’t Heard HER Story
Harsh Goenka

Businessman Harsh Goenka put his foot in when he tweeted on divorces of Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, indirectly labelling their wives 'gold diggers'. 

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Love Thy Neighbour, Unless They’re 30+y.o. Unmarried Women Who Ask For Help

When this family wanted to take their car out after 10.30 pm to get post surgery meds for their daughter, neighbours abused them and their 2 daughters who are 30+ years old.

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