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The Indian Man’s Guide For Picking The Perfect ‘Girl’ To Take Home To Mummy

That is the image of a woman that they are comfortable with, like their mother cooking in kitchen, keeping the household clean, doing the laundry, and so on.

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Trolls, It Is Ira Khan’s Choice What She Wears As A 25 Yr Old Woman. Buzz Off!
Ira Khan's birthday

Why does an adult woman living in a democratic country need others’ permission to live life as per her wishes? Why can’t she exercise her choice to celebrate her birthday however she wishes to?

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What Is Mansplaining- When Men Explain Things To Me
what is mansplaining

What is mansplaining? When unsolicited advice is given to a woman by a man in a condescending manner & why women are fed up of this!

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World Squash Champ Dipika Pallikal Is More Than A Cricketer’s Wife, So Let’s Not Say ‘Wife Of’ In News Headlines!

While one can certainly argue that cricket is almost a religion in India, that is not sufficient reason to describe Dipika as a cricketer's wife, and certainly not in the headlines, which should celebrate her achievement, not his name.

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Will Smith Is Penalised, But What About Men Like Chris Rock Who Must Stop Making ‘Jokes’ About Women’s Bodies?

When will the world realise that something they’re casually making fun of is someone else’s reality, and it's not Ok to do so?

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Indian Matchmaking: Why Did Aparna Shewakramani Receive So Much Hate, And Even A Death Threat?
Aparna Shewakramani

Aparna quickly became an extremely polarised personality. Even I who completely identified with her, understood why her existence would shake up the vital pillar of casteism and patriarchy: Arranged Marriage and that made her dangerous.

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