Women Are Still Shamed For Several Things: Is The Male Gaze To Blame?

Being a woman in India is still not the easiest task. We need to think before deciding what to wear, do or say. Do we ourselves think from the male perspective?

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No Mr. Khattar! Kashmiri Girls’ Consent Is Not A Joke!

Manohar Khattar's comment on being able to bring back Kashmiri girls, revealed the regressive mentality of several men in India. Does consent even matter?

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It’s 2019, But Most Indians Remain The Educated Illiterate, With 19th Century Mindsets!
educated illiterate

Education is getting better, but our minds still remain illiterate; look at the number of highly educated young men looking for a sanskaari bride who will 'take care' of everything.

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Why Do Boys (& Men) Dare To Say “Don’t Act Too Smart, You’re A Girl, Stay Within Your Limits”?

The way our boys are brought up is all wrong. Otherwise how do they get to a point where they behave entitled just because they're boys - who grow into toxic men?

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Why Is The Average Indian Married Man A Model Son But An Inconsiderate Husband?

How does an average Indian man who shows the utmost respect for a mother treat a wife in such a disastrous manner? What makes this man tock in this particular way?

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If Mr Azam Khan Feels Entitled To Disrespect A Woman In A Powerful Position, What Of Others?
Azam Khan

Azam Khan SP MP making a sexist remark to a woman in the seat of the Deputy Speaker of the Lok Sabha is horrifying misogyny in an elected representative!

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