Sandeep Vanga’s Animal Is Just A Cranky Baby Having An Entitled Man-Sized Tantrum

Maybe Animal is going to make Ranbir the superstar he yearns to be, but is this the kind of legacy his grandfather and granduncles would wish for?

I have no intention of watching Animal. I have heard it’s acting like a small baby screaming and yelling for attention. However, I read some interesting reviews which gave away the original, brilliant and awe-inspiring plot (was that sarcastic enough?), and I don’t really need to go watch it to have an informed opinion.

A little boy craves for his father’s love but doesn’t get it so uses it as an excuse to kill a whole bunch of people when he grows up. Poor paapa (baby) what else could he do?

What if this movie was made with a woman protagonist?

I was wondering; if any woman director gets inspired by this movie and replicates this with a female protagonist, what would happen?. Oh wait, that’s the story of so many women in this world. Forget about not giving them love, you have fathers who try to kill their daughters or sell them off or do other equally despicable things.

So by using the film’s logic all these women should grow up and kill half the people on the planet. However, in this masterful director’s world all women grow up to be like the love interest of our “paapa” – submissive, pliable and totally at the mercy of her man. Isn’t that shocking? The masterful director strikes again!

Ranbir, aren’t you ashamed of this?

I always admired Ranbir Kapoor as he seemed to deliver the goods when it comes to acting and you could see glimpses of his grandfather and his granduncles. With this movie all of them will be turning in their graves.

Maybe this movie is going to make him the superstar he yearns to be but he will never get the respect that was accorded to his family right from his great grandfather. I hope this movie was worth it. Leaving behind this film as your legacy is really not a good idea.

It almost makes me nostalgic about the mindless running around trees

Coming back to the movie, I would like to ask the masterful director what his thoughts are on the Nirbhaya case, as there were animals involved there too. That was repulsive as well, so was he going for the same reaction with this movie? Anyways, I am too bored to find out and I hope Elon Musk gets to Mars quickly as that would be exactly the distance I would want to put between myself and the people who were involved in this movie and their ilk.

Also, two minutes of silence to the entire Bollywood fraternity – with all of them shouting from the rooftops on how they are pushing India to the forefront with ‘soft’ power, one can safely say that India will never shine with this kind of idiocy. I never thought I would say this but I miss the good old days when films had people running around trees with the jhatkas and matkas, at least then actors behaved like happy kids not bawling and kicking babies like now.

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