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Malayalam Film Aattam Deftly Unmasks The Rape Culture Inherent In The Average Modern Man

Aattam has 12 men judging and deciding if a woman assaulted by one of them was 'asking for it' - almost like a jury of 12. Who gave you the right?

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Shameful That Trolls Attacked YouTuber Dhanashree Verma For Having A Life ‘Despite Being Married’!

Who are these people who decide how a married woman should pose? Women do have a life and career outside their marriages!

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Dear Men, Do You Have ANY Idea What Women Go Through Everyday Just To Stay Safe??

Women are NOT safe in India, and men have NO clue how we plan every time we go out of our safe spaces. This is no country for women.

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When Rape Of Women In War Zones Is Used As A Weapon To Truly Destroy A Population

Rape is treated as a weapon, a military strategy to humiliate and demoralise the men of the conquered community, the ‘perceived enemy’, because when “your women” are conquered the “war is won”.

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Malayalam Film ‘Neru’ Is A Riveting Courtroom Drama On Victim Shaming

There are many reasons why survivors of sexual assault keep silent. This further emboldens perpetrators. Film Neru addresses these reasons.

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Why Do The Youth Today Glorify This Toxic Ideal Of The ‘Alpha Male’?

Isn't it enough of a problem that violence is increasing in society? Why must we idolise toxic masculinity by glorifying the alpha male?

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