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Our Society's Only Job Is To Keep Women In Their Place
Our Society’s Only Job Is To Keep Women In Their Place

The NCRB report shows that more than four lakh cases of crimes hostile to women were filed across India in 2021. Eighty-seven rape cases in one day were reported in India in 2021. A report by National Family Health Survey-5 states that around one-third of women have been through violence, be it sexual or physical.

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10 Yrs Of English Vinglish: Imagine The Disaster Of A Glam Doll Shashi, If Producers Had Their Way!
10 years of English Vinglish

Gauri Shinde has revealed that producers were pressurising her to put in Sridevi's item number and a male superstar... which would have been a disaster for the fabulous, nuanced movie!

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And Then Janaki Decided, That She Would Accept The Proverbial Trial By Fire No More!

Janki lay on the cold dark floor protectively clutching her abdomen and staring at the blurring night lamp, as her tears refused to stay contained. What could she do to prove her innocence?

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Disability Activist Virali Modi’s Viral Twitter Thread Puts A Spotlight On Sexual Harassment By Predatory Men

One cannot even begin to call out the problematic things in this message. This man has the audacity to shame a woman for her disability even as he sexually harasses her!

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The Compartment: A Short Story
The Compartment: A Short Story

There was a dainty figure sitting on a bench. A girl bundled in a black shawl. And then a shadow emerged from the darkness. He stopped, as he spotted the girl. He approached her, hovered around her. 

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Who Asks For Consent Of Wife To Make Her Pregnant? She Didn’t Want It So I Did ‘Dhappa’!

We need to speak of marital rapes not just because they are sexual violence, but also because of the unwanted pregnancy forced on a women.

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