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“Raping With Eyes” Most Women Will Agree With Actor Esha Gupta; Most Men Will Never ‘Get’ It!

Any woman who has been discomfited by a man's stare will agree with Esha Gupta, who posted on social media today about a man Rohit Vij 'raping her with his eyes'.

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How To Recognise Rape Culture In A Society, In 11 Easy To Understand Points
how to recognise rape culture

A culture that is based on a gendered hierarchy, condones gender based violence, normalises the toxic behaviour of men, even eulogising it, is rape culture. Here's how you identify it.

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Hah! Tamil Radio Station Gives Creeps A Taste Of Their Own Medicine Via Prank Calls

Men wrote lewd comments on YouTube, and repeatedly called a number that flashes on screen in Aadai teaser having nude shot of actor Amala; RJ Sarithran turned tables on them, making them uncomfortable for a change. 

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6 Things Very Wrong With Recent Viral Post By Haryana Women’s Commission Vice Chairperson

Yesterday, a Facebook post by the Vice Chairperson, Haryana State Commission for Women, in which she shared a write-up she attributes to Dr Rekha Jain, ex-DSP, Sagar (M. P.), went viral. We think it reeks of moral policing.

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The ‘Cleanliness Drive’ That Made Her Son And Husband Respect Women

Misogyny is deep rooted in our society. The protagonist resorts to an ingenious plan to make sure that her husband and son treats women with respect.

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Dear Creators Of Mr Kabir Singh – You Missed A Few Nails In The Coffin Of Real Human Love

A sharply sarcastic rap on the knuckles of the creators of Arjun Reddy and Kabir Singh - why miss out on these points which could have been more misogynist?

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