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rape culture
shot ad
On The Same Day This ‘Shot’ Ad Was Aired On TV, A 17y.o. Girl Was Gang Raped In Hyderabad

That the client, the advertising agency, and the network knew exactly what they were implying is clear from the second advertisement for the same product.

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Can Rapists Be Allowed To Go Free After Marrying The Survivor?

No law in the country recognises enabling the rapist to walk free after marrying the survivor. However, in reality, it is something that families and communities often push for.

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‘Keeping Our Daughters Safe Has Become A Herculean Task; It Wasn’t This Bad When We Were Younger!’

The focus has to shift to the causes which make it unsafe for woman - the perpetrators and the infrastructure that are the problem.

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Let’s Look Beyond #MeToo ‘Coz It Hasn’t Really Worked For Indian Women Who Are Shamed But Perpetrators Roam Free…

India doesn’t lack stringent laws as it grants more legislative ammunition for women’s rights compared to even America, but lags terribly as mere legislation alone can’t address societal outlook and approach. Beyond #MeToo has answers.

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When Men Feel The Need To Shut Down A Woman Who Refuses To Toe The Line…

Why is it so easy to discredit women, especially in legal proceedings? It seems that a woman's life and choice (even unrelated ones) generates more attention and scrutiny than the alleged illegal acts of accused men!

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Anatomy Of A Scandal Is All About A Powerful Person’s Disregard For Women’s Consent During Sex
Anatomy of a Scandal

Anatomy of a Scandal presents to us the brutal reality of this world where power empowers men like James Whitehouse to get away with anything they do.

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