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rape culture
Netflix Series Maid: Emotional Domestic Abuse Isn’t Recognised Unless There Are Visible Injuries!

Netflix's web series Maid presents the story of Alex, who fights her way out of an abusive relationship, something all too familiar even in the Indian context... 

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Men In A Relationship With Women Half Their Age Must Be Held Responsible, Not The Much Younger Women!

Cis men get away with doing so little, while the humungous responsibility of moral behavior and consequently upholding the morality of a family rests on a woman, her body, her vagina.

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At The Support Centre For Rape Victims…

I recently watched the short film Devi by Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films, featuring Kajol and many other brilliant actresses, and it moved me to write this.

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I’m The Hathras Rape & Murder Victim. It’s Been A Year… Have You Forgotten Me Already?

It has been a year since Savarna men attacked a young Dalit woman we now know as the Hathras rape and murder victim. 14th September 2020.

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14 Men Raped A 13y.o In Pune Over 5 Days. Yes, Read Those Numbers, And Then Read Ahead!

Rape and sexual violence are power tools, they have little or nothing to do with desire or lust and everything to do exercising power over those can be dominated.

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Boys, Is It Ok To Stare At Someone Just Because You ‘Have A Crush’ On Her?
respect boundaries

Parents who do not have open conversations with their sons and teach them to respect boundaries are responsible for future entitled men who're abusive to women.

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