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rape culture
Kappela movie review
Netflix Sunday: Watch Kappela With The Whole Family, But Not For The Reasons It’s Getting Praised

Kappela, a Malayalam movie, has been gaining praise for showing the dangers of girls trusting strangers. Beyond that however, the movie has lessons for the parents and the whole family.

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Karnataka HC’s Remarks Beg The Question How Should Women ‘Ideally’ Behave To Prove Rape?

Karnataka HC judge's observation makes you wonder if there are set codes on how women should behave when subjected to any kind of sexual assault.

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5 Ways The Girls Locker Room Is Different From The Boys Locker Room (While Neither Is Ok)

Soon after boys locker room became public, there have been people questioning similar girls locker rooms. While none is Ok, why is boys locker room worse?

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It Is Not ‘Bonding With The Boys’ If You Objectify And Plan To Rape Women!

When we look past seemingly harmless and normalised teenage toxic masculinity, we do more than dismiss it. We cause more harm by being silent bystanders. 

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Ram Gopal Varma Insinuates That Women Drink Alcohol, So Violence Against Them Is Ok – Really?!
RGV sexist tweet

Ram Gopal Varma yesterday tweeted a picture of women standing in line to buy alcohol, insinuating that it is Ok for women to face domestic violence, because after all, they drink.

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The Breaking Story Of Boys Locker Room Talk Is One More Reason We Stop Saying, ‘Boys Will Be Boys’

Justifying all of men's actions as 'men will be men' needs to stop right now! A post on Instagram about a 'boys locker room' conversations shows us why.

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