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rape culture
Birju Maharaj
Whatever The Truth Of The Pt. Birju Maharaj Case, Those Speaking Up Point To Skew In The Guru Shishya Parampara

From the time one dancer went public about Pt Birju Maharaj through a series of stories on Instagram, the classic cycle of victim blaming started asserting itself- deny, disbelieve, discredit, disgrace.

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Dear Men, ‘Why Are You On Social Media?’ Is NOT What To Ask Women Targeted By Bulli Deals!
Bulli Deals

A woman's voice or image on a public space like social media makes many men uncomfortable. So when anything happens they ask, “Why did you put your pictures or spoke up on Twitter?”

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The Idea Of Those Boys Smirking As They Read The Horrifying Passage In The Board Exam Paper Nauseated Her

Drunk on the possibility of putting her in her proper place, a girl who had repeatedly stolen their thunder, they decided to punish and humiliate her. Four of them got together and assaulted her, as she desperately tried to break free.

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Toxic Men Are making Crude Jokes About Malala’s Marriage On Social Media, Coz For Them Marriage Only Equals Sex

It is their toxic, violent masculinity, which makes them say things most women would not say. It is an act of publicly saying they see women as naked bodies in their minds and that women should know this.

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Rape Threat To Virat’s 10 Mnth Old By A 23y.o. IIT Graduate Is A Symptom Of A Huge Rot In Society
rape threat to Virat's daughter

A rape threat isn't an accident or a consequence of anger. Nor are the internet trolls immature and young. They are well aware of what they are typing and posting.

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Kerala HC Tells Lawyers Not To Ask Rape Survivor If She Has Had Sex Earlier And How Many Times “Not Relevant”

Kerala High Court paves the way for survivor justice, once again, by ruling that the survivor's sexual history is of no relevance to a rape case, as it is the accused who is on trial.

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