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Trisha Calls Out Leo Co-Star Mansoor Ali Khan For His ‘Bedroom Scene’ Rape Joke!

In his interview in Tamil, actor Mansoor Ali Khan said, "I have flung many an actress like Khushboo and Roja onto the bed. But they didn’t show Trisha to me even during the shooting schedule.” 

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Digital Rape: What Is It?
What is Digital Rape?

The term digital rape comes from “digit” which means, finger or toe and has nothing to do with crimes related to tech or the digital world

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How We Have Normalised Blatant Sexual Harassment And Slut Shaming!
An Incident Where Patriarchy brought down Patriarchy

How women are still looked at as objects, not expected to have an opinion or a choice in who has access to their bodies, even in civil society.

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No Country For Daughters Where Parents Are Equal Partners In Dowry Deaths

Hearing all the horror stories of dowry deaths won't prevent parents from marrying off their daughters at an early age without making her self-dependent first, or giving dowry.

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‘Promising Young Woman’ & ‘Luckiest Girl Alive’ – Pertinent Netflix Films That Break Silence On Rape

Both these films were revelatory not because they were dealing with anything new but because they had a clear, strong message out there - break the silence!

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Oscar Winner Women Talking Declares: We Cannot Endure Any More Violence!

The premise of Women Talking—where survivors of sexual violence discuss what must be done after they were attacked—is an uncanny representation of how society deals with sexual violence.

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