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Richa Chadda Plays Lawyer In Section 375; Says More Women In Judiciary Better For Women Survivors

Richa Chadha, who plays a female prosecutor arguing a sexual harassment case in Section 375, said recently that gender parity in the legal profession can go a long way in creating a judiciary that is more sensitive to women.

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I Don’t Have The Heart, Yet… To Stop Her Giggles

A mother looks at her daughter, so carefree, and wants to protect her from a world in which girls' and women's laughter is looked at as provocative.

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Malayalam Movie Ishq Is A Devastating Peek Into Minds Of ‘Ordinary’ Men Shaped By Patriarchy 
Malayalam movie Ishq

Malayalam movie Ishq is a thriller that surprises us with its perceptive look into how a regressive mindset can make people helpless about their choices.

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Woman-Centric Film Aadai Is Problematic In Parts But Bold, Refreshing, And Thought Provoking

Aadai may be a woman centric movie with an out-of-the-box theme. However, there are a few issues with the movie. Here's why you should watch it!

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India Remains The Most Dangerous Place For Women Despite All Govt Schemes And Slogans
India most dangerous place for women

Despite all its schemes for girls and women which claim to better their lives, and our 'goddess worship' claims, India remains the most dangerous place for women in the world.

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Appeal By Qandeel Baloch’s Parents To Spare Their (Accused) Sons Is Clearly What’s Wrong In Society
Qandeel Baloch's parents

The Qandeel Baloch 'honour killing' had shocked the subcontinent - her parents recently appealed to the court to spare their sons accused of murdering her under the earlier 'pardon' law.

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