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When This Kabir Singh Fan Was Inspired To Murder A Woman He ‘Loved’ Because She ‘Couldn’t Be His’…

The fact that Johnny Dada murdered three people, including a woman he 'loved', is tragic, but not surprising. After all, cinema has long glorified and normalized such violence in society, intentionally or unintentionally.

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On Day Of Girl Child, News Comes In Of 17 y.o. Killed By Stalker Who Wouldn’t Take NO For An Answer

It is 2019, but we're still grappling with this reality in our country. Girls are subject to immeasurable violence of various sort purely because they're female. When will this change?

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“Avoid Getting Raped By Politicians” & 6 Other Essential Tips For Indian Women (Sarcasm Intended)

Newspapers report at least one case of rape/ sexual harassment/ molestation a day, and victim blaming is rampant, which is absolutely not OK. How is it the victim's fault?

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Who Killed Beauty Blogger Amna Atiq?

Amna Atiq, a well known beauty blogger, was trapped in a domestically violent marriage, and pushed back into it by a father more concerned about his 'social image'. 

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Why Arrest Of Young Law Student Who Accused Chinmayanand Is Gross Miscarriage Of Justice
woman who accused chinmayanand arrested

If you’ve ever wondered why more survivors of sexual violence don’t report the crime, this article should put any last dregs of those doubts to rest. Or I hope it does, at least.

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The Testaments: Why Do Margaret Atwood’s Words Have Such A Profound Impact On Us Today?
The Testaments

The much awaited sequel to Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale came out last week, The Testaments. Why is this book so relevant today?

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