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Lalitha is a blogger and a dreamer. Her career is in finance, but writing is her way to unwind! Her little one is the center of her Universe.

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Hiring A Helper Doesn’t Make Me A Bad Mom. Women Have Career Goals, Too!

Hiring a help doesn't make us bad mothers. Like men, we too can have other priorities around our lives and careers.

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Where Are The Real Women Like You And Me In Serials?!

Can we have strong, intelligent women, whose sole purpose in life is not to hover around and put everyone else’s needs ahead of theirs, but to pursue their lives and dreams free of judgment?

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Then Someone Remarked, ‘She Speaks Too Much, No Wonder Her Husband Dumped Her!’

All my life you've asked me the wrong questions - "when will you marry, when will you have a baby..." For once, can’t you ask questions like "Are you happy? How is your career? What are your hobbies?”

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Does Stand-up Comedy Give License To Poke Fun At A Disability Or Illness In Front Of Millions?

The 94th Academy Awards will go down in the pages of history, but for all the wrong reasons. By now, everyone has formed an opinion on ‘WillGate’- actor Will Smith punching comedian Chris Rock for cracking a distasteful joke about his wife Jada Smith. Rock had mentioned that he would like to see Jada in […]

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Just Because She Was Out Late, Is It Ok To Shame Her Or Bump Her Off?

No one shows any interest in finding out who the actual perpetrator of the crime is. The ‘good girl’ code is reinforced. Moral policing happens even before the actual investigation starts.

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Of Course, The Quintessential Bollywood Heroine Gyrating In A Sheer Sari Cannot Feel Cold!

Avantika was appalled at his callousness. “Do we need this scene? Is it fair that the heroine is scantily dressed, while the hero is suitably attired to brave the cold?”

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Can We Let Children Be Children, Without Sexualising Them?

While I am all for women flaunting their sensuality on-screen and expressing themselves creatively, I draw the line when gullible children try to emulate the same.

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People Say I Have A Perfect Life… But Maybe Because I Had Simply ‘Adjusted’? No More!

If my mother-in-law had her way, I would be taking leaves every second day. There is always something on the almanac that needed to be celebrated. 

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Papa’s Second Chance

Mummy sighed. She opened her mouth, then clammed up. On her face, writ large was resignation. Defeat. A pause, pregnant with regret. She turned away from me, perhaps to hide her tears.

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When My Room Mate Said “You Have A Small Town Mentality; What Would You Know About Feminism?!”

In a town where young women get married off easily, I fought for a chance- a chance to an education, a chance to rise above my circumstances, a chance to fly.

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Mummyji Gasped, “Do You Make My Son Do All The Housework?!”

“Bahu, you are this family’s Mahalakshmi. If you wake up late, how will it bode auspicious for this house and hearth? Go, take a bath first, and help me in the kitchen."

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I Want To Live My Life For Myself Now And Not Be At Anyone’s Mercy!

"The next thing you know, I will be going ping-pong between two houses. It’s ironic how we raise two children with ease but taking care of one parent is hard."

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Why Must It Be 7 Days At His Home And Only 3 Days At Mine On India Visit?

Over time, while my palm prints still remained etched on the canvas, I had become an outsider. My marital status had invalidated my claim. What was home then?

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