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rape culture
Disability Activist Virali Modi’s Viral Twitter Thread Puts A Spotlight On Sexual Harassment By Predatory Men

One cannot even begin to call out the problematic things in this message. This man has the audacity to shame a woman for her disability even as he sexually harasses her!

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The Compartment: A Short Story
The Compartment: A Short Story

There was a dainty figure sitting on a bench. A girl bundled in a black shawl. And then a shadow emerged from the darkness. He stopped, as he spotted the girl. He approached her, hovered around her. 

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Who Asks For Consent Of Wife To Make Her Pregnant? She Didn’t Want It So I Did ‘Dhappa’!

We need to speak of marital rapes not just because they are sexual violence, but also because of the unwanted pregnancy forced on a women.

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Can Suspicion Of A Spouse’s Extramarital Affair Be Your License To Kill?!
asked for it

If we have to stop crime against women - whether girl infant, girl students, teen girls, married women, working women, whoever - then we have to stop saying “She invited it, she asked for it”.

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Data Shows 10 Dalit Women Raped Every Day In India; These Are Just The Registered Cases!

Entitled people in power have always blamed crimes against women on the ‘freedom of women’ rather than focusing on the perpetrators and a system that supports rape culture.

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How Can We Justify Ravan Dahan For Dussera When 11 Ravans Are Roaming Free?

A rapist is a rapist! A rapist has no caste because terrorism has no caste; no religion. It is high time we acknowledge rape for what it is! An Act of Terrorism!

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