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Roopa Prabhakar describes herself as a mother, a working woman, a closet feminist and blogger.

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Nirbhaya To “Nirbala” – All Point To Our Country’s Increasing Nirlajja

The sexism, misogyny, and utter shamelessness of the men (and patriarchy supporting women) in our country can be seen in 3 apparently unconnected incidents.

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Dear Creators Of Mr Kabir Singh – You Missed A Few Nails In The Coffin Of Real Human Love

A sharply sarcastic rap on the knuckles of the creators of Arjun Reddy and Kabir Singh - why miss out on these points which could have been more misogynist?

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308 ‘Bhools’? I’ll Wait For A Movie That Let’s A Woman Make At Least One!

Movies that centre men (like the recent Sanju) let them make 308 mistakes and yet live full lives. Women on the other hand, are rarely allowed to make such mistakes. 

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Harvey Weinstein
There Can Be A Harvey Weinstein Wherever Men Can Use Their ‘Absolute’ Power To Change Destinies

It is chilling to realise how the creepy actions of Harvey Weinstein had permeated Hollywood, causing many to turn a blind eye to what should have been evident.

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the wallflower
The Wallflower And The Butterfly [#ShortStory]

“Why are you making excuses for them Bhavee? We’ve warned them so many times, what does it take for them to learn their lesson? Your dead body?”

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superwoman tag
Is The Superwoman Tag The Final Straw That Is Breaking The Woman’s Back?

Multitasking supermom, sole doer of all chores, and often working woman too - are the expectations all about the Superwoman tag?

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An Ode To The Precious Friendship of Girls

The friendship of girls can be a beautiful force during one's growing up years. Here is a memorable account.

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No longer Only The Gentle(man)’s Game: Watch How Women’s Cricket Could Transform It

Women's Cricket brings no fame or fortune with it - as yet. Could this actually be the purest version of game, played for the game's own sake?

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The Presentation
The Presentation [#ShortStory]

“All I’m saying is, if you are committing the deadly sin of working late on Friday nights, at least get some credit for it!”

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Haanikarak Bapu: Dawn Of The Tiger Dad?

A case may be made for the 'haanikarak bapu' of Dangal being a tiger dad, but in our patriarchal society, we perhaps need a few of those!

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Madam President…Why Hilary Clinton Lost And What She Could Learn From Amma, Didi And Behenji

Why Hilary Clinton lost is still baffling. The polls predicted it, the media fawned over her, SNL gave her a thumbs up and she got plenty of help from Trump himself.

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Why Indian Dads Can Be The Funniest, Weirdest, But The Best Of Them All!

Dads can be the best! And Indian Dads? They can be a category into themselves. Roopa Prabhakar writes an inspiring post celebrating them.

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Can Robots For Domestic Help Ever Replace Good Old Bai?

Many dream of using robots for domestic help - who do our domestic chores perfectly, without a word of complaint. Can a robot really take the place of a human being?

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