Dear Creators Of Mr Kabir Singh – You Missed A Few Nails In The Coffin Of Real Human Love

A sharply sarcastic rap on the knuckles of the creators of Arjun Reddy and Kabir Singh - why miss out on these points which could have been more misogynist?

A sharply sarcastic rap on the knuckles of the creators of Arjun Reddy and Kabir Singh – why miss out on these points which could have been more misogynist?

The overload of information on the internet on the release of Kabir Singh was hard to miss.

The complaints on toxic masculinity piqued my interest and I read a couple of reviews. The content of the reviews was enough to get me interested in watching the original avatar which was available on Amazon Prime.

I had a slight headache when I started the movie which developed into a full blown fever of 101. The intensity of Arjun Reddy had apparently jumped out of my iPhone and transferred to me.

As I lay shuddering in bed much like the psycho/hero of the movie, my thoughts went to the director. I realised that he had missed a few things that would have made this movie a classic case study for years to come. And the generous soul that I am, I have decided to pen them down so that when he makes the next love story he can hit each and every nail in the coffin of civilised human love.

Why not have more ‘authentic’ Ape behaviour?

Please watch National Geographic, in fact it should be your go to channel when looking for ideas on how to mark the psycho/ hero’s territory.

Since the psycho/hero is so used to peeing on camera you can take that thought one step further.

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In the scene when he gets a good look at the girl and decides that she is his, you should extract the full value of the emotion. He should be doing an ape like dance and make her stand in the middle of a square which he would have drawn from his own blood obviously, and slowly proceed to pee on all the four corners. The square can be a rough rectangle too, we understand that with the intense emotions that is passing through him, drawing proper geometric shapes will be hard despite being a medical genius.

What about a chastity belt for the beloved?

I’m sure that along with being a medical genius he wouldn’t be far behind on technology too.

He could have designed a chastity belt for his beloved so that whoever touches her on her upper thorax or gluteus maximus will be instantly identified and the information sent as an alert to his phone. The whole bit about hearing about it from third party sources could have been avoided.

And he really wouldn’t have to take a promise from his enemy on not hurting her. That scene really took away a bit of masculinity from our psycho/hero which was a bit disappointing.

The beloved – why let her speak at all?

Why was the beloved given so many lines I ask you? After all she was just an object of his affection, giving her those lines and making her passive aggressive even for a few scenes did no service to our psycho/hero.

When she grabs on to his chest after the altercation with her dad she should have actually been clutching at his feet so that he could have shown his aggression by giving her a few choice kicks and then later kissing her. This would have shown his aggression and passion in the same scene.

A rare but important miss from your end. I expected better.

Oh, no, she actually shows her anger? And how dare she feel anger!

The scene where he sees the pregnant object and decides to embrace the seed growing within her inspite of not knowing that it was his could have been portrayed better.

The object should have had more awe in her eyes and she should have immediately prostrated herself. The object, instead gave a few tiny slaps, I understand this was aimed at endearing the psycho/hero to the audience but having maintained the immense savageness of the character till that point the deviation was uncalled for.

I heard that the movie will be made in Tamil too which is amazing but I have a small suggestion – instead of using a human being as the object of the psycho/hero’s love you should consider using a Robot. This kind of love would be more suitable for Sophia the Robot; the hero can actually tear her apart and rebuild her too. Making it into a human love story is so out of date.


From all womankind.

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