How To Make Money Blogging In India?

Do you think it is hard to make money blogging? No, it's not impossible nor it is outdated! Here are 9 tips on how you can do this.

“How can I make money blogging?”– This question is invariably posed at me by budding bloggers as well as online media platforms.

How easy (or difficult) is it to make money blogging?

The blogging space has transformed in leaps and bounds over the span of last few years. From being a niche domain which was nowhere near being considered as a reliable career path, it has evolved into a becoming a hot and burgeoning profession with ample opportunities to rake in the moolah.

Today, a blogger is not just a blogger but is a solopreneur handling different aspects of the blog almost single-handedly. However, as fascinating as this may sound, it is definitely not a cakewalk to make money blogging.

For some reason, there is a huge misconception amongst people that bloggers effortlessly make a large sum of money with each post or article.

So, I want to bust this myth first up – you cannot run your home with the money from blogging alone till a certain point. And this “point” varies from blogger to blogger! For some it can be 3 months, for some 6 and for others, like us, it can take a year or two to get there. It all depends on the amount of time, money and effort one is ready to invest to make blogging a steady source of income.

With almost every second person venturing into this space nowadays and a host of choices available to progress, one can end up feeling lost and befuddled. Based on my own experience as well as the little nuggets of wisdom imparted to me by blogging stalwarts during my journey, I have listed down some tips which I hope would be beneficial for bloggers who intend to make money blogging.

A great way to make money blogging – investing in your own blog 

While this may seem like an obvious point to make, I have come across bloggers who are doubtful about investing in their own blog and are more comfortable with writing for several existing platforms. For some, this hesitation arises because of not being too tech savvy and for others, it is a question of whether a blog is worth investing time and money on.

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“How can I make money blogging?”– This question is invariably posed by many budding bloggers.

In this article, we have curated 9 tips that will help you earn an income from blogging.

  • Investing your time and money in a great quality of blog
  • Understanding your reader base and building your niche
  • Adverting and networking tools
  • Use of social media to grow your business
  • How to collaborate and get sponsored posts
  • Offering additional services via your blog that will bring more readers in
  • Learning technicalities of the trade
  • Getting freelancing projects
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