Man’s Comment On Potential Employer’s Nose Pin At His Interview Was Creepy And Unprofessional!

For those saying women are making too much of this incident - there would have definitely been no comment on the looks of the employer if it were a man. So you see, it is never about the harmless compliment.

I read a post on X recently in which a woman recounted a disconcerting experience during a professional interview call.

As the potential employer conducting the interview, she found herself on the receiving end of an unsettling remark from the interviewee. The man commented on her nose pin while he was being interviewed which according to me was not just unprofessional but also random, creepy and weird. Obviously, this unwarranted remark caught the interviewer off guard and also left her feeling uncomfortable and questioning the professionalism of the interaction.

How is this appropriate in a professional setting?

The woman’s astonishment at the audacity of the interviewee’s comment is understandable. In a professional setting, discussions should revolve around qualifications, skills, and the job role, not personal appearance.

I was taken aback coz 1. it was a work call, I had never spoken to this guy before 2. I was so uncomfortable.

— Rutuja (ऋतुजा) 🇮🇳 (@Havaldarshinde) February 8, 2024

The inappropriate nature of the comment in the power dynamic at play surprised me even more, and made me wonder what would such a person do when the power scale tilts towards him. The woman did not hire him and rightly so, but there is something that bugged me even more about this whole matter – the response of some men to the woman’s post.

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Tone deaf, even abusive commnets by men on her X post!

Honestly, what is perhaps even more concerning than the initial comment itself is the subsequent defence and justification of this behaviour by some individuals, predominantly men.

Arguments attempting to downplay the seriousness of the incident or dismiss it as harmless banter only serve to perpetuate a culture where boundaries are blurred, and respect is lacking.

How hard it is to recognise that professionalism extends beyond simply fulfilling job duties? It encompasses respect for others and adherence to appropriate conduct. Comments about physical appearance have no place in a professional interview setting, regardless of whether they are intended as compliments.

There are men who actually went on to say – “Women have to learn to take compliments else there will be zero interaction”. Are you serious? No, you need to learn to have better conversations!

While POSH laws are in place, they need to be implemented more stringently

The incident is a glaring reminder of the importance of fostering a workplace culture where respect, inclusivity, and professionalism are prioritised. Employers must not only establish clear guidelines against harassment and discrimination but also provide training on interpersonal skills and appropriate conduct in professional settings.

Furthermore, bystanders play a crucial role in upholding these standards. By speaking up against inappropriate behavior and holding perpetrators accountable, we can collectively work towards creating a more equitable and respectful workplace environment.

I want to end this by just stating one thing – there would have definitely been no comment on the looks of the employer if it were a man. So you see, it is never about the harmless compliment. If women outraging over this comes across as making a mountain out of a molehill, it’s high time we make a towering mountain range of accountability out of every misplaced comment and unwarranted conduct.

Image source: YouTube/ Sabhyata ad

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