I like to write about the problems that have plagued the Indian society. I feel that the concept of gender equality is still alien , and that has been the focus of my articles and posts.

Voice of tanvisinha

4 Things I Learnt From 12th Fail, Including How Easily A Man Can Call A Woman A ‘Gold Digger’

Perception matters, as does integrity. 12th Fail is an interesting film that had many learnings for me, including some unsavoury ones.

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Are Some Indian Mothers-in-Law Causing Divorces, Especially In Arranged Marriages?

Ironically, these women cannot breathe a sigh of relief until their son is married. And yet, the moment he is married, they spend their entire time and energy instigating the son against his wife.

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Rajshri Deshpande
Meet Rajshri Deshpande Who Wowed Audiences As The Protagonist Of Trial By Fire

Rajshri Deshpande, who played the fiery protagonist in Trial by Fire along with Abhay Deol speaks of her journey and her social work.

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Look Raja Beta Look: Finally, Someone Has Found The Ideal Bahu!

This is what most men want from marriage anyway right? A woman who can serve, that too without complaining and demanding anything in return! I think this young boy should start making more of these robot bahus.

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How To Succeed At Work If You Are Not A Man? WION Anchor Palki Sharma Tells Us

It's a well known fact that women have to work harder to be even considered anywhere equal to men, they are paid less for the same work, and of course, they can never expect the same respect. Right?

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Maja Ma Mentions The Clitoris — Have You Ever Said It? Or Guided Someone Towards It?

Patriarchy teaches us that sex for women is a giveaway and for men it is a takeaway. Women since ages were conditioned to believe that sexual intercourse is an activity which provides pleasure to men. 

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female condom
Your Partner Refuses To Use A Condom? Take Back Your Power With The Female Condom!

The female condom is the most empowering invention ever made for women who finally do not have to depend upon careless male partners.

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It’s The 21st Century So STOP Defining Women’s ‘Success’ By Their Marital Status!

People have relationships without marriages. People cheat. People break up all the time. Just because two people followed some rituals does not make them more adept at tolerating each other for life.

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When Men Feel The Need To Shut Down A Woman Who Refuses To Toe The Line…

Why is it so easy to discredit women, especially in legal proceedings? It seems that a woman's life and choice (even unrelated ones) generates more attention and scrutiny than the alleged illegal acts of accused men!

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Karnataka HC verdict on marital rape
Husbands Do Not Get A License To Be Brutal Sexual Abusers To Their Wives!

This judgment is a tight slap on all the 'beasts' who feel that just because they have found a woman who is committed to them, they can scar every fiber of her being.

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What Will You Call The Female Version Of The Ghar Jamai And Joru Ka Ghulam?

Indian society defines a man's family as his parents, brothers, sisters, sisters in law, children, uncles, aunts, and the wife who 'comes in from outside'. But a man who is nice to his wife's parents is a joru ka ghulam.

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Parents Of Married Sons Have All Rights, But Parents Of Married Daughters Have None?

Parents get old. When considering care for elderly parents, a son's parents have a right to it, but what about a daughter's parents?

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Pragya Singh Atijeevan Foundation
When People Stare At Me I Smile At Them, Says Pragya Singh, Acid Attack Survivor And Activist

Pragya Singh, an acid attack survivor, works to rehabilitate and empower acid attack survivors through Atijeevan Foundation, that calls for skin donation.

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Hit Me Baby One More Time

They would spend the night together in Pune. Unlike last time, she would not split the expenses. Unlike last time, this night would be all about her.

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What Defines The ‘Complete’ Woman?

But this was not a movie. This was real life. It was unfair. It was cruel. It was ordinary. It was mundane. It was uncertain.

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Sisters-In-Law By Chance, Friends By Choice; 5 Women Share Their Sisterhood Stories

In a society like ours, women often draw their power from perpetuating patriarchy further, and the husband's sister could well be an adversary. But some women are bucking this trend.

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It Was Just Their Everyday Mouthful Of The Sky…

Daane daanne pe likha hai khane wale ka naam. While making the halwa, Kajri had wished she could take it for her children. Maybe madam will give me leftovers.

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Why Indian Women Need To Be More ‘Besharam’ And Not Let Anyone Shame Us For Our Choices

In a society where women are routinely shamed for their choices and also for things beyond their control, Priya-Alika Elias' book Besharam is required reading.

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1969: A Love Story… Almost!

He would try to meet her on her way to college. He tried his best to convince Sarla. Every time she saw him, her heart would beat faster. She would feel like getting close to him. She would dream about them together.

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“You Are Our Daughter-In-Law.; This Kind Of Behaviour Is Not Acceptable!”

A domestic fight with her husband was broadcasted live to the mother-in-law without her awareness. A fight in which she was losing it. Screaming. Abusing. A call was made to her parents as well.

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lowest divorce rate
Unhappily Ever After: The Cost Indian Women Pay For Our ‘Lowest Divorce Rate’

India has the lowest divorce rate in the world, and its 'culture' is proudly cited to be the reason. But is that really a good thing? What does this do to the couples in these marriages?

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We Need Laws Against Sexual Harassment At Work, Even If They’re Problematic Sometimes

Why are we so terrified of the laws against sexual harassment at work "because they could be misused"? But any laws could be misused, so what do we have against something that protects women?

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Dear Husbands: Control Your Anger. Not Your Wives!

Indian men take their rights to violence for granted - that they can raise their hands at or be abusive to a woman. Preferably a woman married to them, but any woman will do. 

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Why Does Men’s Misogyny Unite Them But Most Women Fail To Stand Up For Each Other?

Men often unite in their misogyny. But women get divided by the same, speaking up against each other in their unwitting support of patriarchy, competing for brownie points of their men. Stop, already!

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5 Women Say Loud & Clear: Mard Ko Dard Hoga, Because Dear Perverts, Your Time Is Up!

Men are afraid now, as the #metoo movement heats up, indulging in a lot of whataboutery and minimising of the claims of the women who are speaking up. 5 strong women counter this in a panel at #blrlitfest.

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When I Realised That The Festivities I Cribbed About Were About Celebration & Family

As I grew up I rebelled against the ingrained sexism I perceived in festivals and traditions. But recently, I realised that it is about the celebration, and meeting up with family and friends, changing my outlook. 

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Father of A Daughter Manages To Let Go After Marriage… But Mother Of The Son Cannot?

There are umpteen stories of mother in law - daughter in law problems. Why is this so when there aren't so many stories of father in law - son in law issues? The answer will surprise you.

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“Achcha Ladka Mile Toh Shaadi Karlo” The Line That Has Ruined Indian Women’s Potential!

Getting married because you are of 'marriageable age' and a 'good proposal' comes along has been the chains that bind women. Once tied up, it's the end of their potential.

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8 Ridiculous Reasons Why Men Are Great Managers At Work But Suck At Home

Household work is for girls, not boys, we tell girls, while telling boys that it is their job to earn for the household. Makes for good male managers, who are helpless at home. Why?

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Expecting A Sati Savitri In A Woman? Who Are You To Judge Her Sexual Needs?

Judging women for owning their sexual needs and actually taking steps for them. The recent debates over Veere di Wedding and Lipstick Under My Burkha are symptoms of this social malady.

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feminist Indian man
The Curious Case Of The (Mythical?) Feminist Indian Man

Have you met men who say they support feminism, however now women are taking it too far? Men who claim to be feminists? What do they typically say? How do you respond?

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Break-Up Of Bromance – The Latest Fault Of The Indian Wife

Wives have traditionally been put second by husbands, after their in laws and his extended family, and now after a bromance too?

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India Or Toronto: Hatred Against Women Is Killing Them Across the Globe, Literally

Hatred against women, and especially women who are perceived as rejecting a man (or even certain kinds of women) is literally killing us.

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Happiness ki Khoj
Happiness Ki Khoj: Rachana Gupta Explores The Mystery Of What We All Want [#BookReview]

Rachana Gupta's insightful book explores what truly makes us happy, and how a Happiness ki Khoj is not as difficult as it sounds.

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ways to compliment girls
Pretty! Doll! Princess! – Are Your ‘Compliments’ Setting Her Up For Failure?

Is the only way to compliment girls by saying they look pretty/cute/like a princess? It sets them up for failure by telling them their looks are superior to their selves! 

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Is Marriage Considered “Free Rehabilitation Facility” By Indian Parents And Their “Problematic” Sons?

Why do Indian families feel that if a man has lost his purpose in life, is abusive, or suffers from any addictions, the best thing to do for him would be to get him married?

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respect for parents
Dear Indian Men, Stop Hiding Behind ‘Respect For Parents & Culture’ When Convenient For You!

What is it with Indian men, and their sudden declarations of respect for parents, their values, and Indian culture? Do they mean it, or is it just convenient?

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living with in-laws
No, Living With In-Laws Is Not The Law. And I Am Not A Criminal If I Breach It!

Living with in-laws after marriage is considered the default for most Indian women. But is this always out of choice or is it the only option for them? Are they considered evil if they refuse?

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Adamant Eves
Think Women Can’t Be Funny? ‘Adamant Eves’ Breaks The Stereotype

The Adamant Eves is an an all women group that performs an improvised comedy act based on cues from the audience. They have done two houseful shows in Bangalore till date.

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I’ve Done My Time…No Thank You, I Don’t Want My Grandchild To Live With Me

Women’s homemaking work is seen as something easy, something that comes ‘naturally’ and something they should continue doing all their lives. But…one woman refuses.

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arranged marriage
Arranged Marriage – Desperate Parents, Clueless Daughters, And A Possible Recipe For Disaster?

Any marriage is a gamble. But isn't an arranged marriage, something most Indians find themselves going through, an even bigger one? How does it really work?

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her sexual needs
From DDLJ To Piku: The Hindustani Ladki Ki Izzat Has Come A Long Way

She might marry later in life, but does that mean the Indian woman should ignore her sexual needs? For what? Societal judgement and parental disapproval?

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mistake or crime
Mistake Or Crime? [#Shortlisted]

Don’t you think that boy should get traced? His parents should not feel ashamed that they did not teach the right values to their son? Is it only your daughter who did something wrong?

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Anamika Majumdar
The Case Of Anamika Majumdar: Why Are So Many Good Women Made To Feel Not Good Enough In Marriage?

KBC crorepati Anamika Majumdar might be a winner, but her husband clearly considered her a 'not good enough wife'.

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force himself on his wife
Be A Virgin Until Marriage, But A Whore Thereafter

What gives a married man the right to force himself on his wife? Is she a slave? Has he bought her? Does he own her? How is it any less than any other form of physical assault? How is it NOT criminal?

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rotten tea
Must You Finish Your Rotten Tea? [#ShortStory]

You know why generation after generation men are getting away with this behavior? Because women are tolerating it! They are to be blamed equally! And their parents too!

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Just Another Day Of Her Life
Just Another Day Of Her Life [#ShortStory]

What option does he have, poor boy! Keep neglecting your husband! I never say anything. I am such a kind, understanding woman. You are lucky to have me as a mother-in-law.

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Jee Le Apni Zindagi! The 20s Are Women’s Time To Make Great Memories

Women are always told to ‘settle down’, but guess what? The 20s are your time to experiment!

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Why You Should Not Sponsor Your Son-In-Law And His Wedding

Why do women of so many educated families succumb to dowry harassment? As a society, why are we failing to empower women, despite education?

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Step Up
Anju Jain’s Book Step Up Deconstructs The Effects Of Social Inequity On Women’s Career Paths [#BookReview]

‘Step Up: How Women Can Perform Better For Success’ by Anju Jain is a non-fictional book that provides insights into gender disparity at the workplace, and strategies for women to overcome it.

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the correction
The Correction [#ShortStory]

She and I broke up, the way regular, heterosexual people break up! Wait a minute! You don’t think YOU have changed, do you?

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dating again
Single. Indian. Female. Are You Ready To (Seriously) Date Again?

Are you a single woman in India and considering dating again for a long term, meaningful relationship? Here are some things you should know.

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Mom: Sridevi Impresses Yet Again, Despite The Glitches | Mom Movie Review

Mom movie review: Sridevi starrer Mom is a powerful story of a mother, and draws you in, despite a somewhat unbelievable storyline.

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The Empty Nest
The Empty Nest [#ShortStory]

Her youngest son had a girlfriend. She had come to know that the duo had gone to Goa together. How could she accept a daughter-in-law who was so open-minded?

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failed marriage
The Legend of The Frustrated Spinster Or The Divorcee Woman

A failed marriage, or the loneliness of being single affects both. Why focus only on the tragedy of the woman, thwarting her spirit and confidence?

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Is 13 Reasons Why Creating Suicide Awareness Or Romanticising It?

Does 13 Reasons Why glorify suicide? This show is about a high school girl who commits suicide, and leaves 13 audio tapes about the reasons why she did it.

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half girlfriend
Half Girlfriend! Which Is Worse – The Book Or The Movie? Take Your Pick

If you read Half Girlfriend and found the immature, shallow protagonist a drag, watch the movie to find out...that it is no better!

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Behind Every Superwoman Lies…An Inconsiderate And Selfish Man!

It is time we stopped worshipping the superwoman. She became a superwoman because she is married to a super archaic, super manipulative, super selfish idiot.

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The Secret Diary of Kasturba
If Kasturba Gandhi Had A Diary, It Would Read Like The Secret Diary Of Kasturba [#BookReview]

The Secret Diary of Kasturba by Neelima Dalmia Adhar is a fictional chronicle of the life of Kasturba Gandhi, the wife of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

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not by blood
Not By Blood [#ShortStory]

"But was she being selfish? Was she not supposed to think about her future? Kunal would be her husband. She could not just disregard his opinions." A short story.

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If Grandma Could Choose [#ShortStory]

“Have some fun, if it is meant to get serious, it will. If not, your generation is mature enough to deal with it!”

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The Bridal Pyre – Nainam Dahati Pavakah [#BookReview]

Avantika Debnath's debut book The Bridal Pyre - Nainam Dahati Pavakah is the story of a woman facing a nightmarish life after an arranged marriage.

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These 25 Inventions Transformed Women’s Lives – In Amazing Ways!

These inventions that have empowered women have enabled them to live much better lives, and freed them up to reach for those glass ceilings.

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Why This Matrimony Was So Unholy That The Divorce Became The Divine Intervention

An abusive arranged marriage motivated by dowry - the self respecting woman in this story didn't stand for it and filed for divorce.

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Indian Family Courts – The Custodians Of Our Patriarchal Society?

What experience does a woman go through in our patriarchal family courts when she decides to move out of a marriage in this country?

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Makeup! I Love Using It, And Here Are 10 Things I Am Tired Of Being Said To By Others

I use makeup just because I love using it, so why should anyone else have a problem with that? My face, my choice!

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Indian DIL Is Not The Evil Bahu From Baghban If She Wants To Live Separately!

Remember that evil bahu from Baghban who was all set to destroy the Great Indian Family? In reality, the daughter-in-law in many Indian households is forced to fight for her privacy and her very dignity.

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Why Chetan Bhagat’s Latest Book One Indian Girl Is A Huge Disappointment For Feminists [#BookReview]

The scary thing about Chetan Bhagat's One Indian Girl that claims to be feminist, is that those who read it will end up with a skewed perspective of feminism.

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The Shocking Murder Of Monika Ghurde Reminds Us Why Criminals In India Believe They Will Get Away

Why do criminals in India believe they will get away with their brutal crimes against women? Simply because there is precedent for it!

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Why Is It That A Country So Obsessed With Marriage Does Not Recognize The Need For It At Old Age?

Why is it that the needs of the elderly, especially their need for companionship, is made invisible by society? Why can't they remarry in their old age?

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This Video Of Shweta Basu’s Interview Is So Motivating For Young Women

Actress Shweta Basu Prasad won our hearts with her performance in movies like Iqbal, and Makdee. This video of Shweta Basu talking of her experiences after being accused of prostitution, is motivating.

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Here’s Why We Should Talk To Young Women About Self-Worth #Video

Rarely do we discuss about self-worth in young women. Here's an interesting video that urges all women to respect themselves enough, to walk away from bad relationships.

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The Bombay HC’s Recent Ruling On Abortion Rights Is A Thumbs Up For Women’s Choices

In a case of accidental pregnancy, the woman's choice to be a mother or not has to be respected as it has emotional and physical consequences says High court on abortion rights in India.

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8 (Not) Funny Things Married Men Say, While Hitting On Single Women!

Why do married men hit on single women and feel that we should be grateful for it too? Here’s a fitting rejoinder to these men. Being a single woman in the late 20s is tough. We don’t really get a chance to meet new men. Just the ones from our daily routine – colleagues, cab […]

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The Shocking Story Of Tiziana Cantone Shows Us How Women Are Literally, Shamed To Death

A 31 year old Italian woman, Tiziana Cantone committed suicide after a video of her engaging in a sexual act became viral on the internet. Here’s more.  According to the Guardian, Cantone had sent the video of herself to some friends including an ex-boyfriend, although other sources including La Repubblica report that she had sent the video to five friends […]

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Movie ‘Parched’ About Indian Rural Women Breaking The Chains Of Tradition, Appears Compelling

The movie 'Parched' revolves around the lives, of four women chained by old-traditions. This promising movie, is all set to release on September 23. Read on. 

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Married Women Are Respected, But Societal Attitudes Towards Single Women, Needs To Change Big Time

A single woman's life is scrutinized and judged. Societal attitudes towards single women needs change and women must choose not be affected judgemental people.

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Women Troll Beyonce’s Daughter On Her Appearance: Ladies, Stop Putting Each Other Down!

Beyonce's daughter was trolled for her appearance, by women themselves. Women often judge other women including children based on looks which is demeaning and unhealthy. 

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She Is Just Another Human Being, Not Her Family Or Society’s Honour!

Statistics suggest that there has been a seven-fold increase in the number of honour killings’ in India. Why is the honour of the family placed on a woman's shoulders?

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Pressuring Women To Marry After Completing Their Education, Defeats The Notion Of Empowerment

Forcing women to marry after completing education is not fair. Women must be given a fair chance to explore and decide what they desire in life.

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The Tale Of Backpacking Across India, By Samantha Jo Fitzsimons, An American Anthropologist

Samantha Jo Fitzsimons backpacked across India with an Indian colleague. Her experiences are documented in this very interesting film.

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Do Surrogacy Laws In India Really Care About The Surrogate Mother?

While surrogacy laws in India ostensibly protects the rights of surrogates, moral policing seems to be the real concern, than women's health. 

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‘Female Foeticide’ Should End Because Women Are Human, Not Because They Bring Laurels To India

The tweets in social media about ending ‘Female foeticide’ proves that a woman’s existence has to be justified in some way, even today!  The past week we witnessed history. P V Sindhu, Sakshi Malik and several other Indian women made us proud with their outstanding performance in the Olympics. Social media was flooded with articles […]

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Walking Towards Ourselves: Indian Women Tell Their Stories [#BookReview]

Every woman has a journey and a story to tell. Walking Towards Ourselves is a kaleidoscope of such journeys capturing the experiences of diverse women in India. 

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Lakme Fashion Week’s Plus Size Auditions Break Stereotypes That Beauty Depends On Size

Lakme fashion week held its first ever plus size model auditions. They've sent out a strong message to embrace ourselves and our bodies. Here's more.

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Captain Radhika Menon Becomes The First Woman In The World To Receive The ‘Bravery At Sea Award’

Captain Radhika Menon becomes the first woman to receive the award for Exceptional Bravery at sea, challenging the stereotype that bravery is only associated with men.

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This Story Of How Canadians Helped A Syrian Refugee Family Has Gone Viral

This true story of how Canadians helped a Syrian family reinforces the belief that kindness and humanity still exist.

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Rape Survivor Pavan Amara Launches Maternity Clinic For Sexual Assault Survivors In the UK

Pavan Amara founder of the 'My Body Back' project is a rape survivor. She's transforming the lives of women in the United Kingdom. Here's how.

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Supreme Court Grants Rape Survivor To Abort Foetus After 20 weeks

In a landmark judgment by the Supreme court, a woman who was a rape survivor from Mumbai was allowed to abort her 24-week foetus. Here's more about the abortion laws.

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Disney’s Upcoming Movie ‘Moana’ Tells Us We Don’t Need Prince Charming!

By creating powerful characters like' Moana', Disney is setting a new trend of creating strong role models for the upcoming generation.

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Here Is Why An Indian Daughter-in-law Is Often Labeled Uncultured And Rebellious

An Indian daughter-in-law today is no longer willing to do everything and anything that her in-laws want her too. It is time the in-laws and husbands realized this.

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A Dalit Girl From Kerala Forced To Drink Toilet Cleaner. Education No Bar To Intolerance?

Widespread outrage ensued after news of a Dalit girl from Kerala being forced to drink phenyl emerged. Is this true education in our colleges?

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The Indian Woman Is Easily Labelled A Witch Or A Savitri. Do You Agree?

In so many parts of India, a woman is easily labelled a witch. Why are women soft targets? Read to know more. 

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Raising You Right, My Son! [Poem]

A mother looks at raising a son who will become a man with the right values, while hiding from him the truth of his birth to protect him.

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What If Neerja Hadn’t Stood Up To Violence – Of Terrorism And Domestic?

Neerja taught us that saying NO to violence is important - both the domestic and of terrorism. Wouldn't she have remained a mere statistic otherwise?

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This Is I, Suzette Jordan. February 2016 Muse Of The Month Winning Entry By Tanvi Sinha

What would Suzette Jordan, otherwise known as the Park Street rape survivor, say to her readers if she could write to them from her place of rest now?

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Why I Will Not Teach My Daughter To Be The ‘Good Daughter In Law’ [Short Story]

Kriya was brought up an independent, modern woman. But the minute her marriage was fixed, things changed. After all, wasn't she supposed to be the 'good daughter in law'? A short story.

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O Knight In Shining Armour, I Want The Whole Fairy Tale!

Julia Roberts' character in Pretty Woman says that she wanted the whole fairy tale. Is it too much to ask for? An insightful poem by Tanvi Sinha.

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A Letter To Rehan: Consent Means Permission

A mother writes to her son, what consent means. Do read.

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The Antithesis [Short Story]

The story of a mother dreamed big with her daughter, only to miss a glaringly obvious truth with her son, Antithesis will shock you with its gender-reversal and of course, its ending.

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