The Shocking Murder Of Monika Ghurde Reminds Us Why Criminals In India Believe They Will Get Away

Why do criminals in India believe they will get away with their brutal crimes against women? Simply because there is precedent for it!

Why do criminals in India believe they will get away with their brutal crimes against women? Simply because there is precedent for it!

Well-known perfumer Monika Ghurde was found murdered last week at her Goa residence where she was living alone. The alleged murderer Rajkumar Singh, who worked as former security guard at her building revealed chilling details of the gruesome rape and murder.

Trigger warning: This post contains explicit descriptions of rape and other crime against women that could be disturbing for some readers.

Rajkumar entered the flat forcibly and held Monica at knife point. He overpowered her and covered her mouth with his hand and took her inside the bathroom. He then tied her to the bed, binding both her hands and legs. He also demanded money from her.

She told Singh to take whatever money was there in her purse. He found Rs 4,000, which Singh told her was not enough for him,” said Goa DIG Vimal Gupta. Monika even asked him to take her ATM card and gave him the PIN. But he refused to spare her. He showed her 3 pornographic videos before sexually assaulting her and smothering her with a pillow.

In July this year, Rajkumar was fired from his job as a watchman of the building where Monika lived, based on complaints from residents, including Monica. His employer had refused to pay him two months’ salary totaling Rs 20,000. He planned to take revenge.

Allegedly, Rajkumar had gone to the terrace of Monika’s building and hid there for three days and two nights monitoring Monika’s movements. He was so cold-blooded that he even boiled eggs and had snacks while Monika was lying unconscious in the house!

What makes these men plan such brutal attacks on women?

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The fact that they get away with it! The murder of Monika Ghurde reminds me of the murder of lawyer Pallavi Purkayastha in Mumbai whose killer recently escaped from parole. Despite stabbing Pallavi 16 times, the judge (who was a woman) felt that this was not a case of “extreme cruelty”.

Monika’s murderer had absolutely no fear. He was caught in Bangalore when he posted a picture of himself on Facebook. The police was remarkably efficient in cracking the case and nabbing the suspect. I just hope that the judiciary does not fail us, yet again.

What stops our legal system from awarding capital punishment to these beasts? Why do we have so much tolerance for crime against women?

For all the people who advocate the rights of these criminals, what kind of awakening are they waiting for? Can they imagine what it must be like to be killed so brutally? Or how torturous life must be for the surviving members of these women’s families? If they empathise so much with these criminals, why don’t they keep in their own homes? We will see if they still care about their ideologies on human rights and rehabilitation or just run for their lives.

Why are these delinquents unleashed, and given another opportunity to commit further crimes? I believe that they do not deserve to live, not in jail, nor in a remand home. It does not matter how old they are or whether they are first time offenders.

I believe that the death penalty is not at all harsh for the crimes that they have committed. They should be killed in the same manner in which they took away the lives of these women, so that nobody would ever dare to even think of hurting a woman.

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