Look Raja Beta Look: Finally, Someone Has Found The Ideal Bahu!

This is what most men want from marriage anyway right? A woman who can serve, that too without complaining and demanding anything in return! I think this young boy should start making more of these robot bahus.

Dear Raja Betas,

I have found your dream wife!  I know the qualities you look for in a woman to marry. I know you do not find them these days in the horrible feminists who have contaminated the social fabric and are causing divorces.  These women who are choosing to not marry you or are leaving you after marriage are so dumb and unfortunate that they are missing out on the opportunity of doing the one most noble, holy and fun task in the world – Taking care of your mother!

And these girls think they get married for companionship and getting a partner? How silly of them! Partner sounds like they want equality. So let us just make it clear to everyone once and for all. Husband is superior to wife. So marrying you, even if you are worthless, means the wife has won the lottery! Now who can be even more superior than YOU, the God’s gift to women? It is your mother! It should come as no surprise to the woman who was lucky enough to marry You, that she should spend the rest of her life pleasing this new (old?) woman who doesn’t even like her!

No one understands a man’s pain, right?

All you ever wanted was a woman who could cook, clean, and serve silently to you, your mother, and your Aira, Gaira, Nathu, Khairas (sundry family and friends). A peaceful life. Was that too much to ask for?  Is it wrong to have expectations from your wife? If only she remained quiet and performed all her chores sincerely…

Nobody understands a man’s pain.  Everybody only talks about women’s suffering! But fortunately there are still some empathetic people left in this brutally unfair world who worry about the difficulty men today are facing in finding good bahus for their mother.

Finally, someone from your own fraternity has ‘decoded’ a woman who has all the qualities that you ever wanted. She is beautiful.  She is modestly dressed.  She serves food in a tray to you, your mother, father, brother and any other Aira Gaira Nathu Khaira who resides with you or visits your residence. And the best part about this woman is that she doesn’t talk back!

In an attempt to help his mother with household chores, a Kerala boy has designed a robot with the appearance of a woman who can serve food and other things in a tray! He is planning on improvising the robot so that it can clean and do other housework as well! Good News, right?!

He was just being honest! Unlike you!

I don’t know why people are criticizing this innovative boy.  He has clarified that he, his brother and father do help with the household chores. The appearance of the robot is “female” because it was his mother’s wish, and he just went by it!  He was not trying to promote any gender stereotypes, mind you!

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Who would have thought technology could also be used as a flag bearer of patriarchy! Double dhamaka! We should applaud the genius who combined these two fetishes of our Raja Babus! Oops! Raja Betas!

Wife’s existence to please MIL

Plus, don’t all men make their wives follow their mother’s wishes no questions asked. Remember, this lady is the highest in hierarchy. The supreme power. This is what you want from marriage anyway right? A woman who can serve, that too without complaining and demanding anything in return! I think this young boy should start making more of these robot bahus. Let us create an app where instead of logging on to a matrimonial site, men can start ordering these for their mothers.

Good for you, and better than wasting a woman’s life, right? Spare us the horror!

No wonder most women miserably failed at being good Bahus. Forgive us. We were only human and thought we had rights and a voice.

But wait a minute!

Neeche ka kahan hai!

Phew! Manufacturing defect. If only the lower body part was also female!

Sorry guys! I should have done my research before making recommendations. She is not perfect for you! Alas! She is just an ordinary slave! Not a sex slave and not a baby making machine! Let’s give feedback to our tech champ to improvise and make a complete package!

Till then, my dear Raja betas, I  guess you will have to manage with the human versions. The ones with their own brains. The ones who are not programmed and controlled by you and the lady who operates you – your mother.

How outrageous!!

Until another saviour finds the loophooles in your privileged life.

Yours sincerely,

Home-breaking feminist.

Image source: a still from the film 2 States

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