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marriage annulment
Marriage Annulment Laws In India And Everything You Should Know About What To Do

Marriage Annulment is the complete nullification of a marriage, which is different from a divorce. What are the laws in India for this?

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Dive Into A Nostalgic Great Indian Wedding Scene With A Suitable Boy, Superbly Adapted To Screen
A Suitable Boy

A fun read and must watch, A Suitable Boy was written thirty years ago about something which happened in the 1950s-60s yet it is relatable and you feel connected to the characters' stories.

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A Lack Of Boundaries Between Indian Men And Their Parents Could Be Our Biggest Marriage Killer!
lack of boundaries

A traditional lack of boundaries between Indian parents and their sons can seriously mess up things for the son, the parents, and the new daughter in law.

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Are Women Who Go In For A Second Marriage Supported By Family? 3 Women Tell Their Story
second marriage

Women are expected to marry at a certain age. But a second marriage after a divorce or widowhood? What about a late marriage for an older woman? 

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Indian Couple Call Off Wedding Over Political Divide, But Why Is It Reported As ‘Bizarre’?

Calling the wedding off over a political divide is thought of as bizarre is because we in India do not expect a woman to have a political position and stand by it.

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How Traumatic For A Child To Witness Constant Quarrels Between Parents!

From blaming herself to finding reasons for their behaviour, she had analysed everything and came to the conclusion that there was no compatibility between her parents.

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