The Conversation; The IFs And The BUTs

"It’s like everything you do is a burden, like some task you have to complete. You don’t do anything out of your free will, rather everything becomes a duty."

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Does The Emancipation Of Farzana Siddiqui Show The Mirror To A Selfish Patriarchy?
The Emancipation of Farzana Siddiqui

Radhika Tabrez's The Emancipation of Farzana Siddiqui is the story of a 30-something woman and the Indian marriage system. What happens?

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To The ‘Boy’ Who Expected My Parents’ Money In The Name Of Marriage

Despite it being outlawed, people still expect dowry, sometimes in the form of 'wedding expenditure' and 'gifts for your daughter'. A daughter speaks up against it.

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These Big Fat Celebrity Weddings Did A Disservice To Ordinary Indians. Do You Agree?

I love weddings, especially Indian weddings with all its rituals, music and food. But does it need to be on such a lavish scale as we have seen over the past year?

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Why The ‘Big Fat’ Ambani Wedding Was A Colossal Loss of Opportunity
Ambani Wedding

The Ambani wedding in December 2018 was an exercise in a vulgar display of wealth, and an opportunity that Mukesh and Nita Ambani lost to set a better example to Indians who look up to the rich and influential.

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6 Cheap-Ass Ways To Have A Wedding Like The Ambanis
Ambani wedding

The Ambani wedding is all that everyone is talking about these days. Now you want one like that. How can you manage to do so despite your poorer means? 

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