My (Slightly Exaggerated But True) Wedding Story, With Punjabi Parents & Tamil In-Laws

I'm a Punjabi, married to a Tamilian, and have a whole lot of hilarious stories to narrate on the cocktail of 2 very different cultures. Though the tales have been told here with a good dose of melodrama!

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To The Man Who Gave Me Neither His Body Nor His Love

A searing account of a housewife living a life of moneyed privilege, but without any connect of body or mind with her husband; just a glorified maid in his mind.

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What Is The Meaning Of A Woman’s Life? The Answer Surprised Me When I Got It

What is the meaning of a women's life? Is it to be lived to make her family happy? Or is it meant to be a fulfilling of her own potential?

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Move Over Monogamy, Meet Sologamy; In Which I Can Marry Myself!
what is sologamy

What is sologamy? It is marrying yourself, in a trend of self-love that is catching on in some places. So what does it mean in an Indian society obsessed with getting young people 'marrying off'?

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The Conversation; The IFs And The BUTs

"It’s like everything you do is a burden, like some task you have to complete. You don’t do anything out of your free will, rather everything becomes a duty."

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Does The Emancipation Of Farzana Siddiqui Show The Mirror To A Selfish Patriarchy?
The Emancipation of Farzana Siddiqui

Radhika Tabrez's The Emancipation of Farzana Siddiqui is the story of a 30-something woman and the Indian marriage system. What happens?

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