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essentials for a happy marriage
In Our Pursuit Of Love, Do We Disregard These 7 Essentials For A Happy Marriage?

Love is a very important factor to share with a partner, but is it enough? Here are 7 other essentials for a happy marriage to consider.

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Kudos! UP Bride Refuses To Wed Groom Who Had Hidden His Illiteracy

What bothered me wasn't just about the groom hiding basic facts, but the girl's family still pressuring her to go ahead with the wedding. What were they afraid of?

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Why Do I Need Consent From My In-Laws To Take Care Of My Parents?

Why is it a bone of contention if a daughter wants to help her parents after marriage? Why do I have to clarify this every time when I meet a prospective groom?

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Why Do Some Women Become Judgemental & Toxic Post Marriage?

After her wedding, a usually liberal cousin of mine seemed to have become incredibly judgemental. Here are my thoughts on this behaviour.

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How Unfair Is It That Only Wives Address Their Husbands As ‘Aap’!

For years, women have been conditioned to call their husbands 'aap,' while they are being called 'tu.' Will this discrimination ever end?

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How Often Are Indian Girls Told “Do It If Your Husband Allows You Once You Marry”?

Girls are called paraya dhan in India, passed from one family to another, and their daily behaviour is policed depending on parental plans for their marriage.

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