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How Traumatic For A Child To Witness Constant Quarrels Between Parents!

From blaming herself to finding reasons for their behaviour, she had analysed everything and came to the conclusion that there was no compatibility between her parents.

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Marriage Is Not JUST About ‘Adjusting,’ It Is Also About Answering Some Difficult Questions

The dynamics of each relationship are different. So questioning our choices about other people, even questioning it with our own past selves, is useless.

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9 Ridiculous Reasons To Get Married That Indians Believe In; Do You Agree?
reasons to get married

Most Indians' reasons to get married are not about looking at marriage as a legal commitment made to someone you truly love. 

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Oh! The Joy Of Being Unsanskaari Enough To Avoid Living With Overbearing In-laws!

Why are women expected to live with their husband and his family after marriage? With changing times, let's change the definition of sanskaari too!

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A Newly Married Woman’s Guide On How To Make Your Husband Fall In Love With You In 3 Weeks Flat!

Did your mom and sundry friends tell you you need to cook yummy stuff and look sexy to have your new husband fall in love with you? Nah! Just read this.

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All You Need To Know About The Special Marriage Act, 1954, That Facilitates Inter-Faith Marriages
Special Marriage Act 1954

India's Special Marriage Act, 1954 provides refuge to consenting adults belonging to different faiths, and wishing to marry each other. Here's all you need to know.

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