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Praneash V

A Research Scholar, ardent book lover, and amateur writer who wants to write about the injustice in society in the name of religion and tradition and wants to break all the stereotypes.

Voice of Praneash V

Relationship Between Parents & Children Is A Long-Distance One In Our Society, Despite Living Under The Same Roof!

If a girl cannot even open up about being abused to her family, what is the point? Does simply living under the same roof make up a family?

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Why Is It So Hard For Some Parents To Accept That Children Are Also Human Beings?

Parenting is not for someone who cannot accept that their children are their own person. It's high time that this generation and upcoming generations understand this before they become a parent!

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‘Modern’ Women Are Ok To Date But Men Want A ‘Good Homely Girl’ For Marriage: Misogyny In Movies

This is 2021 and people still consider women as the responsible preserver of 'Family's honour.' Women are often portrayed with stereotypes in movies and they are growing worse each passing day.

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As An Atheist, When I Bought My First Bike, I Told My Parents I Didn’t Want To Do The Traditional Pooja!

To hell with traditions. Instead of a priest, ask ask your parents or well-wishers to bless a special occasion. It'll be from the heart, not for money!

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Why Does Society Frown Upon Women Who End Relationships?

Why do women who end relationships make people uncomfortable? As pleasant as it is to be in a relationship, it's important to break away if it's not making us happy. 

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How Difficult Is It To Search For Love In A Loveless Society

Are we losing touch with reality by holding onto cultural notions which need to keep pace with today's society?

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My Dream Is To Live A Child Free Life And That Doesn’t Make Me Selfish

It is not wrong if I do not want to marry or have kids - many people have lot of dreams, to do well in their career, to travel, have pets and so on. Having kids demolishes all these dreams for some of us.

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When You’re Trying To Be Free In A Society That Wants To Keep You Locked

Dreams come in all forms. It’s high time that society stop judging us for what we want, and what we do. We need to break free!

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The Inequality Arranged Marriages Bring To Women Needs To Stop!

Despite our so-called 'modern' thoughts, the system of arranged marriages is still incredibly unequal and unfair to women across the country!

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