Over The Years, Intense Passion Of Early Days Has Matured Into Profound Love…

Trust, understanding, and companionship thrived between us as we grew older while the initial intensity felt more stable and comforting kind of love

It was almost midnight. I was dead tired and fatigued.

I was feeling drained out and fatigued. My head was hurting badly. Sleep seemed far from eyes. I was tossing and turning in the bed I noticed his eyes were gaping at me, perhaps he wasn’t getting sleep either. Our eyes locked and soon I felt drawn toward his mysterious and irresistible charm.

With parted lips, he looked up through lashes. His side glancing at me stole my heart.

I could read his rising emotions and feelings.

He glided towards me stretched his hands and placed them on my heart. My heart almost skipped a beat and with a palpated heart I drew myself closer to him. Slowly his palms moved upward inching towards my forehead. He stroked my hair a couple of times and gently massaged my head by moving his hands all around my scalp in a circular motion. The warmth of his hands and soft velvety touch assuaged my exploding pain. He applied balm on my forehead to soothe my pain and make me sleep better.

He planted a kiss on my forehead and placed a bottle of water and painkillers on the side table. Because he knew if it was migraine attack it would not go away until I swallowed those tiny, red shiny pills. Slowly I fell into deep slumber.

Spring had almost arrived. New leaves, flowers and stems had started springing up. Whenever the cool breeze brushed up my face I got a whiff of the scent of sweet and fruity flowers. My husband is very fond of plantation and gardening. He loves growing fruits and vegetables. I drove to the nearest nursery and bought varieties of baby plants of his liking. The moment he saw those plants his face lit up with a scintillating smile. Seeing him happy my heart overflowed with joy.

In these 23 years of camaraderie and association, we have not only grown together as husband and wife but also evolved as parents and more as human beings.

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The love between us has become profound and deeper. Though the way we manifest and express it has changed over time but matured enough to live with each other’s weaknesses. Rather than physical intimacy and fascination it has developed into mental intimacy and devotion.

Instead of buying flowers, watching a romantic movie or pampering each other with expensive gifts,  we prefer spending quality time together. We run errands together, whether it is going to the library, visiting a doctor or indulging in grocery shopping. I pick fruits that he likes he bags vegetables of my choice.

Instead of ‘me time’ we prefer having ‘we time’.

Over a cup of hot tea, we relive our childhood days by talking about them and the playful mischief associated with them. Whenever he tells stories of his childhood mischiefs, his eyes sparkle and a tinge of innocence prevails on his face.

He is a chatterbox when it comes to talking. I give him company by lending a listening ear.

He would narrate his childhood stories as if he were narrating his success story.

He makes me feel important and looked after and I adore and respect him.

We have become companions of each other in happiness and sorrow.

Over time love has evolved in various ways as our relationship matured. Initial love may be characterized by intense passion and infatuation but as time went on, it deepened into a more profound and enduring bond. Trust, understanding, and companionship thrived between us as we grew older while the initial intensity felt more stable and comforting kind of love. Over time, we developed a deep sense of familiarity and acceptance of each other’s flaws, leading to a more patient and enduring love. In consequence, our shared experiences, mutual growth, and deep emotional connection continued to strengthen over the years.

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