Over The Years, Intense Passion Of Early Days Has Matured Into Profound Love…

Trust, understanding, and companionship thrived between us as we grew older while the initial intensity felt more stable and comforting kind of love

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Today I Can Thank You For Breaking Up With Me Before Things Got Out Of Hand…

No, I wasn’t in love. The day you chose was the killer move. Unprepared that all the gifts and chocolates and movie date was set up to end our little secret soiree by you.

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Dear Daughter In Law, Welcome To Your New Life, But Here’s What You Are Doing Wrong!

That evening, I had an intense discussion with my husband. I told him how unhappy I was, and that I needed to make changes to my life. Our life. 

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Being My Husband Doesn’t Give You The Right To ALLOW Me To Do Something I Love, Or Not!

She shivered at those words. "It should not take ME the death of my husband, or any other family member, to love myself," she thought.

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How Important Is Maa Ke Haath Ka Khana, Really?!
How Important is Maa Ke Haath Ka Khana?#YesIDidIt #FridayFuel

I can't cook to save my life... errr... to be the "good mom" who can cook delicious food. But can't I be the mom who does other fun things?

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Despite Paraplegia At A Young Age, She Took A Determined Journey To Create Beauty
Hers Is A Journey Of Overcoming Adversity To Creating Beauty

An illness at the age of 17 left Sharmishtha Patel paralysed waist downwards, but it couldn't shake her spirit and determination.

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