Born in small town India to professional parents in an age when working women were a rarity. Grew up among the bright,liberal and educated minds, who valued education and freedom for women. A multi tasker, who loves to play new and different roles everyday. A person who strives to have a positive impact on lives of women around her.

Voice of Preeti

Being Literate Is Not Enough!

Education should not just make one literate but it should also make you a balanced and sensible person who does not get carried away by materialistic gains.

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15th August 1947: A Day That Was Not More Than Just Celebrations

The author recounts the most historic day in Indian History, 15th August 1947, as her grandparents were party to the day that did not unfold as everyone would have wanted.

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Is This The New Normal For Mothers Today?

"Traits that define mothers like compassion, helpful, caring and empathetic have been replaced by competitive, ambitious, practical and result driven".

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12 Tips For Not Just Surviving Singlehood, But Enjoying It Too!

Women might be single for many reasons - being unmarried, divorced, or widowed, or for any other reason. Here are 12 tips for surviving singlehood, and making those years some of the best years of your life.

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