Is This The New Normal For Mothers Today?

Posted: December 5, 2018

“Traits that define mothers like compassion, helpful, caring and empathetic have been replaced by competitive, ambitious, practical and result driven”.

Super moms inspired by the likes of Amy Chua- who are working hard to make their offsprings survive and rule their worlds- are everyday stories around me.

While I love dedicated and ambitious moms, I am kind of disillusioned at the flip side of what such dedication and devotion makes of most of the women.

Motherhood makes women selfish. Biologically, that is natural but looks like humans have taken it to the next level. Traits that define mothers like compassion, helpful, caring and empathetic have been replaced by competitive, ambitious, practical and result driven. Looking at it without the usual rhetoric and emotional perspective, mothers of today are a highly selfish and motivated lot, driving their offspring.

Motherhood is huge responsibility. After all, mothers raise the next generation and in majority of the cases mothers are passionate and zealous about the job they do. Sadly, it’s the inter mom competition that destroys good friendships and lays the foundations of mistrust and rivalries.

From personal experience, I can say that bringing up a daughter away from home was a challenge. I planned play dates and events and activities for a whole lot of children to ensure ‘normalcy’ in everyday life for my child. Along the way, children became friends cutting across income strata, regional backgrounds and gender. I think I made more than usual efforts than conventional moms, so they started doubting my motives. As a result, they started to control their children and prevent them from coming over to play or just have fun.

And as they grew up parents started to influence, interfere and control, teaching them how to be competitive, how to be mean, how not to share information, how they were different by region or religion and so on. The sad part is that most kids fell in line. Somewhere the child and friendships were lost.

Moms these days work too much on the minds. They manipulate. They become so driven and selfish that they fail to see the larger picture. They train the child to cheat, not share, be selfish. Why do all this?

Is this a mother who cannot help another child, who is not her own?

Is she a woman?

Is this the new normal?

Image Source: Pexels

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