Why Are Young Indian Men Searching For Brides Outside India?

A number of educated Indian men, see their mother's lives as the profile of the typical married Indian woman, home bound and dependent. And search for bride outside the country!

My daughter just moved to a hostel and is now facing the real world.

Out of their comfort zone, she realizes how life is different for girls her age. There are girls studying for various reasons, some for professional success and others to just find a path to freedom, away from the social mess at home and the rest for marriage.

Every day I hear stories where their moms are calling the girls to guide them on must-do temple visits (nothing wrong with going to temples) and discuss mom-in-law troubles and similar social issues. Their thought process and personalities are shaped by the experiences of their mothers at home.

Does mingling with others help?

Does this help the girls? I wonder! It surely shapes their future choices, relationships and thought processes.

I wonder more because I see an alarming trend in the Indian social space. Educated young men from middle-class backgrounds, from our hinterlands, are increasingly marrying foreign women.

Nothing wrong! The Indian male is globe-trotting, but it is worth closely looking at why Indian women are not the first choice of young Indian men.

Why are Indian men marrying outside the country?

From what I see, I believe we need to give our girls some more space, freedom and decision-making capabilities. We need to support them even if they make mistakes. We need to make them independent and financially sound.

As for the majority of Indian men, they see their mother’s lives as the profile of the typical married Indian woman, homebound and dependent. They choose non-Indian brides as their life partners in hopes of finding: a modern, liberated, stylish, partner, some maybe also marry as a way to gain citizenship in some countries, running away from social drama in India.

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The opposite has proven to be true, where forefinger brides have taken Indian citizenship as well, and loved our culture. 

The idea of a modern woman is eschewed

If not a foreigner, it is a Dollar bahu that is their idea of modernity and liberation! Whether the young women these men marry are truly modern and progressive, only time can tell. In most cases, sooner or later, regressive mindsets can come in form be it someone’s jeans or saree or dhoti or suits!

Relationships and family ties are undergoing a phenomenal change in middle-class Indian homes. The young are travelling unexplored, new roads.

Image source: UniQue clicks by Soham, via Pexels, free and edited on CanvaPro

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