Thank God Marie Kondo Fails At Decluttering Too!

Tidying is good as it declutters your mind. At the same time, tidy to welcome people into your home, and enjoy your space and not just for Instagram-worthy pics, they mean nothing!

Finally, Marie Kondo is normal!

Home-obsessive housewives saw in her a reflection of themselves, constantly organizing and de-cluttering already picture-perfect homes. Now that Marie has accepted that she finds it tough to maintain her tidying schedule due to motherhood, she seems real.

I think she is focusing on tidying her life more than tidying her home, and it is certain to make her happier and more satisfied.

Home cannot be squeaky clean!

Tidiness-obsessive housewives need to understand that if your home is squeaky clean and organized, then not everyone finds it comfortable. It looks like a hotel! Tidying is good as it declutters your mind. At the same time, tidy to welcome people into your home, and enjoy your space and not just for Instagram-worthy pics, they mean nothing!

Decluttering is good for health and home. We should constantly give away what we don’t use, have overused or got bored with.

However, we all have lots of stuff we hold on to for sentimental reasons! Best to set some rules for yourself, especially for clothes and accessories.

For example, if you buy two new dresses, remove two or more from your wardrobe at the same time. A similar approach for footwear and accessories. You don’t always have to give away to maids.

Find online NGOs which offer home collection services, or choose a place where you can donate to more needy ones than your house help. This will make you feel better when you give away something you own and value.

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Tidying is never-ending!

Tidying is never-ending. It is good to have a rough schedule focusing on one room or niche or category per day, to fit into your workday schedule.

Weekends could be a bit more of the same, dusting, decluttering and organizing the day, setting up your flower arrangements, working on your plants, and organizing your kitchen, books, and clothes.

Working through tasks on an incremental basis helps stay organized. The biggest changemaker is encouraging members to chip in, put away things and keep their spaces in order!

You are not Mary Poppins or Marie Kondo!

A few days of not doing for them will help the realization dawn that everything doesn’t work automatically, you aren’t Mary Poppins.

Homes need to be earthy, welcoming and a bit messy too, at times. It helps people feel relaxed and unwind. There is comfort in chaos. Old books, photographs and objects have stories attached to them and are great conversation starters with people who like to listen!

Marie Kondo says, ‘Life truly begins only after you have put your house in order’.

However, this could take a lifetime for some. The best is to open your home to people and conversations while you keep tidying once in a while!

Image source: Kate_Sept2004, free and edited on CanvaPro

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