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I love to write on women's issues. I strongly believe that every woman is capable of being more than just a homemaker. They are the leaders of our world. They can multi-task more effectively than any man. They are strong and intelligent.

Voice of Anindita Nag

Why Is It Only A Woman’s ‘Fault’ That A Couple Cannot Have A Baby?

Indian women who do not conceive a child within a years of being married, are cruelly taunted. This short story illustrates.

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I Have Short Hair…You Have A Problem?

To all those guys saying that women must have long hair, please mind your own business and let women decide on their own unique and individual looks.

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Why Does The Apple Ad On World Cup Cricket Feature Only Men Playing Cricket?

Are Apple phones only for the men? Can women not buy Apple phones or use them? Is cricket only for men?

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Move Over Beauty! Science Helped Bag Miss Virginia Title For This Woman

Miss Virginia Miss Dominion Camille Schrier was crowned based on her talent and not her beauty alone.

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Until Women’s Housework Is Monetised, Every Woman Needs To Earn Money Of Her Own

We say women should progress, but then why do we stop when it comes to finances? We should earn money of our own.

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Some Bizarre Reasons Indian Men Give For Not ‘Allowing’ Their Wives to Work

Misogyny is ingrained in the Indian society wherein entitled husbands feel that they have the right to tell their wives what to do and what not to do. It is time this stops!

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As I Near 40, I’m Experiencing These 7 Incredible Insights About Myself

Accepting yourself as important, and giving others space are some of the things that have helped this author deal with whatever life has thrown at her.

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When My Friend Was Judged For The Way She Dressed

The author narrates an incident wherein her friend was judged for her attire. She wonders why women are judged at every step by the society at large.

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A Woman Playing Tennis In a Wheel Chair

Today morning I was reading a very interesting poem by Jac Vanek on the Women’s Web Facebook page which talked about how we are an amalgamation of the people we meet.

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Why Doesn’t My Husband Think About Cooking In The Morning?

Who cooks at home? Who thinks of what goes into a child's lunchbox? How long with only women continue to be responsible for these everyday, never-ending tasks?

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When I Come Across Negative Minded People In My Society…

I was feeling quite low in the past one week. My friend felt I was hanging around with some negative minded, judgemental ladies. And getting away from them would do me good.

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Just Living Is Not Enough

Every day we get up, cook food, get the kids dressed up and then get dressed and go for work. We come back from work and then clean up, eat, homework, chat, and watch television.

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Husband’s Death Wasn’t Her Fault, Then Why Blame The Wife For Bringing Bad Luck?

The colour red has many kinds of effect on women, happy at times, but sad in many others. Hence it cannot be trusted, writes Anindita Nag.

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In My Experience, A Woman Is Heard And Valued Only If She’s A Working Woman

Every woman should have a career of their own. It does not matter what it is - an engineer or a writer or a jewellery designer. What matters is that you find your niche and go forth.

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Why Does Puja Aarati Involve Married Couples And Not Single Women?

God is to all and not just for married couples. Author Anindita Nag shares her personal experience during the recent Ganesha Chaturthi festival. 

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If I Could Climb A 100 Feet Mountain At 37 Years Without Any Training, Anyone Can!

As a middle aged average Indian woman not very focused on fitness, I was amazed by myself when I managed to climb a 100 feet mountain, giving me confidence in myself.

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Our Children’s Stories Snatch Away The Right Of Women To Choose Their Own Husbands. Sad!

Seeds of misogyny are sown in our kids right from the beginning, aided by the sexism in children's stories. Is this fair in this day and age?

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Maya Angelou
Maya Angelou Faced Abuse In Early Life, But Rose Above It All To Become Truly Inspiring!

Maya Angelou’s poems were called the national anthems of the African American people. Her early life had a lot of horrifying elements, but she lived gracefully to the end.

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Why Are Men Never Asked Why They Are Working, When They Have A Kid?

Why does society have a different set of judgemental attitudes towards moms who want to have a career? When will all this change? The author has many incisive questions.

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As A Mother And As A Married Woman, Do We Ever Rest?

Weekends are to give you a break, let you relax and get ready for the next week. But the author's weekend for different all together. 

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Not Just Diwali, Can We Joyously Celebrate Eid And Christmas Too?

India is known for its diversity and harmonious existence of many cultures. But that is being threatened by many schools these days. 

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Why Don’t Men Ever Get Involved In The Actual Organisation Of A Puja?

I like to write on simple and uncommon topics. Durga Puja is coming up soon, and I am excited to go to Kolkata and see the grand celebrations.

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Sudden Holidays, Child ls Sick…As A Mom, Can You Ever Stick To A Schedule?

Unplanned school holidays, children falling sick...the life of a mother is never easy - cut her some slack if she bails on your plans sometimes?

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No I Did Not Learn Cooking From My Mother, And I Am Not Ashamed Of It

It is not 'necessary' to learn cooking just because one is a girl, and we need to speak up if someone 'blames' our mothers for not teaching a skill that can be learnt later too.

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How To Teach Recycling To Little Kids

How to teach Recycling to your children for the first time? Here's what my experience was like!

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what men will cook
Why Do We Assume That Men Don’t Know How To Cook?

Everyday women discuss what they have to cook for their husbands and kids. But they never talk about what men will cook for us. Why, I ask them!

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wearing a saree
Why Do So Many Indian Women Look Down Upon Someone Wearing A Saree?

Though I'm a modern woman, I love wearing a saree for occasions, and also sometimes just like that - and I wonder, why is it that many Indian women look down upon it?

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