One Step At A Time, One Girl At A Time Will Lead The World

Today the girls can look at other vocational training or jobs and never feel that their dreams cannot come true.

We cannot change the world immediately and nor can we just empower all the women. But one step at a time we can help. It is not just about helping a woman or a girl but even watching a video where someone is helping and sharing the video and passing the message around.

Today I watched a video on BBC News India (https://bbc/in/32Ad5Vh) where they show how young girls in a rural village near New Delhi are playing basketball. These girls come from impoverished families, where in a 500 square feet house, 10 girls live. They come to this open space to play basketball. Basketball gives them freedom to conquer their challenges and freedom to dream big. They are not just going to be labourers or  housewives in the future; but who knows they can become basketball players. These girls are learning discipline, overcoming obstacles, breaking the barriers and team spirit. They practice rigorously. They are not afraid of the boys/men who tell them that basketball is a man’s sport. They can defeat the boys easily in a match. They dream about someday going to the USA and playing for the NBA.

I thought of sharing this article on my favourite platform, as I wanted women to realize that we too can push ourselves daily and achieve something that is considered to be done by men only. We too can maybe start doing our taxes, take financial responsibility, teach our boys and girls that all sports can be played by males and females etc. It is the mindset that needs to be changed. It will take a joint effort on all of our part.

This organization instead of just having sympathy on these girls, are letting the girls push themselves to do something. Today the girls can look at other vocational training or jobs and never feel that their dreams cannot come true. I like how one of the girl’s says that today she has a dream. I am almost 40 and after watching this video, I feel I have so much more to achieve in life. I want to break the norms that says women should only do certain tasks. I want to hear more stories of women achieving varied goals in their lives. I want to be inspired by girls and women more. I want to tell my son that his mom is not just a cook/cleaner but that she is equal in every way like his father.

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